Dip Dip Date Dip!

These days,my head is expelling lot of fumes.WHY?Because I’ve been spending lot of time ‘thinking’ names for my dishes.’Old wine in new bottle’;-)


Basically,I belive that one cannot ‘invent’ or ‘discover’ a recipe.Its all about making variations to others ideas that makes a ‘our own’ dish.When we get familiar with a new idea,we give it our own twists and turns and make a new dish.Nothing more,nothing less.


Its dates time again.As mentioned in an earlier post,there is lot of dates moving around in my little home,and i’ve to find various methods for processing them into a more appealing form.This is just  a simple snack;a variation of ‘pazham pori’.


We’ll need


Maida(all-purpose flour) -1 cup

Rice flour-1/4 cup

Water-1 cup

Cardamom-4 pods (seeds grounded)



Sugar-1 tspn


Mix all ingredients to form a smooth and thick batter.Add or reduce water to adjust thick consistency.Dip dates and deep fry until both sides turn brown.Serve hot!!




  • You may exclude egg
  • You can add a pinch of baking soda for more crunchiness
    • Dawn
    • August 13th, 2008

    nice name lol

    there’s a Bangladeshi dish, well it is also dip dip! but onions instead of dates, i think its name is ‘Biazo’ something, it is rich of spices and ground pepper.

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