Instant Buttermilk/Moru Curry

When you have no time to cook or when you are too lazy to cook a regular curry,this is a good choice;-) Both refreshing and easy as well.Have a break from your regular menu and try this version of smabaram/buttermilk.This tastes heavenly when taken with hot steaming rice accompanied by pappad and pickle..mmmm..for some reason,I’ll be able to run a boat in my mouth at this very moment.


Buttermilk is lower in fat than regular milk, because the fat has been removed to make butter. It is also high in potassium, vitamin B12, calcium, and riboflavin as well as a good source of phosphorus. Those with digestive problems are often advised to drink buttermilk rather than milk, as it is more quickly digested. Buttermilk has more lactic acid than skim milk.


The turmeric powder used in the dish,will benefit our body in several ways..
  1. Turmeric reduces fats; aids blood circulation and purifies it.
  2. Turmeric also helps digestion and is believed to help the body against parasites in the intestines.
  3. It is now investigated for potential use as anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory aid.
  4. It is antiseptic, warming and astringent

So,lets move on and have a refreshing buttermilk curry


In a mixer,blend together a cup of buttermilk,small piece of ginger,1 stalk curry leaves,3 green chillies and 3 small oinions.We need not blend it too smooth.Just a 1 minute blend would be enoguh, so that we’ll have small small pieces of onions and green chillies moving around in our final dish.


Now,heat oil in a pan and splutter 1 tspn of mustard seeds.Add 1/2 tspn of fenugreel seeds and 2 nos red dried chillies.Add some fresh curry leaves if you prefer.Now lower heat to minimum and add the blended buttermilk.Add 1/4 tspn of turmeric powder and keep stirring.Keep on low falme until the whole of buttermilk gets warmed and nears boiling stage.Take care not to boil and curdle the buttermilk,unless you want an ugly dish:-) .Remove from heat and add salt to taste and serve with rice.This tastes good when taken in itself too.Enjoy!!


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