Yet another easy sandwitch

For specific reasons,I am so obsessed with the whole idea of having bread sandwitch for breakfast;-)


Mainly,we are too lazy fellows and wake up too late for office.Moreover,having a stomach full breakfast is not a comfortable thing to both husband and wife.So we have light food during that time of the day..We have Palada,Dosas(hmm..the smell of hot ghee is making me drool) and etc etc..I find different varieties of sandwitches and experiment them.Though am a lazy gal,I never serve my husband bread-butter-jam;bcoz I think that will be too cruel from my part.Here is a sandwich prepared in 10 mnts .It tastes different and the crunchy cucumber bites gives a new head start for the day.

We’ll need

Salad cucumber-1 big

Carrot-a small piece

Tomato-1 small

Green chilly-1 small

Mayonnaise/cheese-1 tspn

hot chilly sauce-1 tspn

Pepper powder-1/2 tspn

Salt-1/4 tspn


Cut all vegetables into small pieces.Toast bread lightly,applying little butter/ghee on outer sides.Spread the mix on bread pieces,remove crust if desired and eat it up as soon as possible.


P.S :

  • To a sandwitch mix,you can add whatever things you like..
  • Serve soon,otherwise the cucmber will become soggy and lose its crunchy taste as salt is present.
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