What have you done so far,as to wipe out the menace of terrorism?

Nobody wants to speak about terrorism until and unless a blast occurs. Once there happens such a sad incident, we all get back to attacking mode. We slam the government, we slam the religion, and we slam each other until we are bored. Again we find bliss in escapism until the cycle repeats. Maybe it’s high time that we recognize that killing those individuals will not help us for getting rid of the menace. If it had been so, there should have been peace established long before..


To me, the process of banning organizations or detain individuals makes no much difference as in concern the bigger frame. Rather than just applying corticosteroids that deludes us to feel that wound has been healed, maybe we should look and act beyond the peripheral and go deep into the psyche of the people who join these terror groups. The scenario may seem simple, but to my understanding, there are complex links between the causes of terrorism and the role various actors play in promoting and combating them. Rather than just a group of people committing a crime, recent incidents tells us more of involvement from various strata ,may it be from the bureaucratic level or by those major players of our civil society and above all, the criminal elements.


I may not be wrong when I try to list down the reasons for the support of the killer ideology as related to exclusion, injustice, alienation,helplessness,despair,ignorance and prejudice. Terrorist leaders feed on there factors and exploit them whenever they find a sympathetic audience and thus gather support for their outfits. In today’s global village, injustice in one corner can easily be used to raise support in another part of the world. That maybe the reason why we see lot of people raising their voice against the plight of Gaza-ians and Darfur-ians,even when Kashmiri Pundits of their own land are under the same plight. It may not be that they don’t care about Pundits,but lines of correlation are drawn between one’s despair and people of Gaza or Iraq.They feed on what is being fed. To a hungry cow, it doesn’t matter whether Ram or Muhammed or Jacob is feeding him. If his needs are met, he will be ready to join that side which suits him more.


If gunning down these people had helped, we would have been in a state of bliss by now.If it was that easy or simple ,wonder why we are still struggling to deal with them? Unless you kill the idea that gives birth to such elements, the problem will continue to bother you time and time again. What have we(read Government) done in the regard? As of now all that done has alienated people from the main stream resulting in further aggression or feel of discrimination. Am I wrong?


To my understanding, the only solution for this menace is to support community-driven development and thereby build the capacity of communities to resist extreme religious and political ideologies-may it be jihadist or the hindutva stuff. Why not encourage interfaith dialogues between religious and community leaders so that there is more of transparency and tolerance. On a more important note it may do wonders of our media is regulated. I needn’t rant as to what is and how is our media delivering as of today. Above all, we should give greater attention to job opportunities and education for youth as to prevent the emergence of fragile segments of population. If people have their own business to mind and are rightly informed-may it be religious or political ideologies- and with the addition of a closely knit community relations, I wonder who on earth will bother to mind others business. Finally, rather than keeping eyes closed and be in bliss, we need to analyze how the concept of ‘Global Village’ affected our nation and look into facts and understand the trend of how the various strata of our society in general are functioning. I doubt if we can say that India is really shining..


Good day to all..Do share your thoughts..

p.s:My headline for the psot seems weird, can’t think of anything better ..

    • Harshad Joshi
    • January 25th, 2009

    I support Israel.

    If Islamics can follow their kuran, whats the harm if Israelis are following whats written in Torah..!

    Nimmy…you can squabble as much as you want, but the truth is, more people support israel, rather then islam..!

    Wow, just look at the Israeli armour, looks so cool..I am loving it..


    • Aam Insaan
    • January 25th, 2009

    “I may not be wrong when I try to list down the reasons for the support of the killer ideology as related to exclusion, injustice, alienation,helplessness,despair,ignorance and prejudice.”

    —Is the Author legitimizing & sympathizing with the Killer creed, are the reasons listed, valid grounds for committing massacre & mayhem, commonly termed as terrorism, & is it applicable across the board, or is it the prerogative of select ones?

    I never said that I am talking about muslim terrorists..what less qualification do Shiv Sena activits have?Are those guys of Bajrangdal any less?Oh well,maybe the number of killings in one’s honour on both sides may not be propotionate,but raping and tearing wombs is not less any evill..

    Of course i am sympathizing with their causes and hence talking about them.And this include all jihadists who are out to kill people and also includes goons like Thackery and his followers and yes Dal guys and again it includes peopel like Maoists and all types of people who use terror to gain things..Terrorism is not anybody’s birth right or monopoly..Tell me something,how long will we keep blinding ourselves ranting about violent verses,spread by sword,hindu rastra and bla bla bla..Are we to keep discussing and discussing for ever or are we to make a difference? Its our choice.-Nimmy

  1. “What have I done so far,as to wipe out the menace of terrorism?”

    Sadly! I think nothing. We are enraged, we blame a certain section of people, politicians and then all of us move on with life.

