What is your comment on this comment?

Firstly, it doesn’t matter how many Muslims there are in India – they are only 12% of the Indian population…India is a Hindu majority country and NOT a Muslim majority country and I don’t think that Muslims should forget that they were all SUPPOSED to leave India in 1947. Muslims are living in India as a matter of priviledge and NOT as a matter of right. India is a nation that was born out of a partition which took place so that its Muslims could have their own country in the form of Pakistan and Bangladesh. So what moral right Muslims have to call themselves “Indian” needs to be highly questioned.

Secondly, there are Indian farmers who are so poor that they are committing suicide every day. There are Indians who are so poor that they are being forced to live on rat meat. There are female babies and female infants that are being killed every day because their parents think it is economic burden to have a girl….There are countless other problems and issues that India is having…All along we have a government which is giving money to its (unwanted) Muslims so that they can go on holiday to Saudi Arabia…That is just Plain SICK!

This is a comment I got fot the Hajj Subsidy post..Sorry for not specifying that..
Thank you all for your comments.Since both me and my  keyboard are sick,I’ll reply later..On-screen keybord sucks.Please bear with me Good day..Peace.
  1. It displays an appalling and unpardonable ignorance of Indian history. India, in case he/she does not know, is a secular country. Muslims, (or for that matter, Christians, Sikhs or even Anglo-Indians) as as Indian as anyone else. This attitude reeks of intolerance. We can stretch this logic to any extent. If the Aryan invasion theory is true, then none of us have any business being in India. We should have all quite a long time ago. We are ALL foreigners.

    To the second paragraph, the female infants who are killed off, the farmers who are dying and those living on rat meat are all NOT Hindu. Religion has nothing to do with it. The debate on sponsoring Hajj apart, religion must be strictly personal. Nobody has any business interfering in the personal belief of another.

    Hi Amrutha,Welcome 🙂 thanks for your comment..Will reply in seperate..-Nimmy

  2. What is your comment on this comment Nimmy?

    🙂 My comment was postponed as my keyboard was sick..lol..-Nimmy

    • manoj
    • November 3rd, 2008

    i dont understand the reason for the post.

    correcting the history or the past is difficult. there is no end to it.

    if one look at history, buddhism propogated rapidly in india and it was wiped out.

    what is the relation between hajj subsidy. is it ethical for muslims to avail subsidy on hajj

    True…I agree that we have no control over past,but only over present and future..And yeah,the reason for this post in my unbiased mindset by which i point fingers at both muslim and hindu communal virus..Why would you have a problem with that friend?I am sorry i forgot to mention that the comment was a reply to my last post on Hajj subsidy and hence the relation 🙂 -Nimmy

  3. Firstly, it doesn’t matter how many Muslims there are in India

    # Of course it doesn’t matter, all citizens are equal, the constitution provides equal rights to all, each one of them, irrespective of their religion. Even atheists can be Indians.

    they are only 12% of the Indian population…India is a Hindu majority country and NOT a Muslim majority country

    #In a civilized society, it’s not majority but justice and equality that rules. This is not jungle raj, this is a Democratic Nation we are talking about.

    and I don’t think that Muslims should forget that they were all SUPPOSED to leave India in 1947.

    # They were given a choice to stay in India or leave, those who stayed back are equal citizens. The Hindu majority is not doing them a favour by being their countrymen or vice versa. All are equal, though our politicians try to make us think we are not.

    Muslims are living in India as a matter of priviledge and NOT as a matter of right.

    # If a Muslim is an Indian citizen they have a right to live in their nation as much as any Hindu or Christian. It is not a matter of privilege. Our favorite President Kalam, Shah Rukh Khan, our late Prime Minister Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, cricketer Irfan Pathan, are all Muslims and of course they are equal citizens. There is no way anybody can deny them this right.

    India is a nation that was born out of a partition which took place so that its Muslims could have their own country in the form of Pakistan and Bangladesh. So what moral right Muslims have to call themselves “Indian” needs to be highly questioned.

    #Those who chose India, chose India. They did not choose Hinduism. India is a Democracy and we have a right to follow whichever religion we wish, that is the beauty of being an Indians, if you are an Indian citizen and are not a Muslim today and tomorrow you decide to convert to Islam, you’d still remain an Indian citizen.

    Secondly, there are Indian farmers who are so poor that they are committing suicide every day. There are Indians who are so poor that they are being forced to live on rat meat.

    #And I am sure many of them are Muslims too. Indians of all religions are suffering, not just Hindus

    There are female babies and female infants that are being killed every day because their parents think it is economic burden to have a girl…

    #It’s not the poorest but the middle class who are killing their unborn daughters, including some Muslims. It’s a social evil and needs to be tackled, but what has this got to do with Indian Muslims?

    There are countless other problems and issues that India is having…

    #So true, and so sad.

