Quick Bread Sandwitch!

Ever wished you could make a quick breakfast other than bread-butter-jam and butter-bread-jam )


Well,here is something yummy you can prepare in a few mintues and have a great start for the day..


You’ld need

Carrot(grated)-1 big sized 

Onion(sliced)-1 small 

Tomato(sliced)-1 small

Pepper powder(white or black)-1/2 tspn

Green chily-1 medium

Mayonise/cheese-1 tspn

Salt-to taste

Add 1 tspn oil to a heated pan and saute all ingredients together(except mayonise/cheese) for 3-4 mnts on medium to high flame.They just need to be half-cooked.After removing from heat,add mayonise/cheese.Spread on bread and put on sandwitch maker for 3-5 mnts according to your preference of how much you need the bread to be browned.Remove from hot plate and serve with salad of preference.



  •  You can add beaten egg while sauting.         
  •  Add cooked chicken pieces .
  • If you dn’t mind the extra calories,smear butter on outer portion of bread pieces befor toasting.That makes the sandwitch crunchy.

Thatz an easy one..Isn’t it?

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