Hello Mr Bachchan-ji,are you jealous?

It seems that Mr Amithab Bahcan is angry and jealous for having not given any role in Slumdog Millionaire and maybe that’ why ..


Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan has slammed Danny Boyle’s Golden Globe award winning underdog drama “Slumdog Millionaire” for showing India in poor light.


Or it may be that He is just another hypocritical Indian cry baby with a false and fake sense of nationalism and patriotism. I am proud of my country. But that doesn’t mean that I am furious when people point fingers at me for FATCS as like below..


As of 2005, 85.7% of the population lives on less than $2.50 (PPP) a day, down from 92.5% in 1981. 41.6% of its population is living below the new international poverty line of $1.25 (PPP) per day. World Bank further estimates that a third of the global poor now reside in India. Poverty rates in rural Orissa (43%) and rural Bihar (41%) are higher than in the world’s poorest countries such as Malawi. India has a higher rate of malnutrition among children under the age of three (46% in year 2007) than any other country in the world. A 2007 report by the state-run National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector (NCEUS) found that 25% of Indians, or 236 million people, lived on less than 20 rupees per day with most working in “informal labour sector with no job or social security, living in abject poverty.


According to the World Bank, in 2005 some 456m Indians, or 42% of the population, lived below the poverty line. India has 60m chronically malnourished children, 40% of the world’s total. In 2006 some 2.1m children died in India, more than five times the number in China. Approximately 60 million children are underweight in India. The prevalence of underweight among children in India is amongst the highest in the world, and nearly double that of Sub-Saharan Africa. Underweight prevalence is higher in rural areas (50 percent) than in urban areas (38 percent); higher among girls (48.9 percent) than among boys (45.5 percent); higher among scheduled castes (53.2 percent) and scheduled tribes (56.2 percent) than among other castes (44.1 percent); and, although underweight is pervasive throughout the wealth distribution, the prevalence of underweight reaches as high as 60 percent in the lowest wealth quintile.


The movie is all about lives of three kids,who come from slums in Mumbai,runs away during riots etc etc etc..I am not going to give any spoilers..Its a great movie and make sure you watch it if possible.The movie has some sequences on child trafficking..I was so upset over those scenes where they take out a boy’s eye as to get him more paid( well,he is forced to take a job of a BEGGAR) and later shows how a small girl evolves into a ..err, how she is plunged into sexual exploitation. .Is Mr Bachan telling me that these things happens only in small numbers..uh,read this..


The manifestations of these violations are various, ranging from child labour, child trafficking, to commercial sexual exploitation and many other forms of violence and abuse. With an estimated 12.6 million children engaged in hazardous occupations (2001 Census), for instance, India has the largest number of child labourers under the age of 14 in the world. Existing studies show that..

  • Over 40 per cent of women sex workers enter into prostitution before the age of 18 years.
  • 11 million children on the street, 2 out of 3 are physically abused.
  • 53% faced one or more forms of sexual abuse.65% school going children faced corporal punishment ..
  • Everyday about 200 girls and women in India enter prostitution and 80% of them against their will.
  • 20% of the one lakh prostitutes are children.
  •  25% of the child prostitutes had been abducted and sold.
  • 6% had been raped and sold.
  • 8% had been sold by their fathers after forcing them into incestuous relationships.
  • 2 lakh minor girls between ages 9yrs-20yrs were brought every year from Nepal to India and 20,000 of them are in Bombay brothels.
  • 50% children worked for 7 days a week


I read some dumbos commenting as “No person in India will molest his brother’s girlfriend”..Lol…Maybe he is living in a closed room without hearing news of fathers molesting daughters and presenting them to his friends and much more.India is just another country and we will find plenty of people who sell and buy themselves or forced to do so.


