“No time to complain, time to be wise”

Complaining will not work. We must develop capabilities to counter negative propaganda. To that end, Muslims are realizing the importance of education. A section of the Muslim leadership is working hard towards this. There is a demand that government provide schools, instead of more police stations.It is time for Muslims to be wise and not reactionary. We need to understand the new, emerging India. This is not being visionary. The point is that even a madrassa education can be of help. One only has to look at successful madrassa graduates, especially those from Falah, Islah, Nadwa and Deoband, to see how they moved on to modern universities and secured jobs.

The government is no longer the sole creator and provider of jobs. The private sector has thrown up opportunities like never before. Here the scope for discrimination and biases is minimal. When an India of opportunities seems to be round the corner, it is futile for educated Muslim youth to indulge in mindless violence and miss the bus of progress and development.





This article seemed to be a balanced one..I believe its high time that muslims come out of their shells and stop mourning over Islamic history and complain over administrative flaws ,and instead try to move ahead on thier own..When a muslim say “I face discrimination”, I find it lame..Who on earth doesn’t face discrimination? The black face discrimination over the white,the poor over the rich,the educated over the illiterate,the lower caste over the higher caste..Its all there around the world.Rather than complaining about it,we need to look into solutions and work it out ourselves.



I am not being communal ,i am just trying to see things from my part.Muslims as a whole ,have lot of resources ,in all forms, and if they wish and try hard, in no time, they can make it to the top..Having said that almost all the elite educated and financially-sound muslims left for Pakistan during 1947,and all that was left were poor ones, its great that we still enjoy the current position as of today..I have lived in a few Muslim countries and I can say it loud and clear that life is best in India, where we can practice our faith with all freedom,we learn to respect and accommodate others and learn to move along each other ,learn to celebrate and mourn and feel compassionate for people around us irrespective of caste, color and creed, atleast to a major extent..



I come from a place where we have a temple ,a church and a mosque in the vicinity of my house..The masjid shares its wall with a hindu family,and for that sole reason alone,the Azan(call for prayer) is not said loud,as usually done through a loudspeaker as not to cause disturbance to them..In the temple, almost all of us (even during our late teens) used to visit temple, just for the sake to grabbing some sandal paste..The priest knew us,as we are from the very same locality,and he’ld smile and give us some sandal paste as soon as we enter..I remember the first time I went there..Me and my cousin had no idea of what to do and we were so afraid of being recognized as non-hindu..We observed people walking around temple and tried to do the same way..And finally when we stood near the deity with folded hands ,waiting for ‘prasad’ in banana leaf,the priest said,’Oh,you want sandal paste’ 🙂 It was a few years ago. Still it remains as fresh as it happened yesterday. Same way,our masjid used to have non muslims listening to speeches on fridays..and everybody were free to visit the church anytime.. I am afraid, such level of tolerance from both sides cannot be seen today.I don’t see any of my cousins today interested in going to temple..I don’t see any non muslim interested in listening to sermons in masjids..When and why did the whole spirit fade away..?



Educated muslims can do lot of wonders..I still hold the strong belief that ‘terrorists’ are made out of circumstances.. If a person if rightly educated and spiritually informed-the right way, no person will bother to go and blast bombs every now and then..I wonder when will people wake up and see things for themselves and understand that the whole Islamic terrorism and Hindu terrorism have nothing to do with religion ,but that people with vested interests are making use of people and religion and the whole world is dancing to their tunes..Unless we wake up and fight for ourselves and our kids, nothing good is going to happen..



If Muslims bother to pay Zakat properly, I guess a major portion of the community will benefit from it..But I doubt how many of them pay Zakat correctly.. The rule is to pay 2.5% on annual savings,on gold above 85 grams and like..If zakat was being distributed to deserved people, I believe things can take a change in the right direction. Lot of financially sound muslims can afford to educate children from the other side,lot of muslim entrepreneurs can manage to accommodate jobless muslims guys/gals..Overall,I believe self introspection within the community and working out solution will make lot of difference, in the right direction..



