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How easy is it to spread propaganda!!



These days I have been reading lot of hate-articles from different corners. I know that every newspaper spreads its own propaganda and are inclined to some political parties, and they have no existence without these pillars.. But recently, Timesofindia has been spreading too much hate through its articles..I think that is what we say, ”fishing in a muddy pool”


Interestingly, they have lot of surveys.. Please don’t ask any source and reference. After all they are big shots and can’t go wrong right. .Bored people like me alone ask for “Where did you collect your data from” ,”What is the social and economic conditions of people involed” bla bla bla..And above all,o nly crappy people like me ask, ”Can any shitty person write an ‘article’ in your newspaper????


Keep your seats tightened to have a blow of poisoned arrows,but obviously dipped in honey to have a sweet texture.. Sadly,they forget that not all people are dumb anymore…The article is basically a ‘hindu appeasement’ stuff..But no real hindu, true to his heart ,will find the article a right one..Instead,the author is taking a short cut to become famous-become a hardliner, like Osama and Raj Thackery…I just wish people don’t fall in such people’s trap..


The article again and again stress the ‘fact’ that hindus are endangered and they are going to become extinct in their own home land..A hard try to stir up sentiments and promote more hate..done in a very good manner..


Hindus are not at all in any danger,and there isn’t any scope for feeling insecure..Its all just hype and propaganda.Its been centuries since Hindus, Muslims ,Christians started living together in Mother India..Hindus have always remained majority and will remain so till the world ends..I don’t know who is finds it itchy to look into the fact that the percentage of Christians have remained the same 2+% in last censes..(Now pls don’t tell me that some tribes don’t let officials in,to take their count blab la..Technical methods of sampling and like are used in the process and it is not like you and me running around and taking count,but an organized mission..Pls refer to sources)


If missionaries are working day n night converting people,where are the numbers vanishing?Even if the number of converts are increasing,why are people worried..Why not take effort from their side to counter act..Oh,I forgot that counter acting to some means chopping off heads and burning people alive.Sorry for that.It is plain fact that missionaries are exploiting helplessness of tribal people.But then again,the balme is on their catse system..By converting , they get promoted to dalit Christians from the untouchables and dirty lower caste people..So,who is to be accused?? There is no conversion by force,but by offering lucrative benefits..So,the person is doing it knowingly and intentionally..Then why people are feeling itchy about it?


People walk in and out of religion since centuries,and this is not anything new..By issuing anti-conversion laws,India is becoming not different that Afghanistan..As discussed earlier,In Orissa,though Maoists have claimed they killed Swami,nobody is ready to accept it ,as hearts are filled with hate and prejudice..I even got a comment “If it is keechakan who got killed,obviously it is Bheema who did it”..Very interesting..Now even I can go around planting bombs in different parts and ask my friend in Dubai to sent an email from an internet café saying “We are Indian Muslim bla bla bla organization..This is our revenge to what you did to us”..and finally a Gabbar Singh laugh Muhahahah …very funny indeed :roll:


Last day,my dear friend wrote a comment ,” “For every action there will be an equal and opp reaction .. Even i agree killing human beings in the name of religion is condemnable.But somebody coming with a hidden agenda from outside to change the demographic of our country is an another mode of terrorism, its “SoftTerrorism” that should be treated with iron hands. u r welcome to disagree here..”.


With more and more people developing such attitude,life is my nation is becoming hell..Just a question,what differentiate Osama +his allies and VHP +allies?? Both of them claim to be doing all killings ‘for a cause’ and as a reaction to an action of oppression against them..


Let us all bang head to each other and rest in peace for ever,so that atleast people of next generation can live in peace and harmony…and oh lets us all sing bhajans ,duas and alleluia to praising newspapers like timesofindia as they are working hard to spread as much hate and prejudice as possible..Amen to my rant…


Why isn’t this ‘terrorism’, but just ‘communal-issues’?


Let us take a short trip through the recent happenings..



On 24 December 2007, while the Christians were getting ready to celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ, Swami Laxmananda Saraswati, a member of a Hindu fundamentalist organization (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) and his supporters attacked and destroyed many churches and prayer centres. A large number of Christians were injured and made homeless in the communally sensitive district of Kandhmal, in Orissa state, eastern India.

