Gummy Gummy Gummy

Watch this song..Too funny.I have no idea how did I ‘discover ‘ this song..Me and my baby are now addicted to this Gummy yummy tummy funny luck gummy 🙂




I saw some odd comments in youtube,for this song..Strange that some people can’t take small things lightly…I hope you will find it fine.. 🙂

  1. Happy Eid

    I saw your comments on a blog- trying to defend attacks about “religion of terror” and the crap people write post bomb blasts. I don’t think anyone should eer defend their religion based on what some idiots do. i wrote about it on my blog “The problem with Islamic Terrorism” would like you to take a look.

    Hi Allytude,welcome to my blog..Sorry,I tried to visit your space,but the url you ahve provided is a dead link,i mean,please check if the url you gave is correct..Please do provide your webaddress and I’ll surly visit your space..Good day and keep coming 🙂 -Nimmy

  2. very cute song, I’m going to play it for Aashna 🙂

    🙂 I hope you’ll have a great holiday ahead 🙂 -Nimmy

  3. and you have been awarded once more :

    Thank you so much Vimuu..I am so happy that you thoguht of me as a dear friend.. -Nimmy

  4. very nice song.. 🙂 I enjoyed it..
    Thanks for visiting my blog.. 🙂

    🙂 But no need for ‘Thanks’..Its just the way how bloggie life moves on..

  5. Hey Nimmi

    I am sorry, the correct link is now provided.

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