Its high time muslims stop looking at politicians to do something for them..Aren’t we capable of doing it ourselves.I am not ranting about making a society aloof from the rest..But if the is a sincere try,from all sides ,we need no reservation,no appeasement(if there had been any literal and practical muslim appeasement,i believe muslims would have become Tata’s and Birla’s long time back.What we see and hear is paper appeasement). As far I see it,it is a propaganda to blame muslims of being conspiracy makers and against administration. .Me as a muslim appreciate what the government and administration is doing for me.. By believeing in the said propaganda, people are trying to sideline themselves.. By doing so, we are doing more harm to ourselves.. Just for instance, alongside with protesting for rights of  accused students ,who are jailed labeled terrorists, why not empathize PUBLICLY for the policeman who died then..When protesting against Danish cartoons,why not talk against M F Hussain who hurts people’s sentiments..I believe that such small acts of goodness will do wonders in building mutual confidence.. Afterall, we all care for each other right?



Crooked people are trying and winning over their divide ‘n’ rule plan..They want to divide our nation in the name of infinite factors..I strongly believe that both jihadists and Dal guys are just pawns dancing to the tunes of these people behind the scene. No real follower of religion can rape a nun or blast kids into pieces. I wish all of us, and especially Muslims doesn’t fall their prey. Rather than pointing fingers, look into yourself and ask if you, yourself, is right and work on it. When somebody questions you, rather than finding fault with it and getting offended ,reply them the way your religion asks you to..


  • For, [true] servants of the Most Gracious are [only] they who walk gently on earth, and who, whenever the foolish address them, [Sc., “with the aim to ridicule them or to argue against their beliefs”.] reply with [words of] peace;[25:63]



That was a long rant..Sorry..


Good day to all..



I forgot to mention that even to this day,the assistant in temple,an old lady,comes to our home everyday to pick flowers for the rituals..And deep inside,for no reason,I feel so happy about it..



    • Gov
    • October 5th, 2008

    Great post…With u with all heart for the great sake to keep up a place where ur kid could run into a temple and have sandal…and feel its fun 🙂

    what i honestly feel is India has gone through even graver dangers and sufferening and is beautifully alive and kicking after thousands of years of invasion foreign ruling and transformations of all sorts…its just simply amazing…and add to it ….its RISING….

    When roman…Greek…name any old great superpower civilizations vanished off the face of the earth…but India…. is just the very same…listen its 20th century…some people clame even there is nothing more to be discovered in fundamental physics….world is advancing to the next limits….but….we have traditions and practices which dates 3000 years old commonly followed in ur households…so old a nation..But still feared by china to be the next big super power!!…Its the beauty of the stong base on which india is made…all cast all religions living together accommodating each other…This is true India…and what ever these Father-less terrorists or manipulative politics do…the cultural base is strong….. strong enough to smile at it and forgive and if needed just simply crush it off silently……..and just simply silently without much noise move forward towords the real achivements ahead…

    • Nimmy
    • October 5th, 2008

    Thankd\s for your words Gov..Though I can’t grasp it fully,lI too do feel that ours is a complex enviornment,where almost all of us are emotionally so attached to our binding factors,whatever if maybe..Religion had never been a priority,but as of today,religion seems to be the msot over hyped issue and no wonder the number of atheists are increasing..Escapism is not the way out,instead,we need to sort out solutions staying alongside..But what is the solution?Sadly,I have no idea..

  1. Loved your post. Educationa nd empowerment will prevent muslims from being recruited young into terrorist organisations. I’m hindu and dont even go to a temple because I dont believe in idol worship..so I dont buy into the ‘religion makes you a terrorist’ slogan – no religion teaches that. Great post..we need people like you talking more.

    • Nimmy
    • October 5th, 2008

    Akshaya,Welcome to my blog 🙂 I hope you’ll visit again.. 😉

    Thanks ..Our youth,including muslims,hindus and all out there are misguided only bcoz they happen to be less fortunate in some sort of way-may it be money,education or opportunity..Instead of spending lot of money of hateing and preaching we all need to work out some simple,yet very much essential works..I hope all of us would do sometthing in the regard..As Nandu,a regular friend here,said,even a squirrel’s work can do wonders.Instead of expecting messiah’s to come and rescue us,i believe there is lot we can do..

    • Milind Kher
    • October 6th, 2008


    I think you are absolutely right. Frustration essentially stems from lacking money, education or opportunity. Once all these things are in place, things are bound to improve.

