Bread Upma/Roast

Yet another ding-dong lazy morning dish;-) Also, a good option for using leftover bread!


We’ll need

Bread slices-4 nos

Onion-1 big

Tomato-1 small

Green chillies-2-4nos

Ginger-garlic-1 tspn

Heat oil in a pan and splutter mustard seeds. Add cut onion, cut ginger-garlic, green chilies and curry leaves. When they turn soft and brown, add diced tomato. When tomato softens, add bread, cut into small cubes. Add little water and fry on high flame. As soon as water gets absorbed, remove from heat and add coriander leaves. Serve hot!




  • Use tomato sauce instead of tomato.
  • Use Garam Masala to complete the Indian flavour!
  1. sounds good, thanks for sharing and now I know what to make on the weekend…

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