    All along we have a government which is giving money to its (unwanted) Muslims so that they can go on holiday to Saudi Arabia…That is just Plain SICK!

    #Government ‘s ‘unwanted’ are those who cannot vote. Government wants whoever votes….and money for holidaying??? Do you mean for haj? I agree government should keep out of religion.

    Oh my IHM,I don’t know how to reply to you…Thank you,thank you so much..You speak my mind..And I think it is hinghly necessary to reply to these ‘holy’ comments,bcoz otherwise we’ld be encouraging them in silence..-Nimmy

    • Nimmy,
      sorry for a late reply on this post, but i chanced upon it today!
      I read IHMs comment, very sensible ones, I must say.

      However, IHM and Nimmy, wars took place and will take place because sensible people don’t have the IQ to come down (or up, whatever) to the level of the person ( and millions of others) who subscribe to these comments.

      Having lived with Muslims and Hindus alike, I can say that many Muslims have an equal dislike and distrust for Hindus.

      I can also point out a bigoted sense of thinking in many of us educated people.
      When we say that MF Hussain has a right to artistic expression, we do so because we are a democracy. However, democracy also entails a responsibility which Hussain ji did not exibit.

      He should have understood the sentiments of millions of Hindus and refrained from doing what he did.

      However, the sad part is that champions of democracy (P Chidambram and Brinda Karat) started ranting in the Parliament that Hussain should come back.

      It’s because of this kind of insensitivity that remarks like the one you quoted start doing the rounds.

      SRK could have shut his mouth after the US airport frisking, but he did not. This also gave vent to millions of Muslims throughout the world who feel some sort of a persecution mania the moment they are frisked anywhere.

      So, it’s a never ending circle, and if I might say this, but even you should not have posted such a comment. It will open a Pandora’s box, albeit in the net community.


  4. I’m 100% with what IHM has written. Perfect replies!

    So true dear…Perfect replies ..Hail IHM 🙂 -Nimmy

  5. hahaha!!!

    who is the great Indian who wrote that comment i would love to know???

    How ignorant can people be and to actually think they have access to the internet and are writing in english which shows some amount of education….I am appalled.

    Muslims ‘unwanted’ – want to just add a bit here – those Muslims who have stayed on despite the partition, threats and pleas to move to Pakistan and Bangladesh showed a tremendous amount of faith in India and the Indian community …much like the jews who stayed back inspite of Israel accepting everyone with open arms. I think we should respect their choice and love for this country and not ridicule it by STUPID comments as these.

    Nimmy thanks for the info on Hajj in the last post…helped clear quite a few things. Get well soon. 🙂

    lol Pinku dear,its someone called ‘Prince Bharadwraj’…Nevermind,some people so smart on acting smart sitting behind a monitor..I bet that on real life,he/she is a low life .And I applaud your comment..Great thoguht..I really don’t know what is the reason for picking at people’s integrity.. -Nimmy

  6. I have heard this sort of thing, not in comments but in real life so I am not surprised. People have this feelings because they have some prejudice against Islam. I have had long arguments with people who talk like this but mostly I find their prejudice is too deep to remove. These are extremist views and these views are not amenable to reason or rationality.

    Yes Nita,its not just this person,I have seen lot of muslims and christians too who are deeply convicted about their line of thoughts..But not reacting to them is not the solution either,bcoz they will spread this holy thoughts into more hearts and spoil the whole community.Maybe,we should lock up all extremists from all faiths in a single dark room for foew days,i am sure they will come out as saints 😉 -Nimmy

    • Gov
    • November 4th, 2008

    *This is an unwanted post*

    What do you intent to convey with this post asking people about their opinion?
    Many idiots make many comments and why you handpicked this one?Now I have to question your intentions…
    Nimmy,this is disappointing that an educated person like you act so irresponsible.
    Please don’t add to the fire, we have enough Terrorists running around.

    Hi Gov 🙂 Peace..

    I still belive that this was not an unwanted post..There is no point in being blind to problems..Both you and me know that this is not a hand picked ,one in a lakh comment..This is a comment to my poersonal post,and why can’t I post it when I feel it is to be given due importance..We discuss about muslims extremista too right?Then why can’t we discuss about hindu extremists? Terrorism is not just in blasting bombs..guys like this one may not blast down Twin tower..But it is more than enough to ruin a whole nation.And oh yeah,if this bloody sick terrorist racist comment appears just ‘idiotic’ to you,you have no right to question my intentions..Bcoz labelling this terrorist as a silly ‘idiot’ tells me that you ahve a biased perception and unlessyou change that,please don’t ask me to change..Yeah,i maybe biased .I don’t claim to be perfect and idealistic.But if you regularly followed the blog,you would have realized that i never cling on to me adamant view points and I do apologize and correct myslef whenever i am wrong.. you are free to label me the way you feel it..Its a free world Gov buddy..I am not adding fuel to fire,just showing the other side of the coin..This game is not between Gandhi and Godse,but between attitudes of Bhagat singh and Sardar Vallabhai PAtel..Both sides are violent and have high number of extremists..You are you irritated when I write about hindu terrorists? Aren’t they your enemy too as much as mine dear? One hand alone dones’t make sound,do they? -Nimmy

