Why balme Hamas when it was Isreal who broke the truce..

Till now,I was following an ostrich way of escapism by not talking about Israel-Palestine conflict..Though I read this news a few days ago,I didn’t bother to post it as I thought most of you wouldn’t care for it as this conflict is always seen as a case of Islamic terrorism.I don’t want to change your stereotyping and prejudice..Keep believing that the world is yellow,please don’t recall that it is you who is wearing yellow glasses..


I laugh and pity at people who comment passionately on newspaper comment areas..Nevermind,they are not going to change anyway..


I observe people mourning,ahem well that includes Mr Obama too when he defends Israel :

Obama said that if rockets were being fired at his home while his two daughters were sleeping, he would do everything he could to prevent it[]

So everybody is sad that poor Israel is suffering bcoz Hamas is firing rockets into ‘its’ territory.Read this..Oh well,its an old news,that happened in November.

“Six months ago Israel asked and received a cease-fire from Hamas. It unilaterally violated it when it blew up a tunnel.A four-month ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza was in jeopardy today after Israeli troops killed six Hamas gunmen in a raid into the territory.Israeli troops crossed into the Gaza Strip late last night near the town of Deir al-Balah.

And oh,now I am going to be blamed of spreading propaganda and conspiracy..I never knew that Guardian and NewYorkTimes and  Haaretz  and UN Spokespersonstarted spreading muslim propaganda..I am no fan of Hamas or Fatah..But I am a human being with eyes,ears and a heart.





Israel never denied they broke the ceasefire. Only the israeli apologetics do. They only justified it by saying that the tunnel was a threat to their security. However, there was no provocation from Hamas before that Israeli incursion. Tunnels were the only way the Palestinians were breaking the Israeli blockade to smuggle food, medicine and other necessities to Gaza. Israel had a tight siege on Gaza for most of the time during the ceasefire, which by itself was a violation of the terms of the ceasefire. The Israelis allowed supplies into Gaza only after the air strikes on Saturday to reduce the reputation fallout because of the civilian casualties. The Palestinians are also entitled to self defense. If you do not want to surrender to Israeli intimidation, what would you do if you were a Palestinian?

None of the rockets fired between June 19th and December 3rd (when Israel broke the ceasefire) were fired by Hamas. The majority of the few rockets that were fired during that period, were fired by Fatah (AksaMartyrs Brigades), which is a group that is led by Palestinian president Abbas to sabotage the ceasefire with Hamas and give Israel an excuse to retaliate. Abbas is a US/Israel puppet. None of these rockets caused Israeli casualties and did very little damage. Check this Wikipedia link for a list of all rocket attacks in 2008.

  1. I genuinely feel sad for what is going on now , and Palestine in general . They got screwed when Israel was created , thanks to the Brits . And theirs is a lost cause . And no matter who starts what , the Israeli reaction is always disproportionate . I do not hate Israel or Jews, but what they are doing the Palestinians is overkill .

  2. I have been following this region for the past 20-odd years. I am no expert nor I have been to that region, like many commentators are. Some my feelings are:

    1) I hate the term Islamic terrorism.

    2) The conflict dates back so much, it’s a pointless waste of time trying to decide who is right and wrong.

    3) There is only one way forward, for guns, rockets and bombs to fall silent.

    4) My heart is on the side of the Palestinians. But Hamas has been a disappointment after they won the elections. I’d hoped they will cash in the huge public approval, seize the high moral ground, turn statesman-like, make some dramatic overtures towards peace, and push Israel into vacating the remaining parts like West Bank and East Jerusalem.

    5) I wish Hamas recognized and accepted reality. That’s not a sign of surrender but a sign of prudence and intelligence. Israel is a reality, whether anyone likes it or not. It’s another reality that Israel has brute force behind it. That brute force puts Palestinians at a greater risk than Israelis.

    6) What makes the whole issue so complicated is: there is no value for life. Sadly we live in an age when death is celebration. It is so depressing that traveling backwards is hailed as an achievement. Negativity and cynicism are considered virtues.

    May the region see peace and progress, rather than death and destruction.

  3. Nimmy, The current Gaza conflict has been niggling me too.. I have been reading up on it -and to be honest , I am still at a loss as to who is at fault or who started all this…There are such stark, oposing viewpoints out there… All I can say is that the manner in which Israel has gone about this, seems extremely cruel and inhumane… As Pradeep mentioned, ‘ there is no value for life’… Lets hope that this destruction ends soon..

  4. Nimmy, I can understand your anguish at this situation. The accounts of the Israeli attacks are horrifying.

    I have not studied this situation in depth. But I certainly feel that a solution should urgently be found.

    I feel that any two countries should try to find the solutions to their problems themselves. I know that this is not easy, but it seems that whenever third countries step in, more problems are created.

    Just the same way that Americans want to mediate between India and Pakistan. The U.S. will always do what is best for themselves, and not for India or Pakistan.

    When the Western nations created Israel they must have known that this would always be a ‘war zone’. But it must have seemed like a good solution at the time.

    Please do not feel that you cannot write about anything here. I hope we are all mature enough to discuss things calmly.

