“Husband seeks divorce as wife loses Rs 30L in market”

A woman in Ahm edabad is in distress after her husband is talking of deserting her as she lost over Rs 30 lakh in the market in recent times.


“I am a 34-year old housewife. I am married for the last ten years and have one daughter. In my free time, I have been trading online in stocks and earned quite a lot. But recently in this bearish trend, my stocks are not doing well and I have run into losses to the tune of Rs 12 lakh.”


Sad..but interesting…



This woman apparently poured her heart out on a website launched by city-based psychiatrist Dr Hansal Bhachech for free counselling, claimed to be the first of its kind in the country. She has sought help in this situation where she has not only lost money but is also struggling to keep her marriage.


“Many women who have taken to stocks are now facing twin problems – how to cut down their losses and cut flak from their respective families for losing their money,” says Dr Bhachech. (more..)


Seems like the economic conditions are hitting hard and affecting every lives..Even I am so worried about this whole depression,though i am not into any stocks or so..Few days ago,I hardly had any thought that the breakdown in Wall street would affect my life miles away..such a small world we have “Global Village”..



I would like to know what my readers have to say on this,the news quoted..Agreed the husband is being insensitive..But is there anybody perceieving a different message..




  1. Relatable. I know someone who went through the same story. And I can tell how bad it is. I somehow lost respect for anyone risking huge amounts into stock market, it is not just a risk, its also disrespect, and selfish. I am not saying this woman was so, but from experience I can say that stocking shares is something like gambling. Once you are in, its hard to get out. And what you lost through the market, you would have this blind urge to get back through the same market. That keeps you going on and on forgetting everyone and everything. And it comes down to a kind of selfish pleasure one gets out of playing a game.
    I dont have any respect for people who risk that with their money – its not just them that suffer, but everyone who depends on them

    That said, I have even less respect for someone who ditches spouse and family when she/he makes a mistake losing money. That was the time family had to hold on together! Same thing can happen to you and when you stand out in the street with no one to look up to, you will know (By you, I dont mean you Nimmy, I meant generally)

    • Nimmy
    • October 18th, 2008

    I understand Cris..You make great points..ts simply gambling and big glambers control our economy..forigen investors just have fun time thowing in and pulling out money..End brokers and middle class people just jump inot the sea hoping to carry back 342342 times more money than they put into it..You rightly said,if i amke 10 rupee profit,i may put 20 rs more tomorrow,may it be even by pledging my house..Sad…

    Greed and mismanagement is the sole reason for the depression we see aorund us today..

  2. I am sure it is exaggerated, unless the guy was looking for an excuse to ask for divorce …
    Media loves sensational stories.
    I think it may even be a good opportunity to start accumulating interesting scrips. Yes it seems the times are tough, but I wonder if it is going to affect us as severely as America.

  3. Happened to stop by your blog today by chance and I am glad I did 🙂

    I really like the way you write… Kudos to you 🙂

    Adding ya to my blogroll and reader!

  4. I too am in loss right now as I had invested when the stocks were pretty high last year. I hope my hubby doesn’t leave me (*scared* biting my fingers) 🙂

    • Milind Kher
    • October 19th, 2008

    This is a typical case of male chauvinism. The guy was ok as long as she was earning. Now that she has lost, he wants to kick her out.

    If women want to get justice, they need to stand up for their rights. They need to stop playing the doormat.

  5. thats too unfair ..and too harsh on the part of the husband ..
    ..btw i dont understand why the hell they put so much money in stock market… at least people learn from now ..

    even i am facing the heat..i am not getting the joining date from my company (i mean the compoany which recruited me 😛 )

    • Nimmy
    • October 20th, 2008

    Hi Nova, thanks for stopping by and for your comment 🙂 Will surely visit your space(i already did but was busy,so couldn’t comment) Keep coming… 🙂

    @Priyanka..lol..ha ha,i dn’t think any wife or husband will leave each toher simply for loss incured in stocks..WE don’t know the real story..For media,everything is a scoop and joke..And well,if he/she leaves for this reason alone,be glad that such a shallow minded person isn’t worth your love ,time and commitment… 🙂

    @Milind,True..Women have been seasoned over decades to remain doormat..and some men take it for granted..And well,we dn’t know if this story is true..I dn’t trust media much these days..What if she was too greedy and spent so many assets on stocks..hhmm..people are too greedy these days,so you never know if the husband alone is to be balmed..

    @Arvind..true…why on earth do middle class people put too much money in stocks which is simply gambling as CRis said..The answer is simple-Greed..Everybody wants to sow less seeds and reaf huge harvests..Well,if they are ready to take the gain,they should be ready to ready to incur loss too..Afterall,all of us aren’t as ‘big’ as people in stories like these..

    “Realty king Kushal Pal Singh’s daughter Pia Singh is the biggest loser of notional wealth (Rs 3,300 crore) as measured by the difference in the market value of DLF shares held by her. Sanjay Chandra – son of another real estate magnate Ramesh Chandra – ranks 2nd in the Gen-next ‘wealth loser list’ as his 4% stake in Unitech has lost close to Rs 3,000 crore in market value from January 10. ”

    🙂 So better take care…

    Hmm..I too was reading on IT firms being affected by the slowdown..Maybe its another downhill time..Have patience.Maybe you can try working in a small local firm for the time being..Afterall,experience in the best guru(i guess you are reffering to IT) My friends have been telling that they are being very careful and are keeping patient by not hoping jobs..Hang in there.they will call you..

    Good day to all friends..

    • Milind Kher
    • October 21st, 2008

    Any sector that has a growth in a proportion beyond what economic logic dictates is bound to face a problem.

    This is true for the stock market, for real estate as well as IT.

    In the stock market at least, people need to grasp very well when to hang in, and when to cut loose.

    True Milind..I too felt that the rocketing sensex is to come down,but never though that the decent will be in ultra high speed like this hurting people badly..hm,maybe it will get stabilized somewhere between 14,000-16,000 points..agreed with your point on knowing when to invest and when to sell,but remeember that most people are greedy and wait for hike tomorrow morning and finally act ‘great’ by suciciding..I really felt bad when i read news on a Rtd.Headmaster somiting sucicide bcpz he lost lot of money on this..Why do people spent whole savings on one single channel alone**sigh*** -Nimmy

    • Milind Kher
    • October 22nd, 2008

    This is where the need for treading a “middle path” comes so much into play.

    Had people not so much greed for earning a fast buck, such things would not have happened.

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