How do I make his beard catch fire?

This is a waste post and if you are busy,please don’t waste your time reading this..


Yesterday,I watched a report on TV ,regarding muslim women’s condition-especially in northern kerala ,nicknamed as ‘Malabar’…To keep my holy rant short,I heard a ‘powerful Sunni cleric’ AP Kanthapuram Abubaker Musliyar ranting something very ‘interesting’..When asked by the journalist,regarding polygamy in Islam,my retina and ear drums blasted out watching his ignorance and arrogance parade..He says,men can do polygamy because women will be ‘out of service’ during 7-10 or even 15 days during a month and that is a very good reason for men to get another wife so that he needn’t go to a prostitute..What the hell…I pinched myself to make sure I was not dreaming.Then I looked into calender and made sure that time machine didn’t take me centuries back,in a matter of few minutes..It  was 5/11/08 and  10.15 pm and I am watching this’holy’ man’s rant in a worldwide telecasted news channel…What time has come oh Lord..


I pray his white long beard cathes fire and his turban is freezed to -423423 celsius and he be made to sit on hot plate with 32356 celsius temperature ,until he apologize to all women out  here for having made such an ‘holy’ comment..I wonder how many wives does he have and I wonder what will he do if all his wives get periods on same day..yuck yuck yuck.What is disgusting piece of creation Lord has made..Oh yeah,I am not a great person.But atleast I don’t vomit such crap.I am so angry .I know I am overreacting,but I can’t get over it until or unless I shout at him ths way..

  1. Really nonsense!! That ways woman have a multiple reasons for polygamy… Women can have multiple orgasms and whereas men only one…which the poor things can’t even fake!! LOL.. jokes apart!! such Degraded, Ancient and Nearing-to-the-verge-of-Extinction Thinking would no take him anywhere, for sure!

    hmmm,now thatz what we call equlaity of… And yes,its high time the majority comes forwards and sideline people like this,else there will be no option than to watch them running the whole show..Thanks for visiting rashmi 🙂 -Nimmy

    • Watwat
    • November 6th, 2008

    Your Imams are drug dealers.
    If they have no idea how to handle the ummah around them they are no better than a crack seller!

    Most Imams and shieks are going to the fire first as you all point at them on the final day saying “you told me that”!

    lol..Religion is a form of drug and in that aspect,yes they are drug delears (I hope you meant so by reffering to drug)..Unless ones handles it with care,everything will be set in fire..I hope people like this will be punished by Allah for spreading wrong information about Islam..Salam 🙂 -Nimmy

    • Victor W
    • November 6th, 2008

    Obviously, there are so many imams who are seriously NOT FIT to be one.

    They speak as if they speak on behalf of Allah. Allah has never issued licences to them as His agents or representatives.

    It is just an example of moron people who pick moron individual to lead naive societies.

    You are right..It is our(laymen’s ) fault that morons are our leaders..If we were so smart,we would have throwm people like this away in river..But sadly,most people are like me-bark more,bite less 🙄 Thanks for the comment -Nimmy

    • quazievil
    • November 6th, 2008

    First of all, any woman consistently menstruating more five days a month should seriously seek medical help. It’s not healthy. Second of all, no one has to go a prostitute, it’s a choice. Why doesn’t this Imam give the the same pass to woman whose husband can’t be at home for whatever reason (work, medical issues, another wife who lives far away) and let her have more than one husband?

    I want to make it clear that I am a very open minded person and I don’t have an issue with polygamy if it’s practiced by mutually consenting adults, but traditionally in Islam it seems to come across as legalized slavery of woman.

