What went wrong with Pakistan as a nation?


If it was so called violent islamic ideology,that was to be blamed,well I guess more conservative countries like Saudi and like had to be blamed..Why is it that Pakistan has become the epicenter of terrorism?


This question was asked to a few friends of mine,of different nationalities.Read their responses and finally,do share your thoughts..



Corruption is the only answer.Corruption results in all of those things.If only there was no corruption then Pakistan would be economically stable.Just like in Zimbabwe,it used to be one of the best countries in the 3rd world countries but because of corruption now the countrie’s economy is at stake



Honestly, its Pakistan’s bad luck that they share a border with Afganistan. All the militants and terrorists flew in to the country during the war. It spreaded extremism like an epidemic.


The people went wrong & that is why Allah appointed such rotten rulers on us. We all say we are Muslims but where can you see the real Islam????????????? It just sucks every where, all over. We use Islam as a shield to hide our nasty deeds.



Many things went wrong!


  1. weak institutions! exepct army there is not a single institution which is strong and not currupt!
  2. selfish politicians! 90% politicians are selfish and abuse the power.
  3. less emphasis on education. since independance not much was spend on education, that left majority of population illetrate which as a result is easy to manuplate by mullahs and politicians
  4. role of other countries! countries like saudia and USA called themselves as allies and friends of pakistan, however they always used pakistan for there own agendas and that created the mess!
  5. the decade of 80’s! in that decade USA helped create taliban and stuff to fight soviets- this brought the hardcore islamic ideology in homes of pakistan
  6. increased spending on defence as a result less spending on development! this is something not fault of pakistan as a nation-we were forced to do so because of threat from india! and sadly still have to spend more on defence for our survival!
  7. afghans in pakistan! we allowed them to come and live in our country after soviet invasion-they brought drugs and guns along with them which literaly destroyed the social fibre of pakistani society!
  8. incread emphasis on pan-islamism, rather than nationalism.this created a confused society!
  9. ethnic problems! since independance no hard step was taken to build the sense of a nation and provide with a social glue-as a result most people identify themselves on ethnic terms 😦
  10. and partly all the pakistanis! we are too selfish to think for our country!



However- despite all the problems in the world we have stood for 60 years and inshAllah we would rise again. our nation is more strong than perhaps any other nation of world! like every one looted us, used us, kicked us, took advantage of us, but still here we are 🙂 facing all the challenges!



Corruption!!!! CORRUPTION!!!!! it bugs me but what I have seen in Bangladesh and Pakistan the problems are far different from that of Sausi Arabia. In Pakistan almost all trouble, yes absolutely almost ALL, are rooted in Politics not “radicalism” as in Saudi Arabia. Pakistan is not stable yet, and its politicians are making full use of the instability to grab the chance to ….well… grow corrupt… They are stewing up conspiracies, from secret deals with the USA to agreements with the Taliban, and they do them just to get a little edge on the politics. Everyone from Radicals to Secularists are taken full advantage of, and thats what is causing even more even instability leading to a vicious circle


I love Pakistani people and their culture. They are my all time favourite Criket team. I learnt Urdu just because I had so many friends who are Pakistani. Believe me when I say I care deeply for the good people of Pakistan and their welfare.


As a whole But I am sickened by some people there. Of course there are radicals as there are in all other countries in the world. But they are being used, as are the Pro-Westerners……..


No I dont agree with Pakistani Fundamentalists, there are conservative parts of Pakistan where people love to be conservative, I say let them be and not force them to be secularized. There are also Secularized parts of Pakistan who are not responding positively to the increasing pressure to conflict with the western culture. I say let them find their own path through it instead of have their emotions played into politics that are dividing the country so much



Our Corrupt Leaders. Every President or Prime Minister since Liaqat Ali Khan is somehow corrupt in one or another way. And so are our civil servants, bureaucrats and judiciary.

Our Army leaders are blamed for undemocratic policy of theirs but i think they had to come to stop the country to fall. They however stopped it from falling but soaked it all.



I believe the biggest sin of ours is that we haven’t been able to do what we promised to Allah when this great Nation was built as a result of sacrifices of Millions. We got distorted, we did not care fore our religion and our country.

Unfortunately many among us are still ignorant of the facts. They still do not accept Pakistan as a nation and they do not strive as they must to Protect this Nation.



