Beyond ‘Start-Camera-Action’

My blog has become a depressing one..I find it a teadious job to look into every single alleged violent verse,read its context,its meaning,compare it with 2-3 translations,read more and finally come to a conclusion..I guess me and my readers need a break..

Read below and look into your mirror and ask yourself whether you were made a monkey or a donkey by media..

Goldie Behl was on centre stage and enjoying every moment. And in his exuberance and enthusiasm, the two film old director waxed loud his jubilance in English. As he handed the mike to Jaya Bachchan, the actress’ opening line was, “I shall speak in hindi as the film has been made in hindi.” Thereafter the actress only spoke about the film and her association with the Behl’s.


Post that all the speakers on stage tried to speak as much hindi as their command of the language allowed. The last speaker was Priyanka Chopra. She started by saying, “since Jaya ji has said to speak in hindi….” Here she was interrupted by Jaya Bachchan. Jaya had her face turned away from Priyanka, but on hearing the statement, turned towards Priyanka and said.. “since we are from UP, we should speak in hindi”. Jaya Bachchan was referring to Priyanka who hails from Uttar Pradesh’s Rae Bareilly district and herself, as her family is from Allahabad. The ‘we’ meant Priyanka and the Bachchans.


Taking the first statement completely out of context blew things out of proportion. And it required a humble Amitabh Bachchan to resolve matters by offering a public apology.


The issue here is “are celebrities targeted by politicians or by a media”, who will manipulate things to garner more TRP’s and sales figures? Raj Thackeray was not present at the function and went by the video clips shown across channels. The media was present and irresponsible journalism saw a situation being created where Mumbai city was once again the target of political activists.


Reputed english channels held debates with people from across all sections, be it Mahesh Bhatt or Sanjay Nirupam. Each had a story to narrate and a point to prove. But sitting in their plush offices in Mumbai and Delhi, did senior anchors, once the best reporters in the business and who conducted these shows, bother to see the entire footage before deciding on doing half hour specials and debates.
It is a sorry state of affairs and being a journalist, I am quite ashamed at what lengths one can go to grab some eyeballs.



I couldn’t stop laughing myself when I read this..How many people,maybe billons of people,religiously engaged in hot debates when Raj Thakery and Bachans were playing hide and have seem blogs having steaming debate on whether hindi is ‘national’ or ‘offficial’ language of India and seen many people spending too much time collecting regarding links..ROFL…Even I spent about 2 hrs a day ,fuming my head over anger towards Raj( but in my poinion,Raj was rasing a good point,but he didn’t put it well and instead acted like a Don)..May all my fuming thoughts rest in peace and may all those time wasted over a false news,too rest in peace..



P.S :

It is a two day old news..I was waiting for a break as it would be odd to post on Bachan when talking about war

    • Another Kafir
    • September 17th, 2008

    Thank God you changed the topic, I was two steps away from popping a prozac.

    Weird, I do not mean to bring the debate of hindi with me, but whoever doubts that Hindi is not the official language should read the constitution. Hindi is the official language of the central government. The states are left to their choice and there is no national language.

    But amazing how this misconception is so deep ingrained in most people. One does not even doubt when he/she says that hindi is the national language.

    Raj is a violent person, it can not be over-emphasised that people need to be more civil in their attitude and should utilise free speech instead of attacking people. If Raj had come to the TV channels and made a point, and tried to prove it to whatever extent he could, then many more people could embrace the precendent and it could have made a lasting change on the society. Now it is marred by the distaste of violence and intolerance.
    That is the case with every political movement in India. Deadlock.

    • Nimmy
    • September 17th, 2008

    True..Most religious organizations,even RSS and SIMI raise valid points,but sadly,they choose an ood way out..

    I guess this Raj -bachan drama will help us in understanding how media can easily misguide us..I am feeling odd and angry at myself and all those people who reacted to this..Thank god we reacted only by mouth and not by ahnds..Now that we can gulp our words,bcoz they ahve corrected the wrong news..But what if we acted by ‘actions/hands’ as is the case always..Would the destruction then done can be corrected in anyway..Now i dn’t know which news,which source to believe and not..

  1. Nice post. I agree that violence is just not the right method of getting your point across. All these new age violent politicians, right or wrong will never get my vote, lol because they get my goat!!!

  2. Nimmy,
    The media circus ring is a vicious circle. People watch such programs/read such news, celebrities create more, media telecasts more/journalists write more, people again watch/read, celebrities create more…..
    Honestly, I don’t care about any celebrity. So the moment I see a channel/news article on them, I give it a pass.

    • Nimmy
    • September 18th, 2008 are right..Its all action drama..
    I don’t mind either..But if it is at the cost of making me a fool,i do mind.. 🙂

  3. Seriously, what a lot of hullabaloo over a tad thing like that! I couldnt understand why anyone would make such a lot of noise over something as trivial as this! Maybe Thackerays got bored not getting enough attention and when they switch on TV, aha Jaya Bachchan throws them an easy bait and they jump on that “Action!”

    • Nimmy
    • September 18th, 2008

    lol Cris..yeah true..They are indeed bored persons..But my qstn now is ,was that even a worth bait?Did Jaya say anythign serious?Wasn’t she asking Priyanka to speak in hindi as both are from UP..loll..never mind..lets not waste more time on this…

    My point is simple..What of Tachareys ahve killed few UP’s in this name?Would they have become alive just by giving a correction of news?

    Ah,afterall,who cares for petty lives of panwalas and taxidrivers 🙄

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