The movie is great because it doesn’t have any typical masala or injected stuff.Its just plain and we live his life as the movie progress.I guess Big B is upset because he didn’t get a chance to play the role of Anil Kapoor, who hosts the millionaire show.Or maybe He is upset for not having atleast a  glimpse of his face during the intials sequences where the boy runs to get Amithab’s autograph (just a left hand is shown as signing).I am not at all good in reviewing movie.. But the picturisation and background score is excellent.The music,especially O saya and Jai ho and oh most importantly,Lathika’s theme is perfect,just perfect..But its not all those technicalities that makes this one a different movie,but the story in itself..It made me think/realize that the difference between me/my baby and that boy is just that I have some money as to make choice of my own..Without that,we all are dogs of the same slum.Any doubt?


 So Mr Bachchan,it is your choice as to make an option to grab this opportunity to put forward some effort or pressurize the government as to make lives of people in slums a little better,or you please stop ranting just for the sake of it and continue to run behind heroines of half your age.










“Trafficking in India” Shakti Vahini,Study on Child abuse by MWCD, SCF, Unicef 




Picture Courtesy : http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2007/05/dharavi-mumbai-slum/jacobson-text





p.s :


you can ask me why am I so bloody furious over a person’s opinion and whether there isn’t freedom of speech. Well, it is not ‘just another person’.. It is Amithab,the Big B of India, more influential among common people than the PM or President herself. So if he had tried to make good out of this, it would have been nice..It would be nice otherwise also.. But talking against the concept in the movie is like fooling oneself 1,147,995,904 indians .Now does that count?




  1. Nimmy I haven’t seen the movie yet but the mere thought of children being trafficked or abused and forced to beg – I think we should see this.

    And of course this happens.

    I also don’t believe in denying the existence of such facts. Imagine somebody’s dying or worse than dying, and we even refuse to accept it’s happening:(

    You must watch it for sure IHM..You can add more thougts into it..It is really sad that many people around us are really unfortunate..and yeah,as you told,it is disgusting that honourable people reject that fact..Unlike you and me who are aam admi,people like Big B should not have said that..I ahve nothing against him,but felt bad -Nimmy

    • Chirag
    • January 15th, 2009

    Mr Bacchan is not an actor but an accessory or may be a brand, he shouldn’t be taken seriously, he was an actor once long before.

    Danny has done a really good job, I would have been disappointed if Mr B was in the movie.

    Danny has done justice to the movie and again, he shouldn’t be taken seriously, specially on movies.


    Everybody is entitled to have their own opinions and i have no disrespect to Bib B as a person,but being a celebrity,it is sad that his words will reach far away lands ..The point is,whether these words are right or wrong..Saying something stupid in the name of nationalism is hypocracy..Yeah,the movie was really touching..Infact,it made me look into the lives of such people..I started reading about those in the slums and it made me realize how fortunate i am and how patheitc their condition is.See,likewise,the movie might have crated sparks inside many people and collecitvely,it amy ahve lead to some productive help,alteast in the form of charity.Instead of trying to get it that way,we are going ulta way..and i guess that is unfair as far as those unlucky people are considered..
    Thanks for coming..-Nimmy

    • ruSh.Me
    • January 15th, 2009

    LOL..Mr. Bachchan..India IS Poor…..

    🙂 We have long way to go dear..long long way to go before the whole of indians atleast eats stomach full of food everyday -Nimmy

  2. Ok i read your post on Israel before i left for lunch…. this post wasn’t up..
    In the restaurant ad of slumdog was being played. I started talking how good the movie is… One of my colleague told me about the comments made by Amitabh.. The discussion that happened amongst us for nearly 30min was exactly on the lines you have written about except for the numbers..

    We don’t see ourselves from others’ perspectives.
    That’s true, not just with Indians, but with every human being.

    Denial is every escapists character..Recognizing the problem is the main hurdle..Once we know that we have an issue,we can work something towards it..Buit living in denial will do no good.. I am saying that we are doing something great by discussing this..But atleast we know and we develop a heart and attitude of empathy towards such people,instead of saying “Yuck,slum people..Go away’..We never know what life has in stock for us 🙂 -Nimmy

  3. hey nice post…..

    agree with you Amitabh could have done well to keep his mouth shut.