    • Nimmy
    • January 12th, 2009

    Thanks Pradeep,Kislay,Smitha and Manju…All of us have the same line of thinking..I am putting down a comment I shared in another blog..

    I wonder what would have happened to petty so called indians like you and me if our forefathers had decided to let go and surrender this nation to British..

    And yes,my Grandfathers mothers father’s brothers son in law’s dog’s neighbour once lived in a district in Maharashtra..Tomorrow,I am packing my bags and along with my family leaving to that place ,to reclaim my right over that land,bcoz yesterday,God sent me an email telling that it is my promised land..ROFL..

    Sorry for the poor joke,but i couldn’t stop myself.
    I wonder if British had called people of India terrorists,instead of freedom fighters..hmmm

    Thank God that I am not a typical hypocritical Indian cry baby who mourns about poor Kashmiri Pundits who are living as refugees in their own land,but when the same situation comes to somebody else,the plates turn over..lol..This is hilarious

    Also,thank God that I am not one among the typical indian cry baby who stands by Israel deluding oneself that it was Hamas who started this by firing rockets which are similar to firecrakers i blast during my Diwali..I am neither a fan nor a supporter of stupid Hamas who never acted wise to briong peace..But atleast I stand for those people to whom justice is denied..

    Nevermind,fair or unfair,its high time Palestenians understand that they are not going to get justice ANYDAY ANYTIME..So please stop firing crakers and ruin ur own life by getting 400 killed for every 4 israelite killed..Even if it means to be slaves under Israel,please don’t kill your women and kids by fighting against Isreal,who has support of all superpowers..Act wise.

    I hope indian cry babies will not expect anybody,internationally, to talk for us,in case the same happens to us tomorrow..

    Thank god that i realized that it was Isreal who broke the truce and started this now..

    I don’t expect anybody to come out of their prejudice.I hope you understand it by urself as to whether this is something religious or political/nationalist..Will we call conflicts in Tibet Buddhism -terrorism…lolll

    How many of you have seen the political map of this coflict region?Atleast once in your lifetime???

  5. As you rightly said, we ignore this part of news. I will say that this piece was insightful for me. 🙂

    Media is biased Poonam..That said,Hamas is not a sacred holy group ..They are militnats whom i understand are interested in just keeping the wound alive rather than solving it..-Nimmy

  6. Nimmy,

    I havent heard of anyone calling the Plaestinian movement Islamic terrorism. Where did you hear this?

    Having said that will want to say two more things:

    1. inspite of being a sixty year old problem – the Palestinian have been unable to find a solution to this issue primarily because their own leaders have had very narrow vision and power hungry ways.

    2. Some friends of mine live in Israel (Hindus not jews) they have had to move into hotels and abandon homes because the Hamas rockets fell too close to their homes for comfort. This is before Israel decided to attack.

    Pinku,I am afraid if you felt that i am in support of Hams..They are mostly a group of people who are dumb enough to put rockets into Israel,not expecting cluster bombs in return..As i told Kanagu,did you knwo that Hamas was armed and trained by Israel? So,to me,to my small brain,they are all in coalition..Its the normal average citizens in both antions that are suffering..It would have made sense if Israel had stayed in the land alloted to them..But they have pushed the Palestenians into dark by buliding illegal settlemenst and thereby taking away their land..I bet,the whole of region will become Kingdom of Israel soon 🙂 -Nimmy

  7. Nimmy,

    Thankfully you have brought out the truth. Until now I have thought that Palestine only broken the truce.. What Israel is doing was human massacre in the name of safeguarding their lives. They have already killed some 800 lives and UN and other higher agencies just asking them stop their attacks. why they shouldn’t sent troops to Palestine fight the Israel troops. Double standards were everywhere in the world.

    What hurts me more is until now our Indian government has didn’t condemned these attacks. I am expecting some striong reaction from our country against Israel but to show ourselves as a America’s friend, we are keeping our mouth shut 😦

    Thanks Kanagu..But don’t forget that Hamas has its own share of violence.I will never say that they are just freedom fighters..Do you know that it was Israel who armed and trained Hamas,as to put down Fatah-the secular government- in Palestein.??So,its not that simple as one is right and one is wrong..Israel deserves to live in that land,but as the last map portrayed,they built illegal settlements in Palestein and pushed the whole of Palestenians into a small crowded place and still oppressiong them by cutting fuel,food,water,clothes,medicine,and what not..That is how and why ISrael is unfair and cruel and barbaric..Both parties should tolerate each other and live in peace,but its easier said than done 🙂 -Nimmy

  8. hey thought you might like to read this so pasting here:


    Thanks for the link Pinku -Nimmy

  9. I was not aware of this. Thanks for the insight.

    🙂 Good day Amit -Nimmy

    • tejaswy
    • June 7th, 2009

    Now lets get this straight….

    What is ment by Proportional response?
    Does it mean israel counts the number of rockets fired by hammas and fire them back at them?

    Israel did what india always wanted to do in pakistan

    get in and take out the terrorist infrastructure.

    Hammas is using human shields….Don’t blame israel.
    People there grew up with event like 26/11 on a monthly basis..You cannot judge israel based on one event itself
    Read a few humble thoughts of me on israel


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