Is it just muslims/middle east natives in majority who are champions of child marriage??

The powerful Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh said in a speech late on Monday that Islamic Sharia law allows the practice of pre-teen girls getting married, and that critics of the practice were doing the girls “an injustice,” reports said.


Duh.. I didn’t bother to waste my time ranting about this dumbness bcoz I felt that people like this mufti is not worth my time..Islam has no priesthood and unlike other religions that has a supreme position holder,as like Pope.So his opinion means nothing to me.This is a free world and he is free to make his rant.But it would have made more sense if he has had attributed this child marriage to his culture,rather than associating it to religion. Islam doesn’t say all this nonsense. Puberty occurs around 10-12 years of age…Does it require great lot of common sense to know that girls this young, rarely have the legal capacity or the personal agency to disobey their elders or to give or withhold their consen.tIf it is his country’s culture to marry off girls at young age,let him put forward it that way and not associate it to a faith followed by 1.5 billion people.. Ah,forget it,these people are their own agendas..Maybe he or his king wants to marry a child and add to the list of wives,and hence the rant..Sick people..


This is a two day old news,but today I felt like looking more into it,mostly in relation with our nation.Despite the laws prohibiting early marriages in India (Child Marriage Restraint Act of 1929 and its amendment in 1978), a large percentage of girls are still getting married at a young age. Statistics are elusive, but estimates are that 40 to 50 percent of marriages in India involve a girl under 18 or a boy under 21, the legal ages for marriage. In India, every third adolescent girl in the age group of 15-19 years is married. Around 57 percent of girls in India are married before the age of 18 years (Demographic Health Surveys 1996-2001).According to Unicef, 82 percent of girls in Rajasthan, where the practice is particularly widespread, are married by 18; 15 percent of girls in rural areas across the country are married before 13; and 52 percent of girls have their first pregnancy between 15 and 19.

 See the data as of 2006..




So,as widely conceived,middle east is not the area where child/early marriages occur the most,but in our own South Asia,particulary,Nepal and Bangladesh.I wonder why most people associate early marriages to a particular religion..I am sick of hearing that Islam is a pedophile cult..Duh,clean you nose before you poke at others nose.




A patriotic Indian has an interesting comment regarding this news..I wonder if he/she even read the news in complete as it is reffering to something in some far away village in Saudi,but he is ranting about Indian people are blind with hatred..

 apc,USA,says:Its amazing how tolerant our country and the government is. These so called religious thinkers live and breed in our country and are subject to the laws of our nation…If they do not agree with this they are free to leave this HINDU nation. We do not need them or their religious beliefs.

What does our government have to do with something happening in Saudi **Scratches head**




I hate Saudi Arabia ,they ruined Islam’s true spirit.

  1. I hate Patriotic Indians, they are trying to make India Hindu-fascist like the Saudis have made their nation Islam-fascist.

    True..That said,there are some so called musims who dream of everybody being muslim..I hate that,i just hate that..Not to speak on Saudi,as i am sitting in a Gulf nation and talking against them may get me in jail.. 🙂 No,i am not in Saudi,it is my last choice of nation in this world ..-Nimmy

  2. Nimmy : I think you can get married in most European countries at the age of 16 with your parents permission. 16 is not a bad age for marriage. Since the median age of consent in most of the world ranges from 14 to 16. In some countries there may be a disparity though between homosexual and heterosexual age of consents. Not allowing pregnant teenagers to marry in India and having them no choice but to become unwed mothers is unfair as well. Although I guess it totally sucks not being able to get drunk on your own marriage 🙂

    Hi Odzer..Thanks for coming 🙂
    Yes,there are many states in USA itself where 16 is the legal age of marriage..Personally,I think 16 is too early to get amrried and involved in lifelong commitment,both physical and emotional..Then again,there maybe exceptionally mature teenagers who are ready for marriage..But still i don’t support early marriage..Do come again 🙂 – Nimmy

    • KatieAnn
    • January 18th, 2009

    That ridiculous, children should not be allowed to be married off at all. A girl should be able to choose who she marries and even then not until she is at least 18! if an 8 year old is married that is morally wrong. there should definately be a legal age to be married! kids cant have a life if they are already married its robbing them of their childhood

    Hi Katie ..Yup,I am totally against ealry marriages.. Well,one can ask if 17 years and 364 days and 18 years make much difference..Marriage is all about being amture,as mature enough to share-Nimmy

    • Totally Blunt
    • January 18th, 2009


    And Muslims who support this cannot gain respect of the rest of the world, because that is CHILD ABUSE. Only PERVERTS would condone to subjecting a CHILD to sexual intercourse.