    But then he is so old…senility creeping in…forgive the poor fellow. 😉

    lol…I have no disrespect for him..I admire him as an actor,but this is somthing stupid and silly -Nimmy

    • Anorak
    • January 15th, 2009

    I am a die-hard fan of Mr.Bachchan, the actor. But, I don’t care much of his opinion about things/people/films et al.
    I like the fact that you have backed up your point with evidence. Do drop by to read my review at: http://anorak75.wordpress.com/

    🙂 Hi Anorak..Thanks for visiting..I am also a great fan of Big B.And yes i agree with you that an actor needn’t be a diplomat who plays circus with words as our politicians do..Maybe they are dumb or maybe they don’t know how to put it well in words..Rememeber the issue of Shah Rukh’s comment on some pakistani cricketer and we all took sword in our hands ranting that SRK is a pak spy..lol..So,maybe bib didn’t men what we are discussing about..

    That said,India is a place where we built temples in the name of actors and actresses..We are crazy about Bollywood and Crizket..They know it and they should act according to the responsible places they hold inside people’s hearts..Is that not fair? -Nimmy

  4. When I too read this news, I was irritated to read his pompous views. Appearances can be so deceptive. A man who tries to portraty his goodness and humility in media actually turns out to be a plebian: jealous and pompous.

    🙂 People ,including politicians ,who walk around with Z category secuirty guards have no much idea of what life outside means..People in glass houses should not throw stones at others 🙂 Good day Poonam -Nimmy

  5. Nimmy, very well researched post. No one can/should deny we have lots of issues , poverty levels, education, ill-treatement of women.. Yes – we have a long long way to go.

    However, I did go to Mr Bachchan’s blog to figure out what he actually said. Now, I am no Bachchan fan, but to be fair to him this is what he said
    ‘On blog, comments for the film ‘SlumDog Millionaire’ and the anger by some on its contents, prompt me to say the above. If SM projects India as Third World dirty under belly developing nation and causes pain and disgust among nationalists and patriots, let it be known that a murky under belly exists and thrives even in the most developed nations. Its just that the SM idea authored by an Indian and conceived and cinematically put together by a Westerner, gets creative Globe recognition. The other would perhaps not.

    The commercial escapist world of Indian Cinema had vociferously battled for years , on the attention paid and the adulation given to the legendary Satyajit Ray at all the prestigious Film Festivals of the West, and not a word of appreciation for the entertaining mass oriented box office block busters that were being churned out from Mumbai. The argument. Ray portrayed reality. The other escapism, fantasy and incredulous posturing. Unimpressive for Cannes and Berlin and Venice. But look how rapidly all that is changing. Retrospectives in Paris and New York. Dedicated TV channels running Hindi cinema on prime timings. Premiers at Leiscester Square, the home of all Hollywood royalty, thronged by hundreds on the street in cold biting weather. Affable recognition at most corners of the universe… And a dear friend from Los Angeles wires in that Hollywood is abuzz with India and the phenomenal talent that exists there. We’re talking cinema still ! ‘

    I actually agree with what he says ‘ Its just that the SM idea authored by an Indian and conceived and cinematically put together by a Westerner, gets creative Globe recognition. The other would perhaps not.’ It is extremely unlikey that some British author writes about say – knife crime or teenage pregnancies, and an Indian director makes a movie on it – its is doubtful that it would get such critical acclaim – even if it were done just as superbly.

    Having said that – I am not trying to detract from what you are saying about the issues that India is facing at all. We have a very long way to go before we can say that we are just like any ‘developed country’. I just feel that our press, likes to rake out as much sensationalism, it can, out of any statement.

