Noodle Time!

Noodles is a quick dish,may it be for breakfast or for dinner.If you want to control your weight,noodles are a useful option for a healthy weight loss diet,as they have a reasonably low-calorie content.They are prepared from a dough of flour,egg and salt,which are cut and dried and packed for later use.We can add variations of our choice to make it more tasty and healthier.


I’ld like to share something very important,regarding cooking instant noodles.Normally,how we cook noodles,is to boil water in a pan,add the spice packet and noodle and cook for 3 minutes and eat!.But recently I read an article telling that this is a very wrong way of cooking noodles.By doing so,we are boiling the ingredients in the powder,which normally contain MSG (aginomoto) and boiling it will change the molecular structure and make MSG toxic.Also,the noodles is coated with wax and it will take 4-5 days for the body to excrete this wax out of the body.


To cook noodles in a safer and healthier way,cook noodles in boiling water, and DRAIN the water.Don’t use it as it contains wax.In another pot,bring water to boiling and add cooked noodles and remove from fire.Now,while the water is still very hot,add spice packet and stir well to make noodle soup.For dried noodles,toss in the spice packet after draining the wax water.


To add to this fact,we must know,what constitutes the ‘packet’ that make noodles so tasty.It contains glutamate,a flavour enhancer that result in many health troubles especially obesity,high tension,nausea,headache,allergies and many other concerns.So try to avoid the ‘magic taste enhancer ‘ and add your own spices and sauces.Please take care next time you prepare noodles


We’ll look into a tasty noodle recipe which is healthy and easy to make.


Cook and drain noodles and keep aside.To prevent noodles from sticking to each other,pour cold water over it,after drained.


Now heat oil(2 tspn) in a pan.Add ginger-garlic (1 tspn) and saute till it changes colour.Now add diced onion(1 big) and when it changes colour,add assorted vegetables(carrot,beans,peas,cabbage,spring onion,cellery).When they turn crisp,add tomato sauce(1 tspn),soya sauce(1 tspn,chilly sauce(1 tspn).Stir for 30 seconds or so.Now add pepper powder and add cooked noodles.Toss carefully until the spices,vegetables and noodles get mixed well.Serve hot.



  • Add scrambled egg,fried chicken pieces and like during final tossing.
  • Add white pepper powder for more of chinese flavour
  1. hey nimmy, that was a very delicious recipe for noodles. it had always been a very boring food for me, a dish i gorge just for the sake of saving time. but the picture of the dish in your posting is very tempting. will tell this to my lady. let her try her hand at this. will get back for more! 🙂

    • I love skiing!
    • August 10th, 2008

    This was great and looking very tasty, I am gonna try!

    and yeah I did comment!

    • I love skiing!
    • August 10th, 2008

    This was good, It looks so delicious, I am gonna try!

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