    Meanwhile, each one of us needs to carry on the work that we are doing. At some time, it WILL make an impact

    • manoj
    • October 6th, 2008

    Punjab is one of the richest state in india who brought out the Khalistan struggle.
    Gujarat is the presently richest state.
    tamil nadu is considered to be a poor state, reasonably doing well in indian context against the communal trouble. may be due to dravidian uprising.

    • Milind Kher
    • October 6th, 2008


    If I were to understand for myself what you are saying, I think it is the following:

    1 > Punjab had a Khalistan issue inspite of being the richest state then.

    2 > Gujarat has a communal problem inspite of being the richest state now.

    3 > Tamil Nadu has hardly any problem inspite of being a poor state.

    Well, the answers to this are complex, which I will explain to you in a subsequent post.

  2. Beautiful work again! Its good to see such fresh thoughts about religion than the usual “My-religion-is-the-greatest” banter from millions! I wonder when sense will get injected in to their minds!? It disturbs me everytime I see a person calling himself/herself Hindu/Muslim/Sikh or whatever and degrading the others. I wish more and more people thought this way. Good job! Proud of u! 🙂

    • vinod
    • October 6th, 2008

    i have to admit…..i loved this blog of urs than anyother…..it touched me on so many levels….

    Great work, nimmy!!! Keep Blogging!!!

    • Milind Kher
    • October 6th, 2008


    The votes are pouring in for you, right, left and center.

    So just keep going for it. You are doing just fine.

    • Nimmy
    • October 7th, 2008

    Thanks Rohini,Vinod and Milind..You made my day beautiful with your words..I am not doing anythign great,just jotting down random thoughts,and i am sure majority of people out there are as peace loving and tolerant as i am..We just need to stand and raise voice collectively,so that we are heard more than those voices from communal sectors…I hope you all stay along and together,we may make atleast a small change in hearts around us…

    Good day to all 🙂

    • Milind Kher
    • October 7th, 2008

    We need to have a multiplier effect working for us. If we influence 3 people, and in turn, each of them influences 3 and so on, we would move in quantum leaps.

    We need to keep the energy levels on that going and keep getting in fresh perspectives.

    • lallopallo
    • October 7th, 2008

    Kudos to you to take time and write in detail about this. I am not sure if Iam with you on everything you wrote, but I appreciate the honest sentiment behind your post.

  3. I remember you coming to college sporting Bindis or sandal paste on forehead sometimes and feeling a lot of respect for you for the kind of broad mindedness and mutual acceptance you brought with it. Same reason why I chose to wear a cross from school, though I am more or less an athiest. Stars and wine for xmas, biriyani for Eid, tips for Vishu – I do it all again atheism not stopping me – cause if I can give out a sense of any kind of religous harmony then its more than worth it all.

    • manoj
    • October 8th, 2008

    wonderful post. i been through a similar childhood.

    • Nimmy
    • October 8th, 2008

    @lallopall,thanks 🙂 Maybe you could share what is it that you don’t agree with..

    @Cris 🙂 Even though with a spooky eye,i used to appreciate you wearing cross..

    @Manoj.Thanks 🙂

    I hope we all spread the same message to our kids too..

  4. Dear Nimmy

    Facts shows a different trend . education doesnt help in upliftment of anyone if the culture doesnt support it .
    education provides the knoweldge but culture gives wisdom .
    a perfect example are the terrorists caught for serial bombings . they all are highly educated . however they have used that education to bring havoc against humanity .

    your article it self tells a good example. you grew up with a culture of respecting diversity and hence you have used the education to take the path of wisdom .


    • manoj
    • October 9th, 2008

    i have a dissenting note.

    definition of culture has to be revisited.
    gujaratis had cross migration to every part of the world since long; may be due to west coast.
    what happened to their culture.
    gujarat witnessed massive riots between hindus (within upper and lower castes) and muslims during pre and post independent india.

    why tamils are fighting in sri lanka. why tamils made massive struggle against hindi. none accepts imposed culture. cultural assimilation takes place by a natural course of time; will never happen in an overnight.

    exclusion to any other religion, dismissal of co-existence; these are the basic issues to be addressed.

    do anyone ask what is your religion if one met with an accident and volunteer help.

  5. I read this article of urs after replying to one of ur comments in my blog.I was in complete disagreement with your comments for that blog..

    But after reading this, I should say I more or less agree with you in this blog. 🙂

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