    Thanks for this piece Smitha..Even I read the whole blogpost of him at http://bigb.bigadda.com/ before i wrote this post..As i already said,i have nothing against him in person,but it was not really right for a person like him,who as i said is highly influcential and who words reach far away lands,to talk that way..And yeah,media would just sensationalize anythign and everything..We should not get driven away by that..Thanks for your point Smitha 🙂 -Nimmy

    • Anorak
    • January 15th, 2009


    Thank you for the generous comments you left behind on my blog.

    I have read Mr.Bachchan’s blog-post. And maybe, maybe, he does have a point. But I still think that a film like ‘Slumdog…’ should be looked at and judged as a work of art. Independent of the nationality of its director! In trying to justify why ‘Slumdog…’ is receiving the accolades and recognition, Big B does, like it or not, belittles the merits of the the movie itself.

    Danny Boyle is not part of some ‘promote India’ campaign!! Let’s stop holding him responsible for showing India the way he saw it.

    Anorak,even I have no issues by Amithab’s opinion as a person..But see,when he says that ‘slums exists not only in India,but also in America’,don’t you think it is just like saying ‘what the heck is this triumph all about,slum dwellers in india should not feel bad ,afterall there are slum dwellers in London too’.. Well,thatz how i understood it and thatz why i made a post..letting us know more than slums-life is india is too large and too pathetic to be ignored just like that.. If my undersanding is wrong,my apologies to Amithab ji 🙂 -Nimmy

  6. With Smitha on this.

    🙂 1conoclast,I am trying to make an ice cream out of this scoop of news.I read the whole blog post before i wrote this post..As I told to Anorak,when he tries to belittle the grave situation,it doesn’t feel good..And regarding if this same theme would not have been appreciated by the whole world,well,that need to be answered by making a smiliar movie of smme technicalities..As far as SM is concerned,its not just the poverty or dirty sulms that brought in all attention..Don’t you think that it was a great visual treat..What do you think of music?What do you think of how those sequences in train and all were picturized..So i guess,it was the totalitly,and not just the slums that brought so much appreciation..Honestly,i think it all emerged in jealousy,adding to the fact that SRK was the one who presented the movie..Sorry if I am wrong.Regardless,I don’t think it was right for him to say this.Maybe he is not wrong,but not right either..Well,there is no use of us ripping apart Amithab..My intention was to bring into your notice the facts,the statistics..Lol,but nobody seem to notice that 🙂 I jsut took this comment of Amithab as a means to put forward some sad facts of our nation.. -Nimmy

  7. Nimi, I am smiling reading this because I wrote a very similar post on exact same topic and it’s in my draft now. I was going to publish it today but then chose to publish something else.

    Telepathy? :):)

    People like Mr. Bachchan living in Malabar Hills want to believe that India has progressed so much. He prefers to believe that India is what Karan Johar portrays when he shows people landing on their roof top in the choppers.

    What is the problem here? Are some of us hurt because a westerner showed India in poor light or is it because we are ashamed of that part of India? I don’t know why we have to show this world that everyone is rich. Everyone can afford everything.

    I think in this case, Mr. Bachchan is a bit insecure because SRK was called to present SDM and not him, the actor of the millennium. He is fine with his DIL doing a miniscule role in a Hollywood movie.

    Hope your daughter is doing fine now. You left a message on my blog that she was sick.

    Hi solilo,yeah,i ahve established a new line of telepathy with my new friend 🙂 Please do post the draft..Mine ended discussing about Amithab as a person,forgetting the statistics i gave..lol..We will talk about it in your palce..

    Unlike media,who tries to make a mountain out of a molehill,i just meant to bring into our notice those unfortunate facts about majority of people living around us..And well,I guess he is little upset of having ignored while celebrating a movie about India..And ahme,SRK was invited and not him..Ah,wahtever,we needn’t bother..

