Sweet Corn Chicken Soup-an Eggless version

Among soups,this one is my favorite.Usually,we have it only when we go for some party in resturants.The soup had remained a “Great tasty yet mystery dish” which only a “great cook” can make.Well,recently,I came across a recipe which explains sweet-corn-chicken-soup rather easily.To add a Nimmy’s touch,I made the soup without adding egg;-)


Usually,raw egg is seived into  the soup,after the whole of cooking is done.Since me and my baby are bit allergic to egg,I tried this eggless version.Moreover,I think this is more heatlhy since it avoids all fat in egg.If you wish,you can add beaten egg to the soup.Remember,”There is no law in cooking”:-)


We’ll need

Chicken pieces(preferably more bone and less flesh)-1/4 kg(approximately 1 cup)

Corn kernels-1 cup

Milk-1/4 cup

Pepper powder-1 tspn

Vinegar-1/4 tspn

Sugar-1 pinch

Salt-to taste


Corn flour- 1 tspn


Cook chicken in a pressure cooker for 10-15 mnts adding 1/2 tspn pepper powder, salt and 1/2 cup water.When done,remove flesh from bones,and cut the flesh into tiny pieces.Strain and preserve the remaining water(stock).Now pressure cook the corn kernels adding milk,for 5-10 mnts.When done,smash corns using a spatula.Alternatively,you can use a mixer to coarse grind the corn.Now,add chicken pieces,stock,corn-milk mixture,salt,vinegar,sugar and remaining pepper powder in an pan and put on heat.Keep stirring for a few minutes,until thickened.Mix corn flour in 1/4 cup water and add to the soup.Bring to boil and add butter.Remove from heat.Add cabbage and carrot pieces and serve hot.Adjust salt and pepper according to your taste..hmm…great soup in little time…

Enjoy hot!!


  • You may add soya sauce in the end if you prefer.
  • Use white pepper powder or black pepper powder according to your preference.White one gives more of chinese flavour.
  • Please don’t add any ajinomoto and stuff,unles you want to spoil you health.Maybe the soup won’t have the “restaurant taste”.But surely,its healthy.Ajinomoto has hell lot of side effects..
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