Rate your fear of intimacy

An intimate experience is one of the cherished moments of your life. Nothing else can be more fantastic than sharing your deepest thoughts with the person you love the most. “Fear of intimacy”,a common term referred to  in failing relationships.Ever wondered why it matters so much?Well,I personally believe that a relationship is all about intimacy,and fear of intimacy ruins the basic fulfillment and no beautiful and long-lasting bonds can be developed over such a fragile foundation.It is hard for most of us to believe that if someone else REALLY knows us, they will still love us.


Intimacy is communicating your true thoughts and feelings;fear of intimacy involves emotional walls.Intimacy in relationships involves sharing what you really think,believe and feel.It’s about opening upyour heart and mind,and lettng others do the same.It’s risky,which is why fear of intimacy often develops.Intimacy is very risky. It requires making such a serious commitment to the relationship that each person will experience a sense of dependency on the other.Even if you love someone who loves you back wholeheartedly and vows to never hurt you,you’re taking a risk.But as potentially risky as loving is not-loving is worse.


When you now what you fear,you’re in a better position to deal with it.Openingyour heart and letting go of your fears can be difficult.But you’ve to when it becomes inevitable in making the relationship a beautiful one.Fear of intimacy can be overcome only when the dread of rejection is removed.The strongest foundation of an intimate relationship is a good friendship.Ask yourself questions like ‘what stops me being more intimate in my relationships’ and rapidly move to ‘what will happen when I am able to be more intimate in my relationships?’.The answer you find yourself you open up windows and let bliss flow in.


Always remember that not everyone can express their feelings well.If you want,then you can practice on being more intimate.However,there is no way you can change the people you love.While we cannot change others,we can encourage them to express themselves.It is important to let them know that we won’t reject them,no matter what.Thatz part of trust building we talk about.Encourage openness and honesty.The more we discuss fear of intimacy,the more the other person may open up.Overcoming fear of intimacy requires honesty on both sides.The more both partners open up and embrace each other,the more deeper and intimate the relation will be.Good luck!!





  1. The picture of two hand holding is a wonderful image. I have put it on my site too to remind me of the importance of sharing.

    Thank You,


  1. March 21st, 2009

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