    Well,I don’t really know how to reply to your comment..Yes,to a certain degree it I have no issues with consenting abults being in polygamy,or gay or whatever relationship..My issue is with those attitudes which expect women to be silent on all matters,but at the same time men can do whatever they want..More than for equality,I am for justice and fairness..Allwoing men/women to check for ‘other sources’ in spouse’s absence is not the right way of doing it..But sadly in all patriarchal socities,things are not the way they ought to be..The permission for polygamy is granted in special cases,but as of today,it is not done even 1% for those legitmate reasons..Polygamy is very less in practise,but the attitude is still there..Thanks for your comment -Nimmy

    • Maha
    • November 6th, 2008

    Sorry to break the news to you; but it’s not his fault that he is your leader, it’s yours because you follow him!!!

    The man can have his own opinion, that’s his right; but he has NO RIGHT to make up reasons like that and then claim that they are part of Islam; when he does, it just shows that he is either ignorant, biased, follows his own desires or he is one of those وعاظ السلاطين.

    I agree,it is the followers fault that their leader is allowed to talk wrong for long..Followers ought to put down the leader of he is not worth it..

    And yes,I agree with you..I have no issues of people holding different opinions..This is a free world and i respect freedom of speech and opinion..But I ahve issues when he portrays his personal opinion as Islamic concept.. Thanks for the comment -Nimmy

    • Ruchjat
    • November 6th, 2008

    Salam for you my dear Nimmy.

    Allah gives muslim men a privillege for doing polygamy for the maximum 4 wives is not besed only of the wives are out of service for 7 upto 10 days during a month..Allah knows
    everything.I think it is based on another reasons such as :

    1)in the society the number of women are more than men

    2)there many widows whose husbands died so they are many orphans who need protection and love of fathers

    3)there are many wives who are infertile so they could not giving birth of children to their husbands

    4)there are many wives who have long illness so they could not serve well their husbands’ sexual needs

    5)the lust of woman is bigger than the lust of man,but the power to control the lust for woman is 9 times of man in line with hadith of Muhammad pbuh.

    6)Prostitution,rape,anal sex,masturbation,adultery,fornication and approaching it are not allowed in Islam as stated in the Qur’an.

    Allah is always wise.Allah gives muslims the emergency door for polygamy if the husband could afford it and he could treat his wives fairly.Polygamy is the right of muslim but it is not a must.The husband could practise if its requirement is met.Allah stated in the Qur’an that fairness is very difficult to be performed,so Allah suggested muslim to have only one wife.

    🙂 I agree with what you said..Allah says in Quran to have a single wife..Polygamy is for extreme situations..nobody understands that :-/ …Thanks for your comment -Nimmy

    • manoj
    • November 6th, 2008

    religion is one’s convenience. may be muslims are the only ones didn’t go through social reforms in india.

    why you pick up Kanthapuram. almost every organisation from muslim community was against verdict of shabano case. what is the other muslim organisations stand on enacting a law for divorce to start with.

    inheritance on property, marriage act, adoption… there are many areas i suggest muslims should go through reforms.

    Maybe its hgih time we accept Uniform Civil code for the betterment of society… -Nimmy

    • manoj
    • November 6th, 2008

    reform to start with (little things):

    let muslims seek permission (documentary evidence) of bride for the marriage.
    contract for the marriage with bride and groom signature, address, witness. then registration with government authority.

    Kerala has already brought that law..Muslims should now register marriage with governemnt authority..Thanks for your comment..Muslism community needs to move forward a lot… -Nimmy

  2. hey he is fun…..almost betters Sarah Plain!!! 🙂

    Dont fret over duffers like him…..there are more important issues to take care…and since ‘men’ like him will not…..period having women like you and me must do the needful.

    🙂 yeah,i know i overreacted and its waste of time..But i just wanted too get rid of my Pinku -Nimmy

  3. LOL Pinku yes he is an Indian Sarah Palin 🙂

    Another gem I heard was when this 75 years old guy was taking his newly bought bride of 13, with him to Saudi Arabia, and an Air Hostess caught him, his excuse, ‘a man can have children till any age so it’s fine for him to marry at any age’.

    Ask this fellow if there is nothing to him apart from having children? And is that the only reason why we marry? These guys do not know what marriage means, they sounds like filthy perverts when they talk like this.

