“He is a wise man today if he has learned from yesterday’s posts/mistakes..”

My last post was a haste ‘n’ waste one .But there were lot of thoughful commenst,so I just wanted to bring your attention to a few of them..Some thoughts on ‘the moral of the story”.




Eccentric says:


When ever some one (specially any religious leader) tell some thing about islam ask him to give u source from Quran only. if its written in Quran then its ok……….but if not then its man made laws not God’s.


Exactly..I wish everybody-every muslim and non muslim-takes this approach of asking the concerned person to quote Quran verse backing his claim/statement.If we do that,I am sure,in very short time,people like this will stop themselves from making random rants to appear as Islamic..The same goes for stuff like Triple Talaq which have no base in Quran or Hadith..Its all man made women oppressive laws..


Kislay Chandra says :


Nimmy , Ruchjat says that “in the society the number of women are more than men” , and you didn’t gave a reply befitting that . Where the hell in this country except Kerala are there more women than men . I would like to know of such a society , and would do every damn thing to get there , cause the skewed up sex-ratio sometimes make me wonder whether I will get married or not . Not kidding . 7 crore surplus men , am I one of them ?


Kislay,according to UN reports,as per 2000,there are 115 countries with skewed sex ratios,where there are more number of females,than males..Only <50 or so countries have sex ratios with more males and there are few countries with almost equal number of males and females ..What would these single surplus women in those 115 countries do?I don’t know..

Indianhomemaker says:

Also Nimmy if women firmly insist on an empowering Nikahnama, like I have mentioned in the link below, they can protect themselves. If a man refuses to accept it, there is every chance that he wants to keep open, the option of marrying again.

IHM,unless we have a mandatory standardized pre nupital contract,it is not going to happen anyday as people would find it odd to start a relationship based on contract statements..Unless it becomes a way of life,not many will/can insit on it..


Milind Kher says:

A community that does not respect its women cannot prosper.

So true,so sad..

Manoj says:

Religion is one’s convenience. may be muslims are the only ones didn’t go through social reforms in india. inheritance on property, marriage act, adoption… there are many areas i suggest muslims should go through reforms.

 Your comment has lot of message within..Indian muslims have to come forward in lot of areas ,especially education..But I musy say that except for a marginal number,we are in harmony with the multicultural enviornment in our nation-I mean,in religious sense..I haven’t seen the ‘holier than thou’ attitude in majority of the community..To me,that makes more sense than reform needs in personal laws..


Maha says:

The man can have his own opinion, that’s his right; but he has NO RIGHT to make up reasons like that and then claim that they are part of Islam; when he does, it just shows that he is either ignorant, biased, follows his own desires or he is one of those وعاظ السلاطين

Sorry,I don’t understand what is it that you wrote in Arabic..Your comment may be the best of all..He has no right to portray his personal opinion as though from Allah…


And finally,


Salil says

Hi Nimmy,
As usual, my suggested response is ignore it.
One should not argue or react to stupid comments, for the sheer reason that logic fails in such situations.
Ignore it, get amused by it, laugh at it.

🙂 True..I should have just left it that way..But then again,after getting lot of comments, I feel that my rant was useful,well atleast to a handful, so that they would know that there is no such thing like this in Islam.


Thanks and Good day to all




  1. What I expressed was entirely from an Indian point of view . I hope you did not take any offence. What I said still holds true wrt India .

    No Kislay,why should I be offended..What you said is true in indian society..It may not work for another community..To each its own. -Nimmy

    • Milind Kher
    • November 9th, 2008

    It is always a good idea to go through what you have written. It provides an opportunity to comtemplate and to correct yourself for the future.

    Do keep writing and never mind if you make mistakes. We accept you AS YOU ARE. Keep smiling.

    🙂 Thanks for your kind words..I hope and pray that I don’t make grave mistakes as words once said,cannot be taken back..Thanks..-Nimmy

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