New Life

Its so exciting to watch a plant grow.Sprouts grow into seedlings..They grow leaves and branches and as they grow,you feel a feel as if you are watching your baby growing..

I always had fascination for growing plants.Back home,I had a small garden,where there were many flowers and some vegetables..After my marriage and when I left,my Dad and Team has taken over the guard:-)

I tried to grow plants here is Doha.We were lucky enough to get villa-portion,where we had a small private area of our own..and guess what,there was a small cubial space where it was not concreted.Wooh,you never know how happy I was to see that bcoz a pinch of soil is a rare blessing for expats;unless you are a hi-fi rich expat:-/

The soil was too bland with hardly any goodness which will enable a plant to grow.I kept on throwing all vegetable wastes onto the soil.We brought manure.My better half brought many pots and bought soil..Gosh,I was very sad to spent money on buying SOIL:-/

Leaving to long story aside,we had a small but cute garden ,some home grown,some store-brought..And every guest who visited us gave an evil jealous look(and I was too proud to list them the plants that grew in our little place.Good old times.I had green chillies,chick peas,some flowering plants,curry leaves plant,garlic plants,small onion plants,koorka plant,roses, plants…and oh,my tomato planst.I used to plant every vegetable I bought from store..and it was really exciting..When all the plants were in flowering or blooming stage,we went on vacation to India.How much wished to take my plants along..Uh!..People think I am mad to worry over petty plants..NO,they were not ‘petty”..they were my lovely plants:(

I searched internet for few weeks and learned about “watering while on vacation”..and with hell lot of ideas read and implemented,to end the story,all my plants dried out,even though my neighbour took pains to water them and had my uncle and aunt,visitng every week to montor plant growth..Ha all seems silly now;why I bothered them to look after plants..They were afraid of me and so they kept visiting while we were not here..

When I came back,I saw beautiful garden,in the verge of dying..I thanked all them who cared to bother about my plants..Itz tooooo hot here:(..All my plants died..I planted new seeds,nothing came up..Now I am trying to plants some indoor..(as if we have lot of space).

As of now I’ve two pumkin plants,and a cucumber plant..everything else is resting in peace:-(

 This is how my garden looked like during winter..




This is how it looks as of today(temp outside is 45 degree celsius,it was 52 last week..gosh..)


To end the rant,I am happy today because the seeds I planted indoor have sprouted:-)



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