    Baby is getting fine..Still little ill,so i have hardly much time to read others post or even reply to commtns you guys write.Pls forgive if i am late to reply..-Nimmy

  8. Every country has its bad side and good side. If a filmmaker wants to project the bad side, he should go ahead, as long as it is the truth. And naturally if the movie is well made it will get accolades! I think AB was possibly jealous that he was not in it. After all he was the kaun banega crorepati man! I am sure he would have accepted the role.

    lol..Yeah,Even i guess so..Or maybe he didn’t mean anything as bad as i guessed it..In that case i publicly apologize to him..Otherwise,i stand by what i said..Addig to the point about KBC man,i guess SRK involement too made him upset,atleast a little 😉 -Nimmy

  9. solilo,

    Mr. Bachchan lives in Juhu, not Malabar Hill.
    Mr. Bachchan is half a lifetime has done what it will take shahrukh 3 lifetimes to do!
    More Westerners know Mr. Bachchan’s DIL than srk. FYI his DIL was supposed to do the role that Eva Mendes did in Hitch.

    Mr. Bachchan is above criticism. He’s made of Teflon. No amount of dirt hurled at him will stick.

    lol..”He’s made of Teflon. No amount of dirt hurled at him will stick.’..I loved that.. You seem to be a hard core fan of Big B..Did you feel bad about my post? -Nimmy

  10. 1conoclast, I don’t know if you are aware of Mr. Bachchan has a bungalow in Malabar Hills :).

    Obviously because SRK is much younger than Mr.Bachchan :). We can’t compare a 4 year old with 25 year old’s achievement.

    I don’t think any human is above criticism. I consider these actors as humans. Humans do get jealous and sometimes go overboard like Mr.Bachchan in this case.

    May be we need more Karan Johar to show Mr.Bachchan’s India where people land on their roof tops in choppers. 🙂

    🙂 -Nimmy

    • Chirag
    • January 16th, 2009

    Totally off beat, SRK & Mr.Bachchan shouldn’t be compared.Mr. Bachchan is here because of his Dad and family ties with Indra Gandhi.

    🙂 -Nimmy

  11. Solilo,

    Mr. Bachchan has 2 bungalows, both in Juhu. The first one is called Prateeksha & the other one Jalsa.
    He used to own a house in Manhattan, but Malabar Hill I’ve not heard of. Maybe you’re thinking ninod khanna…? 🙂

    We shouldn’t compare Raja Bhoj (AB) to gangu teli (srk)! 🙂 srk openly acknowledges his longing to be known as the Amitabh Bachchan of films like Parwarish. If you’re a fan of srk’s you would probably have seen that interview. srk isn’t even the same kind of phenomenon that Dev Anand or Rajesh Khanna were. Amitabh Bachchan transcended all previous phenomenons, even Rajesh Khanna. Just in case you’re not familiar with Bollywood history… 🙂

    If you read Smitha’s comment properly, you will understand what Mr. Bachchan is saying. He’s not even running down SM. He’s only lamenting the fact that it got visibility because a firangi made it. Read it again please. 🙂

    The fewer Karan Johars we have the better it is!!! 😉

  12. Chirag…

    Whatever you say buddy… whatever you say…!!!

    LOLOL!!! 😀

    • Chirag
    • January 16th, 2009

    @1conoclast: I know 🙂

    • filmsy
    • January 16th, 2009

    “It seems that Mr Amithab Bahcan is angry and jealous for having not given any role in Slumdog Millionaire and maybe that’ why ..

    Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan has slammed Danny Boyle’s Golden Globe award winning underdog drama “Slumdog Millionaire” for showing India in poor light.

    Or it may be that He is just another hypocritical Indian cry baby with a false and fake sense of nationalism and patriotism. I am proud of my country. But that doesn’t mean that I am furious when people point fingers at me for FATCS as like below..”

    Oh perphas dear nimmy you feel a big fool right now! Perhaps you should not believe everything the media says!
    Perhaps you need to have faith in someone of the calibre of Mr Bachchan!
    The man has not even watched the movie and was only commenting on the comments he received on his blog and the media blew it out of proportion! It’s plain silly! Bachchan is not an idiot, far from it, after reading his blog, you know how intelligent an individual he is, so give the man a break and perhaps you need to question the media for sensationalising everything!

