Tapiki ‘n’ Fish curry-the official food of kerala???

Wikipedia says that “Tapioca and fish curry could be considered official food of Kerala”..ha ha..thatz a good-to-know  fact..Well I am sure that most of them like tapioca fries,but I know a lot of people who hate tapioca and never cook it since it is knows as  ‘poor man’s vegetable’:-)


We cook ‘kappa’ atleast once in a fortnight.Here is Doha,cleaned fleshy pieces(freezed ones) are available in any supermarket.I guess its more easier here since there is no cleaning process involved and the packet will contains only fleshy and good pieces,not those lean ugly end pieces as we get back home;-)Sorry,no offence meant.Afterall,I myself is a ‘mallu’ lol..


What follows is a simple yet yummmmmy dish.Basically its all about cooking kappa,and adding chammanthi to it.


We’ll need

Tapioca (cut into small pieces)-2 cups

Grated coconut-1 cup

Small oions-5-6 nos

Green chillies-3-5 nos

Curry leaves-1 stalk

Ginger-very small piece

Cook tapioca adding required salt.Remove from heat and drain before it gets too soggy.Now,coarse grind coconut,small onion,ginger,curry leaves and geen chillies;as we’ld do for making chammanthi.Heat 1 tspn oil in a pan and splutter 1 tspn mustard seeds.Add the grounded coconut mixture and add cooked tapioca,along with little water used for cooking it.Add salt if required and cook on high flame until everything gets mixed well and the tapioca gets smashed.Don’t smash it down to a pudding state.Just small strokes would be enough!Serve hot with fish curry..




  1. March 21st, 2009

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