BUT, now we can find patriots more than before. Our people have realized the causes behind the unfortunate events which this nation has passed through. And Insha’ Allah in a short passage of time we will rise again with the might of Salah-Al din, Tariq and Bin Qasim.


REmember that if a Nation so poor can be a Nuclear Nation, if it can still survive after passing through so hardships, if it has an Army of 0.7 million Brave soldiers and most of All if it had been for the sovereignty of God and God alone, IT Can never be perished. It can be broken but ultimately it will rise!



Bin Laden is dead and the FBI does not believe he did 9/11. So anytime they start talking about him you can assume it’s a lie.


There is actually no credible evidence that Pakistan was involved in the Mumbai hotel fiasco. The primary suspects were Hindu fascists.


The Pakistanis are going through suffering because they reject Israel.

And in truth, they are right. So, they should fight this and win. I mean, they’ve got the nukes don’t they?


Best thing they can do is just keep doing what they are doing



“Terrorism” or “Terrorist” are flimsy and baseless terminology. They cannot be clearly defined NOR do they exist.


If a crime happens in Pakistan or by a Pakistani it is called terrorism. If the same happens in India or by Indians or in America or Americans it is given a different name i.e. burglary, homicide, pschotic etc. etc.


The world did NOT know the “TERMINOLOGY” of “Terrorism” or “Terrorist” before 1988. It was INVENTED by Americans AFTER 1988. By 1986 it was clear to USA that USSR was collapsing. The American economy needs a war every 10 years. So they need an enemy. An enemy that is EVIL. Do you watch the movies. There are good guys and the bad guys. And the there is HARDLY any movie that can be made WITHOUT the role of “Bad Guys”.


So the USA first came up with the terminology of “Fundamentalists”. This was discarded in a matter of 2 years. By the end of 1988 and begining of 1989 the world was introduced to the terminology of “Terrorist and Terrorism”.


The thing is that how would define it. India calls all the Kashmiri activists as “Terrorists”. While they are heroes for the Kashmiris. So what is a terrorist for one group, is a hero for the other. This obviously means that the definition is NOT absolute but RELATIVE. Change the reference and there is a DRASTIC change in status.


The small terrorists and their deeds are NOTHING !!!!!!!!!! compared to the ORGANIZED crimes of the bigger powers these days. A suicide bomber :


1- might himself be a victim of a family that got perished in a bombing raid of US.


2- Or he may be a very poor guy who has no hope in life. He is given some religous motivation and assurance of ample monetary funds to his starving family in return for a holy deed.


3- OR he may be an ANTI nationalist who is financed by the cross border agents for an ample sum of money.


4- There can be a NUMBER of possibilities.


But how much damage can he do. He may kill some tens of people AT the most.


Compare this to :


1- The mass murder of 20,000 Bosnian Muslims. And the world just kept silent for a LONG LONG LONG time. All that was done was just a few (5 or 6) people captured and tried in Hague. Is there a comparison of +20,000 with 5 or 6.


2- How the world reacted in a very SIMILAR situation in East Timur. The ONLY factor that was not common was the sides of the table were different this time.


Is it NOT a SHAMEFUL and disgraceful display of “MULTIPLE standards”.


Take the case of Kashmir and Kuwait and Palestine. Don’t u feel the CLEAR MULTIPLE standards.




Being an observing Pakistani citizen, I can tell you:


1- DEMOCRACY is the BIGGEST enemy of Pakistan.


Remove Democracy and see how Pakistan rises. It is NO LESS than a giant. Democracy is LETHAL to Pakistan. It is OBVIOUSLY a STUPID system. Where the vote of a scholar is equal to the vote of an illiterate punk and sweeper.


The Pakistani NATION as a whole is illiterate and stupid. Whatever progress and capability you see in Pakistan is the work of less than 2% of its nation who are educated and well armed with knowledge. Until recently they have been loving their country and have been loyal. ONLY because this is a homeland and home ground that is a strong hold for Muslims. But now with democracy coming back, the hopes are fading out fast. The brain drain is fast in Pakistan now.


If we get the military rule back NOW, you will see a different country.


Thatz it,a wide range of thoughts.Now its your turn to share your thoughts ..Good day to all.