    :) Hi flimsy..Welcome to my blog..

    Just a small note,i don’t go by just a single news source..I read Big B’s blog often and i made this post after reading it in complete bcoz i know how smart our media is in converting a dog to goat..

    I don’t feel like a fool or monkey or donkey..lol…If my intention was to slam Big B alone,I wouldn’t have bothered to ‘waste’ my time on collecting facts and statistics about slums,poverty,malnutrition,child trafficking and prostituition..Instead,I could just have said ‘Hey you Amithab Bachchan.shut up’..Well,since i didn’t do that,I guess you need to read the post in full instead of just reading the first para alone..and understand why i didn’t make myself a fool 🙂

    Good day,Keep coming and share your thoughts..Afterall,i am just a petty human being and i can go wrong and i have no shame to apologize or correct myself 🙂 -Nimmy

  13. filmsy,

    Don’t get aggro please. I haven’t met a bigger Bachchan fan than myself & I’m not hurt unduly. The key thing to remember is that Bachchan is above whatever anyone says about him. At least till now.

    You’re right about another fact. Mr. Bachchan is a very intelligent human being who measures each word before he utters it.

    Of course, both of us need to realize that there is no knowing what he will do or say in the future.

    And Nimmy’s a nice person. Don’t get aggro with her na.

    Nimmy, all grace. 🙂

    “The key thing to remember is that Bachchan is above whatever anyone says about him” 🙂

    And thanks a million for those nice words,but errrr i am not a very nice person..just a typical girl with all typical goodness and badness lol… -Nimmy

    • Anorak
    • January 16th, 2009


    Sorry wrong syntax and semantics in my earlier comment, hence the misinterpretation.

    What I meant was this: There may well be more to Big B’s comments than meets the ordinary eye (i.e. the struggle of commercial escapist cinema vis a vis parallel cinema in terms of respectability ; recognition and acknowledgement of the Indian Film Industry by the West). I don’t know if there is or there isn’t. However, his comment about the presence of murky under bellies in developed nations is just nothing but a knee-jerk and a protectionist Indian reaction!!!

    We are both saying the same thing:-) Big B HAS NOT watched the movie yet and should have kept his mouth zipped up, for once! Had he done that, he wouldn’t have had to backtrack/apologise in yesterday’s post.

    I agree,if we look from a different angle,He may not have meant all that i ranted..Our bollywood or lets say,we the audience are interested in escapist movies or Ekta’s soaps,where the heroines sleeps and cooks in 30,000/- rupees saree and with all makeup.To us,it all need to be looked perfect outwards,neevrmind how stinky the inner side is… -Nimmy

    • Anorak
    • January 16th, 2009

    I am a Bachchan fan. So others, please don’t jump the gun;-)

  14. Mr Bachchan has acted in a bunch of Masala Westerns. I wonder if as a thespian he is in the position to express an opinion about good films. The problem is we ask for that opinion. I wonder why? Why does SDM hae ot be ratified by an Amitabh Bachchan or a SRK or anyone else. Can we not see it on its own merits. And let us not even talk about stereotyping India. Because no one does it better than we Indians ourselves- look at the Aamir Khan coke commericals or the depiciton of any regional family in mainstream Indian Cinema- Punjabis are hearty, all Gujratis are stingy, all western women are loose and wear bikinis all South indians speak with funny accents…

    SDM is a good movie becuase it evokes empathy about the protagonist without whitewashing the poverty. There is no nobility in that gut wrenching poverty- so it is not glamorized. It is a well told story. Maybe people dislike the film and its portrayals because it makes them feel guilty for ignoring what slaps them in the face every minute of every day.