    • Rashi
    • November 4th, 2008

    Sorry i cant comment on this since my keyboard is not working…

    and I do believe that i should get my own keyboard before I type something. (Some might have some where but I dont look for them)…

    🙂 ha ha ha,my better half is smart enough to set things right..Just ask him ‘Where did the ‘full stop/Period’ key vanish?” lol 🙂 -Nimmy

    • manoj
    • November 4th, 2008

    can i ask you again, what is the intention of the post.

    in a cross section of society you will find many comments, aberration. i dont think it has to be projected and blow out of proportion, discuss it in detail.

    why cant you make the discussions and debates which leads to positive attitude/direction.

    Peace 🙂

    Sine I personally find the number of such thoughts increasing and multiplying out of proportion,i felt a need to discuss it on detail..I can’t really understand why everybody is so angry!Why on earth can’t I question hindu terrorists when even peaceful people like me are picked on bcoz of some physchic osama and buddies sitting in soem mountain far away..If you feel no need to question these thoughts,pls advocate the other side too,lest it will be biased to critisize one side of the coin alone

    There is no point is positive discussions aloneunless we identify the root cause and work on its solution..It perepheral healing would have worked,its high time we had already got rid of terrorism and communalism.Sadly,its still here,WHY? -Nimmy

    • Milind Kher
    • November 5th, 2008

    Indian Muslims made a conscious decision to STAY BACK at the time of partition.

    They, therefore, have equal rights to be citizens of this country.

    Let anybody say whatever they want – the truth will not alter

    True,I get annoyed and pissed off when I hear the same story of “Muslims should have left to Saudi or Pakistan” ..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr -Nimmy

  7. Absolutely unwanted post.

    This post has only one intention.Everyone knows it.Nimmy u need not comment back on this.Nothing is acceptable for me.I fully back Gov and Manoj

    Oh yeah,thanks for understanding my intentions I am glad everybody understands my intention as it is a reply to your intention…lol…Everybody is so angry.. Peace -Nimmy

    • manoj
    • November 5th, 2008

    we had charvakas in ‘earlier’ india/now indian subcontinent. they used to keep on discussing one topic for years. i consider charvakas as first ethiest of world.

    it is a known fact that there are religious fundamentalists, religious fanatics in growing numbers in india and rest of the world. i feel this post will lead to increase their number.

    ‘hidutva’/RSS will grab any opportunity of bombings, minority appeasement to increase their number.


    see the above link with recent article of Praful Bidwai published in frontline.

    Manoj,I have no idea what you stand is..The article you reffered talk about “Sadhvi Pragya Thakur’s arrest and the questioning of Hindutva extremists for the Malegaon blasts point to the need for action against majoritarian extremism. “..But then again,you blame me for this post!! Thatz contradictory..

    Lol,i am going to make an announcement that this blog no longer will discuss about Osama buddies and VHP buddies,bcoz my readers say that it will increase communalism…Sorry,but what a weird logic..Aren’t we not throwing lihht into those hearts,but discussing and revealing the RIGHT side? Whatz wrong with that?Tell me why all of you are so excited and go on hours talking about Osama,Kashmir militants,etc etc etc,but you are not ready to discuss about VHP,Dal and BJP and hindu terrorrists..How hypocritical and doubkle standards…..Or is it that I am missing something?

    If somebody could explain why shouldn’t we dicuss this and what is the relation between this psot and thereby increasing the number of extremists,I’ld be highly obliged…Its easy to make an insult an run away,but it would be great if you could spent some time to tell me why am I worng..

    Well,if i am wrong,let us all stop discussing about extremists’ thoughts..RUN RUN RUN,Escapism is the easy way out..I’ll also run along -Nimmy

    • manoj
    • November 5th, 2008

    you are at liberty to run blog.
    belated thanks for allowing me to join your blog.

    i am afraid these discussions are leading to: muslims can get into a terrorist activity as there is hindutva terrorist or vice versa.

    Manoj,it is disheartening to hear that i am behaving like a dictator imposing my ideas on all of you..My holy blog is a waste of time and effort if you guys don’t participate..My intention is not ro run a one man show and i am not interested either..Why can’t we agree to disagree,afterall,what is so personal about these discussions??

    I apologize if I hurt anybody. -Nimmy

    • Gov
    • November 5th, 2008

    Nimmy you talk so much.But I never hear a solution in ur blog.You always put-a-pot/argue/counter-argue/many-get-annoyed/Milind-Kher-is-happy.