  1. Hi,
    I read your longish post here. I was so much in detail analysis of negativities of pakisthan. To my wonder while i was reading, i could see half anamolies with us (India) as well.
    As you rightly said, its a rage of thoughts, and i hope it bubbled out for you. You must be feeling a lot better out of it.
    I would say think from Point of View where in a Nation who is in troubled waters. Its aiders are waiting to sink its ship. Its neighbors no more trust its system.
    You might think i am talking only in favour of Pakisthan. Its not so, Think interms of national issue. when we say mumbai is attacked, it attack on Indian soverignity. Similarly when we say about pakisthan, we are pointing to a Nation out.

  2. I think it is the Pakistani mindset.

    I am reminded of a true story that I have previously mentioned on my blog

    Thomas Friedman has written a story that a South Asian Muslim friend related to him, in his insightful book, “The World is Flat”.

    The friend’s Indian Muslim family split in 1948, half going to the newly formed Pakistan and half staying in India. When he got older he asked his father why the Indian half seemed to be doing better than the Pakistani half.

    His father told him that when an Indian Muslim sees a man living in a mansion high on a hill, he says “Father, one day I will be that man.”

    When a Muslim grows up in Pakistan and sees a man living in a mansion high on a hill, he says,”Father, one day I will kill that man.”

  3. All countries have problems. But the country has to acknowledge them and solve them. To deny problems is not patriotism. I think that the Pakistani population is finding out things that we in India knew long ago. It is really very very sad.
    It is also important to be focused on economic growth, which Pakistan isn’t.

  4. Really difficult to pinpoint. For Indians it’s tragic to have an unstable neighbourhood. Afterall, Indians and Pakistanis are one — like siblings. One reason could be the way Pakistan was built. Nehru did well to give paramount importance to democracy. He said all institutions, including the military, will be under the control of the democratic government. And India was lucky to have these democratic foundations laid so early. Even though Nehru and others may not have been perfect, looking back India was lucky to have such people. Unfortunately, Pakistan didn’t have that luck.

  5. I would love to rant and rave and go berserk on Pakistan . Paki bashing has become a new favourite activity of my demented mind . 🙂 But in a calmer and more rational state , I would say that it is mostly because of their leadership . We have had relatively better leaders . We have a middle class , which is another important reason . The middle class is the back bone of any nation . And their obsession with India/Kashmir . If they had let go of it after 1947 , and spent all the money wasted on arms and ammunition and war , they would have been a decent sized economy . And I wonder if you know this , but a dying Jinnah , after the creation of Pakistan , said so to his sister “We backed the wrong horse” . Factually speaking , he did .

  6. Here in the comments, the last Pakistani neighbour has said that now democracy failed in Pakistan. They have adopted democracy after independence but couldn’t protect it as their Army general was more powerful than President. And there is always a political insatbility which never allowed them to rise.

    Bring some new leaders with great vision at the helm of Pakistan, then you can see a Pakistan shining in all the departments.

  7. Lovely attempt at trying to understand the problem Nimmy and what I like best is the fact that your Pakistani friends have actually pointed out internal problems instead of pointing fingers at India, like their leaders do.

    • Nimmy
    • December 23rd, 2008

    Thanks a lot dear friends for your comments..I put this post bcoz it was really surprising to me that,as Pinku pointed out,none of the blamed India,as is the typical norm..So i was a new learning to me that everything inside is not as is portrayed outside..I had a notion that alomst all pakistanis ahve lot of hate for India,but this response made me rethink at my prejudice..

    It is no that they don’t have any resources,but that they are not making out of it and hence i guess such a poor political and ecnomical state..We too ahve corrupt leaders,but will we allow them to take over the country and rule as they like it? NO I guess..I think people of Pakistan should start a revolutiona s to throw out all the weeds and make a fresh start..

    I have no particular love for Pakistan..This is for those readers who may try to read between lines..But I really wish that Pakistan beocmes stable as I want my country to be in peace and for that,a stable neighbour is very essential…War is not the option for us to be safe..War will only create more dmeneted minds and thus more headache to us..I don’t mean that we should go and look after their internal business..But maybe we could put some international pressure for UN and so to make internal situation of Pak better rather than just spending money on buying arms..But finally,the real action must come from Pak people itself..I wonder why aren’t they doing anything ……………

    Whatever,I wish my country become safe from external threats and let not another Mumbai happen again.

    just my thoguhts 🙂

    Good day to all..and biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig thanks for your comments 🙂

  8. Poverty and a lack of secular education. The same things that the religious right in India is ensuring goes wrong with India too.Thats what is not only the cause of Pakistan’s problems but those of most of the world.