    How will this man have a healthy relationship with his wife, he has no idea that Marriage is a union of minds, a partnership, you stand by someone through thick and thin, you are always there for them…

    I remember Tabu asking her husband in Astitva, when he brags about his virility, if a man is only judged by the number of children he can give birth to then the men who cannot have children due to some medical reasons, aren’t they men?

    Don’t bother to burn his beard Nimmy, but let people see that this kind of talk is as harmful to men as it is disrespectful to women. When a man cannot see a woman as a ‘person’, as a partner, as an individual, and an equal in every way, he makes himself very lonely. He will never be able to have a healthy relationship with any woman.

    We as mothers must make an effort to teach our sons to respect women as equals and as individuals. That alone can bring a huge change in attitudes.

    Very well said IHM,I didn’t mean to set the whole world right when I posted this..all my intention was to let people know that people like him do not represent ISlam and not to take into account whatever a person,no matter how big beard he has,hoe big turban he has,how old he is or whatever,he may not be saying it right..So this post is just a note telling -Beware,people out there are spreading wrong information” Good day IHM -Nimmy

  4. Also Nimmy if women firmly insist on an empowering Nikahnama, like I have mentioned in the link below, they can protect themselves. If a man refuses to accept it, there is every chance that he wants to keep open, the option of marrying again. Do women ditch men if they have problems? Men also must stick to one wife, throughout their lives. Threat of a second wife makes women very insecure, and it is used like a threat. …a sword hanging on the poor wife’s head all the time. What’s the point of marrying a man like that? Girls’ parents should never allow such marriages.

    Dear,I have no idea how far is pre nupital contracts practical..Nobody is gonna agree,especially in our indian culture… -Nimmy

    • hassaan
    • November 6th, 2008

    the lowest temperature is -273 degree Celsius (absolute zero or zero kelvin)

    lool..thanks for telling..But the number i mentioned in the post is just a random number used to indicate the extent of anger 🙂 Welcome to my blog.. -Nimmy

    • manoj
    • November 6th, 2008

    Kanathapuram is one of the renowned person in muslim community of kerala having good number of followers.

    So what?If he says wrong,he is worng..Having so many followers is not a license to rant any rubbish ..Osama has lot of followers..Bush has lot of followers.Hitler had lot of followers..Are they all right?? -Nimmy

    • Umhuda
    • November 6th, 2008

    I have never heard of him. In any case, he can say whatever he wants but it does not mean he is correct. I learned a long time ago when I first embraced Islam to never take anyone’s word 100%, even a sheikh. Because there is a lot of ignorance and so it is always best to check things. There is another point however. Since he is well known in his area, I am sure he has made many talks and statements. But anything mundane or “boring” will not get much attention I am sure. But this subject always gets the focus although it is only one aspect of islam and even though it is the exception and not the rule. I for one do not lose sleep over worry that my husband will get another wife. This subject is always debated and discussed to the point that people forget the very basic fundamentals of islam and only remember this and of course the hijab. The ironic part is, true understanding of this and why it is allowed under certain circumstances needs a broad understanding of Islam, Quran etc. But no one will make that effort because they are only interested in the sensational rather than the factual coupled with true understanding.


    The ironic part is, true understanding of this and why it is allowed under certain circumstances needs a broad understanding of Islam, Quran etc. But no one will make that effort because they are only interested in the sensational rather than the factual coupled with true understanding


    True..Thanks for your great comment.. -Nimmy

    • justaperson
    • November 6th, 2008

    That’s pathetic and that is no reason for men to marry a second wife and he makes men look pathetic, weak and with no restraint what so ever. Wow no wonder men world over have been “scared” of women for women must be the superior species after all as we can restrain ourselves can’t we after all. Just being facetious here for the sake of argument sake as this man makes men look WEAK. In part this is what fasting is about: to help one have control over ones desire for sex as well as food and a few days of abstinence is good for the relationship actually. For him to even mention prostitute in that context is really sad and pathetic as he is actually in a round about way actually giving some of his listeners a reason to visit a prostitute should they not be in a position to marry a second or even first wife. He should be struck off and outcast as he is not fit to be an Imam.

