Thought for the day..

It is OK that we have some civilian casualties but the main target here are the terrorists.We cant be selective in targeting the terrorists.No system is perfect.Some civilian dies, Its OK ,life goes on.If they dont want to die ,then stop nurturing terrorists.Those civilians are the master of their destiny.

Just a random comment,but it made me stunned..Lol..I guess I need to stop worrying over innocent people,women and kids getting killed everyday in places like Iraq,as they are dying for a “cause”..Great logic..May we all be destined to have a smiliar death and I guess our family (if anybody left behind)would still say the same,”No worries,They died for a cause”


  1. Of all the nasty statements, thats the nastiest – dying for a cause. And how can anyone say anyone’s death is OK! One death means one life lost, thats something people dont seem to give importance to. When those Bangalore blasts happened and when it was first reported, some went, “Its ok only one death”. One death! Why is that so OK? What if that life was yours or mine? (By you, I dont mean you Nimmi – generally). See each life as valuable as your own or your dear one’s. Sigh I will never learn! Noone does that. Everyone likes to read about killing and dying as long as its about other people. “Sad” they may say and forget about it the next minute – well I do that too I am not pretending to be a saint. But it hurts to hear someone talk of a human life so lightly.

    • Nimmy
    • September 9th, 2008

    Very very true Cris..LAst day,when the live telecast was going on about banglorw blasts, I heard lot of comments “Oh,its sad that happened..But only 2 people dies.That also a dark slim lady and middle aged man..”

    Duh,what if it was your mom or brother or husband..Would it have remained the same expressions then?

    People are only felt hurt only when big shots die..Life os a paan wala is worth as much as life of Rajiv Ghandi or Swami or Zakir naik..Sadly,it is money and status that bring you concern and respect…We can’t chnage it anyday..

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