Disclaimer… Part 2

I am afraid i seem to talk like a knowledge resource person and seem to make my own personal fatwas regarding islam..Sorry i am a least informed person and this is a personal blog and none/many of my comments/opinions are official ones..Many of them may not correlate with mainstream,but i have reasons and proofs for all/almost all what I talk about..I don’t mean to twist or crop anything ,nor am i capable of doing thay intellectually..Pls refer to more sources,if you’ld  like to draw conclusion about anything..

    • Milind Kher
    • September 16th, 2008


    Please continue with what you are doing. No need to be apologetic about it. You are providing a good platform for people of all faiths to interact.

    If people want to constantly needle us about our faith, that is their problem. It does not detract from the merit of our faith.

  1. I … seem to make my own personal fatwas regarding islam.

    Why on earth should you apologize for doing that?

    • Nimmy
    • September 17th, 2008

    @Milind,thanks..I still firmyl belive that there is a right answer to all qstns asked here..But it is tediuos,depressing and time consuming to answer all of them alone..It would be great if you could look into the alleged verses..Even if you don’t do that,you are providing great support,by giving logical and rasonable arguments..Thanks for that:)

    @Watercat..lol..Yes,i am also of the argument that religion is a personal business between me and my God..But since this is a public place and many people read it,i should be careful not enough to give out false information..Thanks:)

  2. Don’t feel depressed. You cannot give out wrong information by stating your opinion.
    If the mullahs fatwa that your woman’s voice is one worth half, that is their opinion.
    Any moral person can see that your opinion is worth more than theirs.
    So don’t ever feel like you need to apologize.

    • Milind Kher
    • September 18th, 2008


    I agree with you. Coping with it all alone is difficult. You can count on my support whenever I spen time on this blog. I definitely do try to spend time regularly.

    We DO need to present the truth of Islam. Take the provocative statements in your stride. You HAVE to do it when you are doing something positive.

    • Nimmy
    • September 18th, 2008

    Milind:) Thanks..Keep coming

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