    You have talked enough about the problems of Muslims,their issues and the biased mentality of Hindus,Hindu terrorists,Muslim terrorists and what not…huhhh..so u have coved a lot..break time now


    If so please state what-to-be-done if u have time in points 1,2… rather than opening ur regular 2 paragraph reply.Not to mention dont say stupid suggetions just for the argument like all of the people change and become broad minded or just ‘stop terrorism’.If that was possible world would have been a better place centuries ago.So my point is be practical and suggest steps that need to be take so that the so called suffering of muslims be over and as u say Hindus-terrorists become human again.

    looooooooool Gov,you are so angry..Why do you take things personally..How is it that when I point fingers at hindu terrorists,you are hurt..I am not angry when you guys say that jihadists are evil..and lool,what does Milind Kher have to do with this..For your humble opinion,please know that excpet 2,everbody else in this forum are hindus/christians..You ahve no idea that it is them who empathize with my thoughts more than I myslef do..So,i think its high time you stop complaianing about me bing communal or biased..If i were so,you will have found Osama commenting here,instead of intellects as of today..Please Gov,why can’t we agree to disagree friend..We are not here to make war but peace..Peace…

    Ok,I am preparing an alogrithm listed with points 1,2,3 starting with step 1 – START and ending with step n -STOP ,instead of an essay solution..Please give me some time..Meanwhile,I request you to ad points to my think tank… -Nimmy

    • manoj
    • November 5th, 2008

    we belong to a liberal nation. every individual has the liberty to say, act, whatever he wants. we enjoy that freedom to the fullest.

    coming back to the particlular post:

    1. i am of the opinion, hajj subsidy is muslim appeasement. why muslim community was silent all along; why do they bring in arithmetic of air travel into argument to establish there is no subsidy.

    2. everyone knows that there are religious fundamentalists/fanatics in every corner of india. this was evident during shilanyas for ram mandir well before babri masjid demolition. it was similar during mandal commission was announced; shabano verdict was given.

    3. we have a constitution which gives equal right to every citizen of india.

  8. No-one should be made to pay, or be held responsible, for the choices the past generations made. What this particular commentator is doing, is making today’s generation of Muslims wondering if they should ask for a similar choice. And our constitution which declares us as a secular, socialist country, is a flawed document, which has outlived its usefulness and is irrelevant in today’s reality. And Manoj, we do not belong to a liberal nation, because in our hearts we are as discriminating and as prejudiced as the next person. We keep on classifying people according to their castes, their religions, their gender and their social standing. And, as long as we keep doing that, we have no right to call ourselves liberal.
    Just for the record, I believe that Government should be kept out of meddling in our daily lives as much as possible. That is where our constitution has failed us. It have given too many powers to the Government at the expense of our, the peoples’ freedom, to make educated choices. And has turned us into supplicants who wait for Government to rid us of our ailments. Instead of working towards solving them on our own as a society. What this has translated into is divisive politics and enlarged the Hindu-Muslim or the Dalit-Savarna divisions. Sorry for the long rant. 🙂

  9. I simply dont have a comment for this guy. Its a waste of time trying to reply or talk sense to these people. They are either practical jokers wasting their time and others’ or hard core fanatics who are way beyond any help

  10. To me, it is sick that anyone would call Hajj a vacation. Mark of ignorance, that was. And the person obviously does not read your blog. You make a very good stand on female infanticide, economic issues, and unity and peace. I also think it ignorant for one to wilfully ignore the message of Gandhi.

  11. Nimmy, you are one brave person. I would have closed my blog to all comments( indeed it is an unfriendly place to pople who wan to write crap). This is a comment by someone who thinks the “poor” Hindu is being victimized. Someone who has deeply drunk the Kool-Aid given him/her by those very “pro-India”(code for loony religious right Hindu political parties). The person who as written this comment does not care about facts, but about a rhetorical which , to be polite, I will call bulls**t. This person is petty minded and very bigoted and likes to create much hullabaloo about nothing. Also this person is extremely ignorant and knows so, but tries to mask his/her ignorance under bluster. And not a fact checker either- because simple Google searches would have revealed how little this person knows about India- or indeed tries to know. People like this use some half thought out logically irrefutable argument to obfuscate issues- the same kind of people who will interrupt a talk on Indian poverty as an attack on Indian sovereignty or call Slumdog Millionaire the conspiracy of the evil West to defame India( this is just an example). Such people use circular logic, because they do not have facts to support their stance. They do not like conflicting opinions because they do not like thinking for themselves(it takes too much effort and involves a certain amount of getting to know your facts before opening your mouth kind of a deal). This person does not believe in democracy and looks on freedom of speech as being relevant only as long as s/he can yell their hate filled ideas out. Also, this person is likely to be a bully in real life- considering how hey tried to bluster into your blog and post this vile piece on it.

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