“Court should fix definition of ‘terrorist’: Raj Thackeray”

Reacting to the Bombay High Court’s “terrorist” remark on him on the Marathi signboards issue, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena’s (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray on Saturday said the court should fix definition of “terrorist”.

Very funny..Raj is so upset and feel humiliated just by a reference by the Court..In fact,he has restored to violence many a times,even for the slightest reasons..But can I ask something?Doesn’t the same logic of humiliation and dignity hold true for all those guys/gals who are labelled TERRORISTS ,even before a charge sheet is written against them..We call them by ‘terrorists’ and not by their name..Even if they come out proved innocent,they still ought to live a life as an ‘alleged-terrorist’..Anybody thought of this anytime?Recently,we all diged into Arushi murder case,and we all cursed and ditched the father..Ha ha,now the father has come out proved innocent..How long will it take for him to erase the humility on this name ‘murderer’..Aren’t we humans expected to behave in a humane way..Why are we so inhumane?Shouldn’t we give them a chance to prove themselves,before they get labelled by us-the moral police..

  1. Definition of a ‘terrorist’? Anybody who tries to get his way (right or wrong) by using terror.

  2. Nimmy is right people should be ‘innocent until proven guilty’. But at the same time, surely the definition of terrorism needs to be fixed. A husband who gets his way by threatening to beat his wife, or even worse, isn’t that terrorism?

    Yet in legal terms it’s not terrorism unless it’s political. There is no great war against terrorizing women. If we are going to win the so-called ‘war on terror’ that is where we need to start.

    • Another Kafir
    • September 29th, 2008

    I completely agree with Nimitha and watercat, assumption of innocence is a necessary tenet of a free trial. In this regard, the media is generally incriminating and constantly resorts to assumption of guilt and tries to shape public opinion in the regard. Even though many people believe that media was very helpful in ensuring justice, in cases like jessica lal, Aarushi is a glaring example of how mislead the media can be. Also the recent BMW case has shown that justice can be ensured to the poor even without media campaigns.

  3. People are too fast when it comes to mislabelling someone, it doesnt always work the other way so easily – to come clean of the bad name once earned. Its human psychology! And sadly we are all a part of it… If we had the will to disbelieve or not listen to a story as soon as we hear it and cast off someone as evil minded, then there could be hope for change. But its sad that even very close friends choose to believe a story they hear second hand and cast people they knew so well as villains!

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