Wanna be successful in life!…But WHY???

“How to be successful in life?”
Isn’t that an age-old ,one billion dollar question?But I’ld like to think it the other way.”Why do you wanna be successful in life?!”                                                                                                            
‘Success’ is a subjective term..For me,success maybe to have my tomato plant yeild fruits,it maybe the completion of a C program that search for palindromes and like.But for a person of different profile,success may mean to accumulate wealth and increase social status…to compete or co-operate with others…to destroy others who harm you, or to practice nonviolence and nonresistance …to die having succeeded in your purpose and so on..and finally,for some people it is to simply live until one dies!
Leaving aside the defenition of what success is,let us hear from people why they feel they should be successful.
  • “I need to be successful as to have a career and getting to live without regret into old age with lots of friends.”
  • “Because I need Money Money and Money.”
  • “I need to be successful inorder to reach the highest possible level of awareness, deepest possible level of perception, newest possible levels of consciousness.”
  • “If I am successful, I will have money. And really, money does buy happiness. In my opinion, living on the streets is not being happy for me.Also it helps because I am an advertisers dream. I buy what I want. (And that is basically everything I see).”
  • “For being able to look back on my life at deaths door, and smile.”
  • “Because if i’m not successful in doing what i love, then it would be a fairly depressing existence.”
  • “So that i can help less fortunate people .”
  • “I know what the struggle is like, and I would prefer to not lose hair each month when the bills arrive!” 

……. So goes on the varied thoughts.


 Well,this question gave some answers like these too:-)

  • “I don’t! The less success the better, I would rather live under a bridge than have to have bodyguards, or paparazzi following me around.”
  • “If I wanted to be successful I would be already. Clearly, I love getting SSI and doing nothing all day.”   


To me , personally I need to be successful so that I’ll gain recognition in my personal life, career and among the friends who mean a lot and that is my barometer for success in journey through life.”How many lives did I touch “..That is what makes sense to me.And what is it to you?
    • Krips
    • July 31st, 2008

    “How many lives did i touch”– wow man what a good thought..

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