  9. guess what, this is why his wife dint let Zardari come out of his house when she was alive .. he is such a big fool !!

    • Dr. Anant Bhagwat.
    • December 25th, 2008

    Problem of Pakistan begins at its conception. At the end of British rule in 1947, Muslim Ligue leaders felt that the predominently Hindu congress party is side-lining them in the imerging independant country & hence with the help of Deoband , predominently UP ( now in India) muslims & with the help of British Rulers, they created Pakistan on religion basis. Most of the predominently muslim western Pakistan was hardly under British Raj rule & was ethnically different form eastern Punjab & Sindh states of Pakistan. East Pakistan ( Now Bangla Desh) was also ethnically a different entity. Bangla-Deshis were considered inferior by West Pakistanis & hence it separated from Pakistan in 1971. NWFP, FATA, Vaziristan were not thrilled with independance, were ethnically different & never thought themselves as Pakistani nationals except for Pashtuns. The policies of rulers of Pakistan were India-hate centric since independance & hence in-stead of identifying with India, they always wanted to be identified with central asian muslim countries. However oil-rich gulf countries & central asian muslim countries always considered Pakis inferior. Hence Pakistan developed an identity crisis. Pakistani rulers favored militarization & neglected eduction & industrial development. Political Parties in Pakistan always wanted to cash India-Hate & in the bargain army ruled Pakistan for more no. of years than democratic govts. This made it easy for countries like US & Saudi-Arebia to use Pakistan, especially during cold-war era. In late 1990’s, Pakistani rulers started using muslim extrimists for their low-intensity wars againts Russia (in Afganistan) & India (in Kashmir) through ISI. That, now, has boomranged on them. Currupt politicians, army rules, multi-ethnicity & India-hate centric policies & collaboration with extrimist elements & hidden agendas of countries like US & SA are fast driving Pakistan towards further disintegration. I won’t be surprized if their are a few new countries like Baluchistan/ Vaziristal, 5 years down the line.

  10. Rather than pointing fingers, lets look where we are. What after all we can say of Pakistan better than those who live there?
    Pakistan has never ever invested into anything good that can bring good things to life there. One reason why Pakistan failed can be really attributed to culture. It was basically formed after a lot of violence. As Thomas Friedman has put it in his book, it’s very true. It never invested in good education, and its democracy has been a cover recently. It failed to control the rise of extremism and fundamentalism in it.

    And yeah,
    ” If it was so called violent Islamic ideology,that was to be blamed,well I guess more conservative countries like Saudi and like had to be blamed..”
    Beyond slightest doubt, Saudi Arabia is to be blamed as the epicenter of terrorism. The physical militant ground work takes place in Aghanistan-Pakistan, but from where do they receive funds? Saudi and other oil rich gulf states. The education system of Saudi Arabia, an epitome of intolerance is taught across all the Madrassas of the world. Who funds the Sunni factions in the Iraq Civil War? Also, many suicide bombers were exported from Saudi in the Iraq Civil War. This export helped them maintain peace at home. Thomas Friedman’s visit to one of Madrassas in Pakistan is given in his book, “Hot, Flat and Crowded” and also in his Pulitzer prize winning columns in NYTimes now available on his website.

  11. Since its birth in 1947 Pakistan had an acute sense of insecurity and identity crisis.
    Insecurity was there because the basis of formation of Pakistan is the premise that under Indian National Congress rule [which was the main force in the freedom struggle] Muslims in undivided free India will face severe hardships.
    Pakistan was born as a Nation with the primary aim of protecting Islam from ‘Hindu’ Congress. Thus Pakistan could be easily turned in to a security state in which Army monopolised power and defined National interest as keeping ‘Hindu’ India at bay.
    Identity crisis was there because the supposed to be unifying factor of the different provinces of Pakistan,Islam failed to unify it. This was evident from the breaking up of Pakistan with the formation of Bangladesh…… All this from my recent post