    Allytude,you have put lot of thoughts into your comment..True,our own media or cinema has not done justice to our own soceity..I wonder why people are not raged by the way Madhu Bandarkar’s themes which he claims to be researched and close to reality.(i just told an eg that came to my mind now,it may not have made sense)..As Charakan says,we have inferiority complex..That said,Danny,the director is an angrezi ,so he may or many not have put it in a way he feels good.But as far as facts and statistics tells us,what he said is true and more importantly,he has said it in the apt way and has evoked empathy as you said..Even I,who never read on all this,tried to make myself aware of the sad world around me..So,the film has acheived its aim and hence successful.Belittling it is not very nice..Thanks for your thoguths..Good day -Nimmy

  15. Have not seen ‘slumdog’. From the reviews I read I believe it is an ordinary Holiywood/Bollywood style film, which will be forgotten in 2 years time.
    We Indians still suffer from severe inferiority complex. We look towards West for everything. We feel a film is good only if they say it is good. If they say India is poor we feel bad, even though everybody here is saying the same. Classic Indian films and Books have portrayed Indian poverty in more deep and moving manner but we do not care. We know everything about all those who got nominated for Oscars for last 5 years, but do not know who won the more competitive and classy Indian film awards last year. An Indian writer is known only when he/she wins a Booker prize for a soon to be forgotten Novel.
    Good post because of your statistics revealing India’s poverty. May be we should thank Big B for making such a discussion possible.

    🙂 YOu have said it in simple,yet complete words..Yes,this film will be forgotten in less than 2 or may a single year itself..This si obvious;ly not the best movie in the world,so there is no point trying to argue for the glorification of movie..We have had great movies,Tare Zameen Par,but how many of us retain the message in our hearts today? So,this is all just beating drums as to join the camp..But trust m,e,i didn’t put this post,just for the sake of ranting,but bcos of those facts and statistics about the sad world around us…

    We feel a film is good only if they say it is good. If they say India is poor we feel bad, even though everybody here is saying the same…..but do not know who won the more competitive and classy Indian film awards last year. An Indian writer is known only when he/she wins a Booker prize for a soon to be forgotten Novel.

    So true..In malayalam we say ‘Muthathe mullaikku mananmilla'( Jasmine flowers in our own courtyard doesn’t smell good as like in the other plot ) 🙂 Good day -Nimmy

  16. @Charakan I agree.
    We feel a film is good only if they say it is good. If they say India is poor we feel bad, even though everybody here is saying the same.

  17. I think your understanding of Amitabh’s blog post is right. That is how I understood it too…

    I was having a discussion with a very good friend of mine who said SM is just a OK movie. But for its western approval, it wouldn’t have got all the recognition.

    My reply was just because the west likes to see India in poor light, we shouldn’t be living in denial. It would amount to saying that since the west would get all gleeful if Indian poverty is the subject of a movie, we shouldn’t talk about it. Even forgetting the fact that the movie was made by a English director and all its good reviews, it still is a good movie unless one has very high expectations.

    Going by the parameters on which we are judged for being wither belonging to the third world or the first world, as your presentation of facts shows, we are way below and have lots of work to do. With acceptance comes action.

    Coming to the movie again, my friend said this is perhaps not AR Rehman’s best work. So what? We never said Lagaan was just OK when it didn’t get the Oscar. We said, we know it is good. It is up to you to recognise it! And we don’t have to rely on such criticisms and reviews to sell as Ghajini shows now. It is just that such awards help in marketing our talent better. 🙂

    • filmsy
    • January 17th, 2009

    So Nimmi…did you read all the comments on SDM made by the people on Bachchan’s blog?? Because ONLY if you did that will you understand where Bachchan is coming from. People, including yourself, are making a mountain out of a molehill! Everyone is entitled to an opinion….so is AB…now the man can’t even watch the movie because he will be crucified either way!!!

    🙂 No,i don’t read the 200+ or 300 + comments..See,I was talking about his reference to ‘underbellies exist in develpoed nation too’..So what,should we be happy bcoz of that.Nevermind,i wasn’t just picking on him,rather using his statement to put forward the ugly facts that avergare people like me weren’t aware of.

