Kerala tops primary education index

Kerala is ranked No. 1 among the 21 major states (large in geographical area) in the latest composite Education Development Index (EDI) prepared for the primary and upper primary levels of schooling for 2006-07.


The report on the EDI was prepared by the National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA) based on the District Information System for Education (DISE), a comprehensive database on elementary education in India, which is had created in recent years.

“The indicators used in computing the EDI included access, infrastructure, teachers and outcome. In the broader sense, we had used 23 indices like number of schools per 1000 child population, average student-classroom ratio, pupil-teacher ratio, gross enrolment ratio and gender parity index,” a source in NUEPA said.


The NUEPA has suggested that all the States including the top ranking states should analyse all the indicators used in EDI computation district-wise, and within a district, block-wise and follow it up by adopting appropriate strategies without which neither their overall ranking nor status of universal elementary education in the state are expected to improve.


Proud Keralite 😉

  1. congrats!!!!

    am proud of you too!!!

  2. Great ! 🙂

    • Nimmy
    • October 13th, 2008

    Lol..thank you so much Pinku and Priya for commenting on my lame post..Thanks 🙂

  3. oh..malayaali aanalle ..(the first question I ask a malayalee even if I meet him/her in Kerala 😉 )

  4. Always knew this! Congrats 🙂

  5. well ..i think other states hsould learn from kerela on this aspect

    • Nimmy
    • October 16th, 2008

    Thanks Vimu 🙂 For some odd reason,i believe that it is better not to tell mallus that “I am also a mallu”..Mallus tend tp pull down each other…hmmm…Maybe i am generalizing..But it always happens abroad ..

    Thanks IHM 🙂

    Welcome Arvind..You have a great blog..Keep visiting mine 😉

  6. yea…educated


    they all fly away from education..[including me..that is]

    may be, India will be like western countries in the near future…a population of elderly fellows

  7. oopsy…

    what i meant was…they all fly away after education…

    srry for “typos”

    Hi noolo,Welcome 🙂 Nice name 🙂

    Hmm,brain drain is happening ..But it seems to be in reversing order and may continue in coming days..More and more youngsters settling back in India..Keep coming ,Good day 🙂 -Nimmy

    • Milind Kher
    • November 5th, 2008

    Knowledge is the most precious Gift of God to mankind.

    Kerala pursues it with zeal, any wonder that it is called God’s own country!!

    Great show by Kerala, but it had to be 🙂

    Milind,thanks for your words,but don’t think that Kerala is God’s country,its now God’s servant’s country,moving its way ‘forward’ to become Devil’s own country..I am a keralaite but i’ld tell you not to be too impressesd about my land..The major and still existing goodness in my land is the communal harmony,even when riots or isssues take place in other parts of the country.Keralaites have stayed away from those communal disturbances and had made a peaceful society of their own.Hell,it is changing..Both Muslim and extramists have many followers now and we have issues with that.Also,christina priests are making too much problem these days.I am surprised to see their ‘other side’ of greed for money and business oriented dramas..I ahd great respect for them,more than i had for my own community..But not any more.I don’t hate them,but the love is gone..So many publicly proclamied RSS and NDP activists..Whom are they challenging..I wanna lock all of them in a single dark room and thown keys away in deep sea..I am not blabbering,I’ld really do if i a get a chance anyday ;).. -Nimmy

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