    What Western media does or doesnot do isn’t an excuse to condone to this. If you don’t like Western ways, critisize it. The West certainly punishes child abuse. Leave children alone!

    PS. I read that among educated Irani women marriage age is rising. And Iran is ruled by their own version of Sharia. Doesn’t this tell you that educated women donot want to marry young? How will a 10 year old get to that level of consciousness while married?

    Yes,no matter if the other one is wrong,our point is to be right..Education plays a major role in this decision making..I pray that all women in this world gets educated,atleast till high school -Nimmy

    • Maria
    • January 18th, 2009

    Saying that 10 years old girl is eligible to get married would be wrong but saying a girl who has got her menses, has hit her puberty, is eligible to get married now be she 10, 11 or 12.

    If we look at the past, Ayesha (.r.a) got married to our Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) when she was 9 and he (Saw) was 40 years of Islamically there is no harm and nothing is wrong with that BUT, today girls may not be that strong to start a marital life.
    Today they might not find it suitable to marry their daughters at that age.we cannot ignore the society and norms of life.

    So, we better avoid saying its disgusting, or teenage pregnancy etc etc. because we do not need to go many years back, just look at our grandmothers who got married in their teenage and also got pregnant and gave birth to 8-10-12-15 children and all of them are healthy….

    So, its not wise to mix Islam with the culture or society ~!

    • Hope
    • January 18th, 2009

    In today’s society, little kids are growing up quicker. That’s why you see little 12 and 13 year old girls in the west wearing mini skirts and T-shirts saying “porn star” and being all like “hit me baby one more time.”

    Kids today want to be adults and therefore they should be allowed to get married and that’s better for them to get married than running around having lots of boyfriends when they’re 10/11 years old.

    Hope,I think it is the parents responsibility to take care that their kids won’t wear such revealing dress..I eblive that right upbringing can do wonders..marrying off or disposing them earlier is escapism bcoz you fear of not being able to do your duty as a parent properly.. -Nimmy

  3. There are self appointed preachers in every religion. They think it is their duty and authority to cleanse their race and religion. Just like the ethnic cleansing of Kashmir we now have Thackerays who are trying hard to bring purity to Hinduism.

    The sweeping statements like Muslims encourage child marriage happen because of the cases in Hyderabad where many girls were sold to Sheikhs from Saudi Arabia. It’s just a number game. More is bad. Child marriages still happen in Rajasthan but less in number.That doesn’t mean other religions it doesn’t happen. There are states like Georgia in US where you can get married at the age of 16. Each state has different laws, the more conservative, more such laws. Even some stated allow cousin marriages which are predominately associated with Islam but you can find it in Hinduism and Christianity.

    Over the years, I believe these fanatic preachers have done a lot of harm to Islam than outsiders; those issuing fatwas for no apparent reason, supporting most ridiculous things like stoning a woman to death or stitching c****** till the girl is married off. Since most of this happens in developing countries, it becomes a major part of debate and a big issue. Big issue, it is and everyone should condemn and stop it.

    So true Solilo..There beard people or whatever you anem them are busy poking at others nose..They have time to issue fatwa against Sania’s skirt,but they ahve no time to react when some mad man issues fatwa as ‘Talaq in drunken state is valid’..Holy hell,alchohol is forbidden then how come such an important matter of divorce be done in drunken state..There are fatwas as like the way i said,but muslims disappointed me by remaining silent while this shit came..Silence by the majority has done great harm..There are many muslims who condone this early marriage..I hate them -Nimmy

  4. And Nimmy. Yes! I am a Malayali and my friend’s last name is Joseph. We were friends for a brief period in Kanpur, UP.

  5. Great post Nimmy.It is said that 40% of Child marriage in the World takes place in India and majority of them are not Muslims..I do not know how ppl can say yes to child marriage.
    “In actuality, child marriage is a violation of human rights, compromising the girls’ development and often resulting in early pregnancy and social isolation, with little education and poor vocational training reinforcing the gendered nature of poverty. The right to ‘free and full’ consent to a marriage is recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – with the recognition that consent cannot be ‘free and full’ when one of the parties involved is not sufficiently mature to make an informed decision about a life partner”. Says UNICEF.