    I wonder if you hold the same opinion of ‘Everybody has the right for an opinion’..Yes of course they have,and i have said it million times..That said,being a cebritymit would been good to divert the opinion for a good cause..

    Apart from the Big B factor,don’t you have any comment on the statistics,which form major part of the post??

    Peace -Nimmy

    • Aam Insaan
    • January 18th, 2009

    Amazing! I thought Indians had stopped taking pleasure in being potrayed as a country of abysmal poverty & snake charmers by the western filmmakers for the glee of the west, but it seems many still like to bask in the ‘colonial mindset’…

    Hi Aam insaan,thanks for coming 🙂 I am not a great fan of hollywood,i rarely watch any english movies..We ahve our own great movies..I said this bcoz i am afarid that i am being looked upon as a typical west-loving drumer who looks for attention..geez..No..Instead,i was trying to analyze how much this comment ob AB is tru in regard to our reality. -Nimmy

  18. Mr. Bachchhan needs to come out of the well.

    I am not trying to belittle Amithab,who is a great actor..Neither am i trying to overhype his comment..I was trying to see our facts thru his words .Good day Amit -Nimmy

  19. charakan,

    You’ve summed up what Amitabh is saying actually. We look West for everything.




    Thanks for the link 1conoclast.. good day -Nimmy

    • Dev
    • January 20th, 2009

    Oh, everybody is talking about SM. Iam gonna write about it soon..I have been talking about it everywhere, now I think it’s time to write about it on my blog.. actually not about movie but some of things which came to my mind
    Regarding your main post, personally I dont think that AB is jealous of it’s success or anything like that. I think he was just voicing his opinion and what he said, many Indians are saying it in varying degrees. Also, as far as I have read, he was not offered the role because he was considered too good for the role..
    Btw, you once mentioned on my blog that you dont know much about films..but reading your comments seem to tell that you do know quite a bit. 🙂

    :)Thanks for coming Dev..I read you post,will comment soon..I am sorry to be late for the reply..Busy mom you know:)

    I am not sure,nor do i have any source,but i read Ritu saying that AB and Danny were talking on the role,but nothing worked out..See,i am not sure,but just telling..I may hve gone wrong in my wording..AB may not be jealous,i am just asking bcoz his argument sounds dumb to me..Oh well,i read his blog post before i wrote this post and i find it little irresponsible on his part to letgo the mesaage put across thru the movie..I am not a drumer of hollywood movies..we ahve our own great artists and movies and i appreciate SM ,the same way iw ould do our movies,simply bcoz it is good..

    I know about movies?? hhhmmm,maybe bcoz of my lavish experience..I watch atleast a movie a day..Honestly 🙂 -Nimmy

  20. I have watched the movie and it is really nice…. It portrayed our country in a way as it is with some cinematic liberation. Only very few directors have the guts to show the truth. I am just not able to see those making a child blind scenes. But thats the truth. It’s happening and it is being done by those cold hearted people. Our celebrities will go to any extremes to get themselves in news and AB is no different.

    Thanks Kanagu..As you said, a movie is smply a piece of art and the director amy inject his own ideas..The point is in judging how far his creativity have matched the reality..The scene which you reffered to,made me very much upset..It can happen to yours or my kid..Its all a matter of destiny..I ahve stopped commenting on AB,i am onfused if i am right or wrong 🙄 -Nimmy

  21. Now after reading more about this controversy I think I am changing my mind about what AB said. It was Amit’s post
    about this subject that has given me another perspective on it. He has written an excellent post and its worth reading.

    Sorry for being late to reply..I read Amit’s post as soon as you posted the link,,Again,i kept the page open for hours as to comment,but haven’t still done.. Bad me ..Thanks for the link ..-Nimmy

  22. Ooops the link didn’t work.
    I am trying again and hope it works this time!

    This is his post

  23. Slumdog won 8 academy awards this time round … Action speak louder than words …. take that Mr. Bachchan !!!

  1. January 15th, 2009
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