    By the way its very likely that if women live together in the same house that their periods are in synchrony and this has been so termed Menstrual Synchrony. Go to Pubmed [ ] and type menstrual synchrony and you get 73 hits as it has been studied scientifically. It does exist!!!! So yes it is quite likely they would have their periods at the same time – so much for his suggestion, heh!!!. Someone needs to go and tell this man he needs to get educated and needs to learn self-restraint as for him to suggest this doesn’t say much for his own self-restraint, does it?!

    🙂 Thanks for the informative link.. -Nimmy

    • Eccentric
    • November 6th, 2008

    when ever some one (specially any religious leader) tell some thing about islam ask him to give u source from Quran only. if its written in Quran then its ok……….but if not then its man made laws not Gods.
    islam didnt came to satisfy sexual needs of humans. the main purpose of Islam is to bring harmony and peace and to give last message of God to humans.

    Thanks for your comment..Your opinion is appreciated in my other post..Thanks -Nimmy

    • Milind Kher
    • November 6th, 2008

    “Allah warned me that a day would come when nothing would remain of Islam but its name. Mosques would be abundant, but believers would be scarce. On that day, the most evil creatures under the dome of the heavens would be the religious leaders. From them will fitnah arise, and in them will it abide” – hadith

    This is working out to be so true. Most maulanas are really ignorant MCPs. A community that does not respect its women cannot prosper.

    True,I wonder why people today don’t open Quran and understand Islam for themselves rather than relying on biased persons.. -Nimmy

  5. Shocked surprised… and what not… actually I am laughing at the comment..women are out of service 😆

    I dont know what kind of a man he is… polygamy because women are out of service 😆

    🙂 some men need shock treatment..They just make a mockery of polygamy,which is a need in societies where women outnumber men by even two times more… -Nimmy

    • manoj
    • November 6th, 2008

    as far as i know, accepting uniform civil code will be contradiction to muslim shariah.

    at the least there should be reforms for marriage procedure. i have noticed in karnataka and tamil nadu, bride’s consent is sought for marriage. it is not even introduced in kerala, where people claim to be more progressive muslims.

    it is supreme court insisted govt to register marriage and death with govt. authorities. i am not aware of muslim organisations, come forward for reforms for marriage, law enacting registration for marriage.

    i repeat all the muslim organisation in kerala were deadly against shabano verdict. also EMS (CPM gen. secretary) made a comment against shariah made muslim organisation furious few years back.

    I am not much into comments by political parties..Most of them are just morons..And yes,it is a law in keralal to register marriage with governemnt authority..I checked with my father who lately did Nikah for my cousin sister..-Nimmy

  6. Nimmy , Ruchjat says that “in the society the number of women are more than men” , and you didn’t gave a reply befitting that . Where the hell in this country except Kerala are there more women than men . I would like to know of such a society , and would do every damn thing to get there , cause the skewed up sex-ratio sometimes make me wonder whether I will get married or not . Not kidding . 7 crore surplus men , am I one of them ?

    The man who said this is an indian and it is wrong for him to make such a comment..-Nimmy

  7. I am sure you watched one of those late night comedy shows!!! 😀

    What a man, I say !!! No offence mean to any of the Islam following mates here, but what that guy just said is plain non sense and the stray dogs in my street would have had better thoughts on their female counterparts than him. Are women just machines to these sexually frustrated pigs? what on earth then does he mean by ‘out of service’ ??? Gawwd…I feel like tearing him apart now !!! Y doesnt such people ever become a victim for terrorist attacks or natural calamities ???