    Thanks for sharing that bit Doctor..I don’t mean that ‘Since non muslims are doing this ,muslims can too do’..NO,wrong is always wrong..But people are doing it unfair by generalizing -Nimmy

    • ruSh.Me
    • January 19th, 2009

    Bravery award for Asu Kanwar who stood against marrying a 35-yr old slight disabled man…

    Its good that these things are getting noticed, but the point is, when it will become a mainstream issue, not just a headline!!???

    Thanks for sharing Reshmi..Yes,Change happens only when these stories are given as main news and are followed up by discussions leading to a change in attiude and giving courage for women to make their own choice.. -Nimmmy

  6. hey Nimmy,

    you are so very right. Child marriage is not just an islamic phenomenon at all.

    The only trouble is that the prophet by marrying a nine year old left a precedent thats used and abused by people when they wish.

    Many hindu girls are also married of pre-puberty and the excuse this time is the tradition of the region or family. I tried to stop the marriage of my maid who was 16 but couldnt. some silly traditions are too deeply ingrained.

    Pinku,honestly,i feel embarassed and doubtful about that matter.I read from many sources that Aysha was in late teenage years,17-18nyears when she amrried Prophet..They claim so using historical proofs of Fathima,Prophet’s daughter’s age etc etc..Will post it soon -Nimmy

  7. Straight from the heart as always. As you said, religion and culture are different but for some reason poeple want to imitate the culture, not the religious practices and that is where the problems begin! In any case, in India child marriage is considered bad, by all communities, and its against the law and so it should be. It is a societal practice, and as you said, nothing to do with religion but from the times when women did not go to school. Why, men did not go to schoool then either! We were an agricultural nation primarily. Life has changed now.


    Yes,times have changed and so the norms of culture and tradition.But some people are struck there.. -Nimmy

  8. No, Nimmi, child marriages are not restricted to Islamic communities.

    In Indian states like Rajasthan/ Bihar child marriages still take place commonly. This practice has a lot of popular support.

    Take the case of Bhavari Devi, who was gang-raped for opposing child marriages in Rajasthan.

    However, I notice that with the rise in education levels of women, the resistance to child marriages also rises. In the Hindu communities, this resistance is on the increase.

    Manju,yes,i read that news..So sad it is happening in our country.. So true that education will empower the girl to amke her own choice to some extent..
    Honestly speaking,i neevr seen or heard of child marriages,nor any muslim or christian or hindu..I come from kerala and i guess that the higher level of women education and empowerment is the reason.That said,i have heard of child marriages in Malabar(northern kerala)..Also,It is a true fact that something called ‘Mysore marriage’ happens in nothern ends of kerala,where people from Mysore and all come here and take away teenagers as brides..this explotitation happens mostly for dowry and many of them are cases of polygamy.Hell,these people are muslims..

    But in all,as you said,child amrriage is in decline due to social pressure and better living sstandards and options..Good day Manju -Nimmy

    You will be better able to say than I, what the case is in Indian Muslim communities.

    • Chirag
    • January 19th, 2009

    Nimmy Child Marriage is definitely a crime in India however we still see a lot of cases in the rural India. Religion is has been used as a tool to do some really filthy stuff.

    As a comment pointed out, irrespective of religion a lot depends on the mothers being educated changes a lot of thing for the children.

    Forced marriages is a crime in Islam,buit we see lot happening..Fault is not with lack of rules,but unwillingness to obey them..Majority of human beings are hypocrites 🙂 -Nimmy

  9. Irrespective of religion, such barbaric practises still do take place. The only good thing is, I do think that people are changing and child marriage esp is on the wane.. Education is certainly the key! Lets hope, we get to see an India where Child Marriages donot take place!

    True Smitha,edcuated girls are less prone to these kind of forced marriages..We must work out a long way when atleast a majority of our girls are educated… Education and empowerment gives them the confidence to live life with ehads not put dwon -Nimmy

  10. Well researched writeup. Laws are all about implementation. And, it gets all the tougher when it touches emotions and religion. In this specific case, it’s science and well-acknowledged opinions that should take precedence over anything else. A strong state administrative machinery is important. And that’s what India lacks.

