Mini Parathas and Beef Roast

Well,we call it “Porotta” as it is in my homeland.But here in Doha,we see this on menu cards as Parathas.Not only that they changed the name of our porotta,but also,they make it less tastier.Porotta here tastes less mainly because its not prepared using coconut oil.They use sunflower/corn oil instead.Back home,porotta makers use lot of coconut oil while rolling and swirling flour..Though it adds more taste and flavour,no way is it healthier.More oil means more fat..More fat means,endless list of diseases…Gosh..I still like those oily porotta.Sorry for that.

Making porottas is a teadious job.Kneading maida/all-purpose flour is still a night mare for me..Sometimes I shout at the dough,”Why the hell are you so inelastic”..grr..But the end result is tasty ,so its worth kneading hard:)

Basic recipe calls for eggs,but I use a less fatty and thus more healthier version


We’ll need

All purpose flour/Maida -2 cup

Baking powder-1/4 tspn

Hot boiling water-1 cup

Salt-1/4 tspn

Oil-2 tspn


In a large bowl,mix flour,baking powder,salt and oil.Add boiling water to this mizture,and stir throughly using a spoon(I use lenghty side of a long spoon).After 5-10 mnts( while the dough is still warm),knead it well.Don’t add more water.The more you knead,the more softer porotta is.Put the dough in a greased bowl and let rise for an hour.Keep in an air tight container or keep covered with wet cloth,else the dough will dry out.


Divide the dough into small-medium sized balls.Roll out the ball as big and as thin as you can.Use little flour  or oil if required.Now comes the “folding-session”.Apply a little more oil over the rolled dough.Using both hands ,make folds on the rolled dough(just like paper fans or saree pleates) starting from one end.Now,roll the pleated dough,like a spiral.(Trust me,its not complicated as it sounds to be).Alternatively,you can simply roll out the dough,fold into squares,roll again and cook.Again,keep the spirals covered in wet cloth or container,else,by the time we roll out them,it will be dried out and thus result in hard porottas.


Roll out each portion to medium thickness,as we’ld do for chappathi.Heat a saucepan and when medium hot,put in rolled out dough and add little oil or ghee on both sides and when both sides are brown,remove from heat.


When 3-4 porottas are done,smash them..Oh,don’t go hit them with hammer..Just keep them between your hands and clap your hands .This will, seperate layers in porota and make them little more softer.Serve warm.We can use with any side dish of our choice.I prefer it with spicy hot beef roast..Yummy!!Another recipe post will serve that purpose..

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