Curd rice+carrot rice=Curd ‘n’ Carrot Rice!

A search on ‘Indian rice’ will give you infinite recipes on rice based on almost all vegetables possibly existing in this world. Carrot rice, lemon rice, jeera rice, coconut rice, tomato rice, peas rice, cauliflower rice, mint rice……………………..phew, the list is an endless one. For some reason, I just find all these hi-fi dishes to be a variation of ghee rice. You add carrot to ghee rice, you get carrot rice. Add peas, you get a peas rice, add some coconut, there you have coconut rice. So I just made up my mind to use whatever things leftover in my fridge, and ‘invent’ a new dish;-)


The basic recipe for ghee rice is

Basmati rice-2 cup

Water-4 cup

Dry spices (fennel seeds, pepper corns, cardomon pods, cinnamon sticks and cloves)-1/2 tspn each approximately (vary according to your required flavor)

Onions-2 nos


Heat oil in a pan and fry spices for a few seconds. Add diced onions till they become soft and transparent. Add washed rice and fry for few minutes (3-5 mnts).Now pour the prescribed amount of boiling water. Add salt to taste. Cover and cook on low heat. Add some ghee for final flavor and aroma. (Cooking in ghee is not a healthy choice, though it will taste 100% better than cooking in oil)So just use little ghee after cooking is done.


This being the ghee rice, you can add vegetables to it make your own version of rice. For heavy vegetables like cauliflower and peas, including spices is a good choice, but tender vegetables like carrot or if including curd, avoiding spices is a better choice. I made the below cur-carrot rice by cooking rice alone seperately.Later added the prepared curd mixture.


Cook rice over boiling water. Drain and pour some cold water over cooked rice, inorder to prevent it from sticking to each other. Keep aside. Now mix, curd, cut onion, little ginger, grated carrot, cut cucumber, cut green chilies and salt. Heat oil in a pan and splutter mustard seeds. Add some urad dal, dried red chilies and curry leaves. Pour over curd mixture and finally mix this thoroughly with cooked rice. Add some coriander leaves for a final fresh touch. Curd ‘n’ carrot rice is ready to serve


P.S  Do final mixing just before serving;so that there isn’t a need for reheating curd.Use hot cooked rice.

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