    lol…even i was so angry..But make sure you don’t generalize or stereotype a group of people based on individual actions or thoughts..Islam done’s support ,in fact opposes such barbaric oppresssion of women..Patriachial societies oppress women,no matter which religion they follow..I can bring you similar statements from hindu or christsin scholars or priests..But I can’t critisize them for fear of being labelled a hater..So i confine my criticisms to my own community 🙂 My intention of this post was to let you people know that there is no such crap in Islam,its just some moronic people’s views..-Nimmy

  8. Btw, out of context (and still fuming), I am blog rolling you !!!

    Thanks..I am honoured 🙂 -Nimmy

  9. I don’t get it. How is a wife “out of service” 7-10 days of a month?

    🙂 expect women to provide services as housekeeping,sex,child bearing etc etc etc -Nimmy

  10. Hi Nimmy,
    As usual, my suggested response is ignore it.
    One should not argue or react to stupid comments, for the sheer reason that logic fails in such situations.
    Ignore it, get amused by it, laugh at it.

    Thanks for your wise and mature thoughts Salil.. 🙂 I appreciated it in the new post..Please keep visiting ..Good day-Nimmy

    • manoj
    • November 8th, 2008

    below is Kanthapuram’s website:

    is shariah part of Quran. if it is manmade there should be provision to change. why indian muslims so rigid in revising it.

    oopsy oopsy,i just relaized that i pointed fingers at a famous person..Nevermind,I hope none of his blind followers come and blast me into pieces.. 🙄 Thanks for the link..Thank you so much..I tried searching,but didin’t find..-Nimmy

  11. Yes I heard about this and I was actually amused. I think beyond a certain point, anger on hearing such statements, melts down into a feeling of amusement. They dont deserve the anger or the blood pressure you run yourself to dear. There are probably thousands who believe and do what he does (with or without using the pretext of a religious book), and feeling completely justified about it too. He just spoke it out – not that it makes him any better. But I simply think its an unsaid truth many men from all religions follow.

  12. it might be a little dumb question..whats the take on polygamy when it comes to Islamic women, I mean are they allowed to follow the same every time man is out of service?..

  13. After reading this post I can only say that I am ashamed not because I am a Muslim but this guy is a Muslim and because of people like these only, an entire religion or an entire community is humiliated. I am not an expert of Islamic history but I can surely say neither did I hear nor did anything like this exist in Islams in support of polygamy!!I do know the reason why for men, marrying more than one woman was allowed in Islams in those times. We can argue whether it was a right decision or not, but the point is that the context on which this rule was imposed, do not exist itself today and today you don’t find educated cultured Muslims marrying more than one woman.

    It is the poor and the uneducated ones, who are exploited by people like this and I was more stunned that this guy is so famous!! I am just beyond words!!

      • Nimmy
      • September 7th, 2009

      Hi Mustafa…

      Yes,people like him make me feel ashamed of my faith and religion..

      As you rightly said,it is the poor and uneducated women who fall prey of these kind of rubbishness and there is no way out for them as they are made to believe that its all in the book of Allah..-Nimmy

    • vasudev
    • August 20th, 2009

    ouch! nimmy. kozhappa natta! kandapurathodu kalikkalle!

    now in english:

    being an oldie-goldie poor kantha’s latent memory has reflected his statement to be: a woman keeps out for 7 to 15 days’. yes. his old wife gets a period in 7 to 15 days and later on it might be nearer to once in 6 months and then once per year and then none at all. should all signs tell him to take-up the good book quran and be a good pious boy and forget materialistic things like well menstruating young 15 yr olds etc. friend ‘kantha’ and his followers must understand that white flowing beard is there to remind him daily that he should now move towards spiritualism in preparation for the eternal rest. leave well menstruating mallu young healthy babes to the young salivating mallu turks.


    forgot to add: menses beyond 5 days and bleeding on for 15 days is not a good sign. maybe fibroid growth. a pap-smear and usg of lower abdomen is prescribed for his wife.

      • Nimmy
      • September 7th, 2009

      ahem ahem… 🙂

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