  12. Since its birth in 1947 Pakistan had an acute sense of insecurity and identity crisis.
    Insecurity was there because the basis of formation of Pakistan is the premise that under Indian National Congress rule [which was the main force in the freedom struggle] Muslims in undivided free India will face severe hardships.
    Pakistan was born as a Nation with the primary aim of protecting Islam from ‘Hindu’ Congress. Thus Pakistan could be easily turned in to a security state in which Army monopolised power and defined National interest as keeping ‘Hindu’ India at bay.
    Identity crisis was there because the supposed to be unifying factor of the different provinces of Pakistan,Islam failed to unify it. This was evident from the breaking up of Pakistan with the formation of Bangladesh. All this from my recent post http://mytake-charakan.blogspot.com/2009/01/should-we-play-in-to-hands-of-terrorist.html

    • Reetesh
    • March 5th, 2009

    Well i read through a lot of comments and I felt that a lot of people seem to think that India is doing well in a lot of parameters. That does not ring true at all.

    In India, its the same problem of corrupt politicians, who build no infrastructure, who pillage our tax money and who ensure that we will never get 100% literacy. Whatever be the government figures, the fact is that a lot of literacy is on paper. I think the way ahead for both India and Pakistan citizens is to help in whatever ways we can to ensure that people are literate.

    This will help remove fundamentalism (of both the hindu and muslim kinds), ensure that people are better economically (because literate people will be more productive assets to any economy). I dont know of the majority in Pakistan, but a majority in India have started looking at the development which is there in the west and they have aspirations to be better economically. I think media has a key role to play here, and I dont believe that any person would like to lead a life of hardship, given a choice.

    • MilesToGo
    • October 18th, 2010

    ajmal kasab is amar singh – great going

    wait till these ajmal kasab’s start demanding payback for their services, while you were watching bollywood movies on your laptops – there are no free lunches…

    • Sri
    • October 18th, 2010

    One said, “Indians and Pakistanis are siblings”, tell this to Hindus and other minorities living in Pakistan or even Bangladesh.

    Other said, “It suffers from identity crisis”, as if he conducted an opinion poll.

    Call this thinking insanity or indifference, may be I am short of words for describing this kind, but it has consequences.

    How much these people really know about Pakistan to express such views? Are few comments, as said by blogger, sufficient to come to such opinion?

    Recently Pakistanis and their media blamed India and US for floods as if these two created monsoons and rains. Of course this is recent with regard to the posting, but never the less, reaction of Pakistani media to Mumbai shootings should tell something, if one cares to find out.

  13. The assassination of the governor of Pakistan’s Punjab province is a major setback for progressive forces in that country and a deeply worrying sign for U.S. strategy in the region, .Salman Taseer was gunned down by his own security guard Tuesday, apparently as a result of the official’s very public opposition to Pakistan’s blasphemy law.To have this person assassinated by his own security guard is deeply unsettling and very damaging to the prospects for a modern Pakistan,”And at the end of the day, America’s strategy in the region hinges on Pakistan continuing to move on a path toward modernization.

    • Prasad
    • April 28th, 2011

    Pakistan has a very dim hope for improvement until and unless the religious schools are stopped teaching the young generation only hatred and killing of the infidels. Their mindset has to be changed, but how? It can only be achieved by accepting the Prince of Peace – Jesus Christ. If Jesus and His teachings are not accepted and not present in the life and the culture of the people, mere hatred, selfishness and thirst for blood remains.

    • sujen
    • July 26th, 2012

    pakistan was formed on wrong ideology in the first place, jinnah mislead them,running a country is not an easy task,jinnah had no plans how to run a country.No country has ever succeeded with religious ideology.Lack of vision of jinnah is quite evident in todays pakistan.

    Congress from india had practised for years how to run a country before becoming independent.India has no identity crisis on the other hand Pakistan got a country and religion but they lost out on many other things.

    Give me a break if pakistanis identify themselves as arabs more than Indians.Their allah came from middle east how can he be the spiritual leader who is not a native of indus valley.India will continue to prosper and pakistan will keep groping with identity crisis till they address to these fundamental problems.Corruption is there in india too but all developing countries go through this phase.Pakistan problems are more deep routed than corruption etc.

  1. March 21st, 2009

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