Exactly eight months later, on 23 August 2008 when the same seer and the Hindu community were preparing to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna (Janmashtami) in Jalespata ashram (monastery), he and four of his disciples were gunned down by tribal revolutionary Maoists.(Read more)


Claiming responsibility for the killing of VHP leader Swami Lakshmananda Saraswati in Orissa, that sparked off violent protests, the Communist Party of India (Maoist) on Sunday warned the saffron outfit of “more such punishments if it continued violence against religious minorities in the country”. CPI (Maoist) has decided to punish “anti-people, fanatical leaders”, a party release said.(Read more)


VHP does not believe Maoists killed its functionary in Orissa

 Expressing doubts over the Maoists’ claim of having killed Lakshmananda Saraswati, VHP on Monday insisted that “a sect of Christians” was behind the murder that has sparked widespread rioting in Orissa. VHP General Secretary Pravin Togadia said his organisation and the Maoists have no reasons for confrontation and the Maoists could have made the claims under “Communist influence” to divert attention.(Read more)


Very funny..I wonder if  they would have said so,if the same claim came from some jihadists.Things would have taken a different turn then and even Mr Bush would have come down to make comments “Islam is terror”.. :roll:


A Catholic nun was burnt alive by a group of Hindu fundamentalists who stormed the orphanage she ran in the district of Bargarh (Orissa), this according to Police Superintendent Ashok Biswall. A priest who was at the orphanage was also badly hurt and is now being treated in hospital for multiple burns. Another nun from Bubaneshwar’s Social Centre was gang raped by groups of Hindu extremists before the building housing the facility was set on fire..(Read more)


Gayadhar Digal paid the price for taking matters of religion

in a communally troubled part of the state too lightly. He was born a Hindu and died a Hindu, but in between he proclaimed his liking for Christianity. This cost him his life at his native Kasinipadar village in Phiringia block of Kandhmal district.On Tuesday afternoon, Sangh Parivar men, enraged over the killings of senior VHP leader Swami Laxmananda Saraswati and his disciples, attacked his house. Gayadhar, with his wife and son, ran for safety only to be hacked one km away in the field. Gayadhar succumbed. Raimati and Baisnab, a school student, are battling for lives in hospital. Attackers set ablaze many of the 350 houses in the village, with the Digals suffering the most: losing their breadwinner.(Read more)



With 40 per cent of the population made up of Tribals and Dalits (outcasts) , Orissa is one of the most underdeveloped states in the country,where caste systems are deep rooted. All their leaders keep them away from getting educated and civilized. Because once they are educated and civilized they will never be able to exploit them for their own selfish motives.


Many Christian institutions in India have been existing for more than 100 years and the most recent population census shows that 2.3% Indians are Christian.If they were solely out to propogate christianity,most of us would have been Christians by now.

The total number of Christians in India as per Census in 2001 are 24,080,016 or 2.34% of the population”


The best education is provided by the schools run by the Christian organizations. If Christian missionaries are so dangerous,why don’t people stop sending their kids to convent-schools,instead of government ones..Why don’t you go to government hospitals instead of Christian specialities? If all these institutions closed down,we’ld have to regret about it.


I wonder why the conversion-issue is too sentimental.Is ‘culture’ more important than a person’s meal, his clothes and shelter? Should I die hungry in the name of religion or culture, or should I move forward by grabbing opportunities in front on me?I don’t mind who is it that provided facilities..I am a muslim,and my parents enrolled me in a Christian missionary school and being an adult,I realize that it was the best thing that happened to me, rather than having spent my life in some crappy muslim or hindu school.. There are exceptions of both hindus and muslims running institutions in a very good manner.. But usually ,due to inner fight,its all messed up.And as a mother,I wish to sent my kid to such a school as the one I studied.


If non-christians are so worried about their culture and religion being corrupted, why don’t they use the same energy to provide infrastructure to those ‘converts’ so that nobody can fool them.. Missionaries maybe exploiting people’s helplessness.. But rather than burning nuns,why don’t these cultural people spent their time ,effort and money to provide education and other services to those poor people so that even Christians and Muslims will convert to Hinduism..That requires some effort uh?


 Above all,I find it strange where the moderate hindus have vanished ,that I don’t see any reports of them condemning the fundamentalists and extremists.. Well,are muslims alone expected to do such a thing,when some holy-war guy blasts up?


 I feel sad and I am afraid seeing the polarization of people in the name of religion..No religion preaches hatred.Even I myself had never such thoughts all my life,but at this point of time,I am afraid I am also becoming ‘communal’ by speaking for people around me..Even many near and dear ones are talking very strange..I am surprised as to see how the scenario has changed in a matter of few years…God bless all and may all of us be able to live in peace and harmony..



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