    Maybe bcoz we are a large population that the government finds it difficult to maange us,irrespective of all great laws we have..I don’t know,but if our laws had been put into action,we would ahve been a perfect nation -Nimmy

    • Aam Insaan
    • January 20th, 2009

    Press Releases
    Oct 15, 2007
    Indian Government Releases Final Report for New National Health Survey
    The much-awaited final report of the 2005-06 National Family Health Survey (NFHS-3) was released on Thursday, October 11th, by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare at an official ceremony at the Ashok Hotel, New Delhi. The report offers the first-ever comprehensive picture of the health and well-being of India’s men, women, and children.

    At a ceremony in New Delhi, Mission Director of the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), Shri G.C. Chaturvedi, said findings from NFHS-3 have added substantially to the knowledge base about the health and family welfare situation of the country and will be a valuable source of information for making further improvements in health and family welfare policies and programmes.

    The new report paints a mixed picture of India’s overall health. On the one hand, women are having fewer children and infant mortality has dropped in the seven-year period since the last NFHS survey in 1998-99. On the other hand, anaemia and malnutrition are still widespread among children and adults. And, in an unusual juxtaposition, more adults, especially urban women, are overweight or obese than seven years ago.

    For the first time, the survey measured HIV prevalence at the national level and for selected states (Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Manipur, Tamil Nadu, and Uttar Pradesh). The NFHS-3 survey found an HIV prevalence rate of 0.28 percent for the population age 15-49. The important new information about HIV prevalence from NFHS-3 has spurred the Government of India and international agencies to greatly reduce the official estimate of Indians living with HIV from more than 5 million persons to 2.47 million. This change has had a major impact on the global estimate of persons living with HIV.

    NFHS-3, the third in the NFHS series of surveys, provides information on population, health and nutrition in India and each of its 29 states. Unlike the earlier surveys in which only ever-married women age 15-49 were eligible for individual interviews, NFHS-3 interviewed all women age 15-49 and all men age 15-54. The survey is based on a sample of households which is representative at the national and state levels. NFHS-3 conducted interviews with almost 199,000 women age 15-49 and men age 15-54 throughout India.1 NFHS-3 also tested more than 100,000 women and men for HIV and 214,000 adults and young children for anaemia.

    NFHS-3 provides trend data on key indicators and includes information on several new topics, such as HIV/AIDS-related attitudes and behaviour, male involvement in family welfare and attitudes about family life education for children in school.

    More key findings from the final report are highlighted below.

    Family Planning Use Up, Fertility Down
    Smaller families are slowly becoming the norm in India. Fertility has continued to decline since NFHS-2, dropping to an average of 2.7 children per woman from 2.9 children per woman. Ten states, mostly in Southern India, have reached replacement level or below replacement level fertility. While son preference remains a barrier to more rapid decline in fertility, an increasing number of women who have only daughters say that they want no more children. In NFHS-3, 62% of women with two daughters and no sons say they want no more children, compared with 47% in NFHS-2.

    Declining fertility in large part is due to women’s increased use of contraception. For the first time ever, more than half of currently married women in India are using contraception, and their use of modern contraceptive methods increased from 43% to 49% between NFHS-2 and NFHS-3. A rise in the average age at marriage is also contributing to the drop in fertility. Forty-seven percent of women ages 20-24 were married before the legal age of marriage of 18 years, compared with 50% seven years earlier. This shift in age at marriage also influences the median age at first birth, which increased by six months to 19.8 years for women age 25-49.

    Aam Insaan,thanks a ton for the report…It was very much informative and insightful..

    anaemia and malnutrition are still widespread among children and adults. And, in an unusual juxtaposition, more adults, especially urban women, are overweight or obese than seven years ago.

    In NFHS-3, 62% of women with two daughters and no sons say they want no more children, compared with 47% in NFHS-

    These both are the main or central issues..Urban women ahve become obese bcoz they work less now..Maybe due to higher standards to living and lack of physical work..Sad that tons of food are wasted when kids are in malnutrition..

    And the last point is very much glad to ehar..The chnage in attitude alone will help us for a better and solid tomorrow 🙂 Do come again -Nimmy

  11. Hi nimmy, this is a wonderful post. The comment made me to laugh at him, as in hindu religion also child marriages are there and i know many marriages happened for the girls before 15 or 16. The parents will fix the marriages before the age of 8. What an idiotic practice? And these people must refrain linking religions with those immoral things followed by them

    People will do whatever they want,no matter how many ,laws we have..Of not for religion,they will lean on somethign else and try to justify their crap acts..I hope both men and women create awreness against this slavery in the name of child marriage-Nimmy

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