What’s up with ‘Holding Hands’ all of a sudden!!!

Something interesting happening these days..

Lot of incoming Google searches on “holding hands” since last 2-3 days..Just see the pattern of search words..indeed interesting ..


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I guess somebody in some corner of thw world has got an assignment or project on “Holding Hands..”..lol..I am glad my post is of some productive use..But sadly,not even a single comment 😦
I always wonder why there happens a large difference between visits and comments..Guess people are lazy…I just love getting comments…
  1. 😆 happens…bottle gourd and thirsty crow are most searched terms on my blog.

    and yes its disppointing that there is large difference b/w visits and comments..but what to do… some people just read, they dont like to comment 🙂

    I will keep commenting 🙂

    lol..oh my god,i can’t stop laughing..Thirsty crow!! do you ahve a story about crow??lol…. bottle gourd??Let me rush to your blog and see whatz up there..

    Thanks for understanding..Keep commenting,even if it is a smiley – Nimmy

  2. yeah there are 2 post on my blog abt it..but I never thought they will bring so much traffic.




  3. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting Uzza 🙂 … -Nimmy

  4. I have a huge difference between visits and comments and frankly this happens when people come to get something from the blog and not interact and frankly if I had to choose I prefer the former although comments are very heartwarming. The main purpose of my blog is to help others so I am happy I get more searches. A lot of blogs with half my hits get over a 100 comments and at times even 300! I rarely get so many. Frankly I wouldnt worry about comments if I were you. In the first year there were many posts where I got no comments at all and most I got 1-5 or so! Even about 6 months back I was lucky if I got 7-8 comments on my posts! It’s only in the last 6 months or so that comments have increased and I have been blogging for over 2 years!

    Nita,yeah,you are right..I am being too greedy..I started blogging since June 24th 2008 and as a beginner i have received lot of comments and views..Basically,i dn’t intend to get more hits alone as there is no point is having more hits..But i like the idea of sharing my ideas or views and interacting with people so that exchange of opinion or views happens and I learn more and have a broader perspective..Its when people comment about some diferent point ,that i look into that perspective..In that aspect I need to thank all my commentators in helping me broaden my horizon of thoughts…And thanks Nita for reminding me that i should not be grateful for what i have already and that being greedy will only spoil the whole spirit 🙂 -Nimmy

  5. hey madam…i love comments too…but sadly some of my best friends who are regular readers never comment so I am kind of used to readers who dont.

    I think they have an issue with leaving their thoughts out there in the virtual world for all and sundry to see. Guess you and me as writers will have to respect their choice.

    am just glad they read…

    True Pinku..But i was not shouting at them for not commenting..i was just sigh-ing…lol… Of course i respect and thank them for atleast bothering to read my stupid writings ,and that includes you ..Thanks 🙂 -Nimmy

  6. @Nita that was helpful to me also….I LOVE receiving comments too.

    @Nimmy I often read without commenting when there is nothing constructive to say 🙂

    @IHM…True..Even I am quiet when i have nothing to say..sorry if i hurt any of my silent reader -Nimmy

  7. HAppens all the time .. 😀
    i was thinking to post too ..
    i get about 200 searcehs for joker and 100 for dark knight and 50 for the dark knight
    but the total views fot the psot is around 100 only [:P]

    lol…will check out your blog for posts on joker and dark knight 🙂 -Nimmy

  8. I envy you guys in wordpress. I donno how you guys get these many visitors!!!

    I just crossed the 5000 mark today, and blog counter has been there since Dec. Speaking of visitors, I need to put a post on this achievement soon, LOL.

    lol..Number of visitors isn’t a big deal friend..Yeah of course i too do feel ‘jealous’ when i see blogs with 3 lakh and more like hits..But then again,they didn’t get it one fine morning,but through consistent and quality blogging..so we too do have to hang in there till we get matured enough 🙂 -Nimmy

  9. Oh WOW! ‘Holding Hands’ is a big HIT.
    My hubby holds my hand anywhere we go 😉 Love it.

    hooo,thatz very sweet…Even I love it,a simple yet great feeling 😉 -Nimmy

  10. This is interesting. I have been getting some like ‘money tree/plant’ and ‘hair-cut’!! The most searches have been for ‘funny invites’ But I am not surprised coz one of my blog is titled ‘Funny Invites’ Only thing the invites the searchers are looking for is not there!! 😛

    ahem ahem ,you have a post on money-tree!!..Let me rush to your place and check out if I can grab some money/ideas 😉 ..”Funny invites”??Seems interesting..Keep visiting.. -Nimmy

    Good day to all

  11. yeah even i get a lot of hits with just a picture of holding hands in one of my posts 😀 …

    Hi dear,Sorry for being late to reply..Infact i visited your blog the very same day and was amazed to see such broad thougths froma little girl ..And i am more glad to know that you are a fellow keralaite…Thanks for visitng..Sorry again for not replying on time.. -Nimmy

  12. Hehe write more on these lines, holding hands, hugs – emotional content you see, people like that. Comments are definitely attractive, but experienced bloggers go beyond that and blog for the purpose of blogging alone. I am a pathetic comment-lover so I will keep quiet about it heheh.

    hehehe..No comments on my comment on comments..lol 🙂 And yes,holding hands is a great feeling.. -Nimmy

    • Milind Kher
    • October 25th, 2008

    Holding hands is a very touch feely thing literally, and appeals more to people who are kinesthetic, rather than visual and auditory.

    Nevertheless, it gives a good feeling, and should be promoted.

    🙂 True..I am a pro-hand holder..lol..But our culture is exactly the opposite and it better to avoid holding hands in public as to avoid stares..Now i held my class mate’s (girl) hand,some pro-culturists will look at me as a lesbian…If boys,classmates held hands,they’ll dounbt if they are gays..Weel,if couples hold hand,no matter even if they are married,people will say “oh,she is acting to be modern by imitating America”…lol..hell,there is no chance left..We indians are too bothered about others business,aren’t we 🙂 -Nimmy

    • vinod
    • October 29th, 2008


    There is nothing wrong with u expecting more comments. Its the same as an actor expecting applause after a performance.

    Bloggers love to get comments coz that confirms that the blogs have affected the reader in such a strong way that they felt enthused enough to take their time in leaving a comment.

    Dont worry about you expecting these small pleasures in life……after all these small pleasures are what we need to take us thro in these cynical and hatred filled times.

    Keep blogging Nimmy !!

    As always,
    ur avid reader.

    Hey hey vinod,long time no see 🙂 Please keep coming and thank you so much for your nice words..and yes i agree with you,every human heart cravs for appreciation 🙂 -Nimmy

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