    On one hand we talk about rampant corruption one of the root causes of terrorism and on the other hand we would hesitate to pass of a buck or two to get things done fast. It is that notion which turns into corruption and then they whole system is flawed.

    I hope we can vow to make difference there. The saddest thing is when educated people become pessimistic and have no faith in the system.

    BTW your header looks fresh and beautiful with that Green cup, tea bag and a slice of lemon.

    Solilo,honestly speaking,me too haven’t done anything in the regard..I am thinking of sponsoring a child’s education or something like that.Isn’t that affordable to you and me? IF atleast 50% people capable of doing that will do anythign like this,within their religious or geogrphical community,i am sure it will amke some difference,atleast in long term..But all we know is to pass comments sittting in cozy sofas..I regularly visit some blogs that spit the most venemous hatred..But now i am used to it..The hate is never ending and it spreads like a virus,provided we don’t do anything in the regard..More and more poeple have lost their trust,not only in the system,but with each other..We talk about big big things,but what is the use when neighbours don’t trust each other? Everybody is silent now,maybe they are keeping all words ins tore for the next blast and killing -Nimmy

  2. Nimmy,I broadly agree with what you have said.I have posted something similar in my blog too immediately after the terror strike in Mumbai.The personnel relations between Hindus and Muslims are at a bad state in most places in India.We all can contribute to improve it. Trying to know each other’s point of view better is important. One should actively cultivate friendship with members of other religions.Members of respective religions should try to isolate the extremists in their religion.

    The problem with us,we who aren’t directly affected by this terror is that we easily forget what happened..Afterall,it is just another news to us..If time will heal,i don’t see any less hate around..Both sides are becoming more and more secluded.As to isolate extremists,first of all we must be in harmony with the whole community and also with other groups..This is not an island,where people of respective religions can lead an isolated life.When i have a heart attack,can i phone my relative or friend,30 km away or should i call my hindu neighbour who lives next door? When there is a fire in his house,whould he wait for fire force to come,or should he ask me to help? I have no idea what are we going to do with this hate.. -nimmy

  3. Hi Nimmy,
    Unfortunately, I am not sure there are answers for the pertinent questions you have raised.
    The way I see it is that I am at the mercy of the terrorists. My survival is a question of being physically present at the time and place of their attack.
    Till then, live and let live!

    🙂 No comments Salil..Good day -Nimmy

  4. Nimmy we have another kind of terrorism in this country that neds equally stringent action. What happened in Mangalore yesterday was also an act of terrorism. … this terror is worse because this is not even treated like terrorism…

    IHM,regarding today’s issues,i am sharing with you my comment as i shared with Nita..

    What is Sri Rama Sena

    Sri Rama Senais a pro-Hindu apolitical organization based in Hubli and promoted by Promod Mutalik, who floated the organization after parting ways with the BJP a few years ago. The organization is known for celebrating all Hindu festivals on a grand scale. But is infamous for creating communal tensions and moral policing. It claims to be a “protector” of swadeshi ideology and Hindutva.


    That says it all..Just the same way Taliban believes that they are appointed by gos to preserve modesty and justice in their land,these guys too belive that God or Mother India appointed them to make all indians walk along the so-called lines of modesty..

    People of both these groups should be lokced together in dark rooms and keys thrown away in deep sea..

    Trust me,these kinds of things will keep on increasing..why?Bcoz we are impotents that we just keep watching the show..This has been happening here and there since many years and no action was taken..What did happens to sena guys who were moral policing there?Extremists of all groups are gainging strength bcoz we (read government..am i wrong?)are not keen in setting things right..

    I had a great laugh today morning bcoz responses against this incident came from Women leaders alone..From Renuka and from NCW..lol..Is this just a feminist or whatever matter of concern alone? Where is the law and order spokesman responding??

    As long as these type of dramas continue,goons and mullahs like this will regin..We can just keep complaining..It is our fault that we have choosen bad leaders.. -Nimmy

  5. Nimmy, regarding the recent terror attack in Mumbai, there is something we can do- that is teach Pakistan a lesson.

    By this I do not necessarily mean war. That is of course a last resort. Sanctions on trade, snapping diplomatic ties, bringing pressure through other countries- these are measures that are possible for our government.

    But when we keep agreeing that Pakistan is a victim of terror like ourselves- we are giving it a way out. If terrorist organizations are flourishing there, it is the duty of Pakistan to wipe them out, and we must put pressure on them to do so.

    Re: clashes between communities within our country-
    One point- I agree we do nothing but discuss. Maybe we cannot do anything directly. But some things are possible for us.

    We do not know how underprivileged people in our country live. What their problems are. The only way we come into contact with underprivileged people are through maids, etc. who work for us.

    We should do some volunteer work through which we can get to know people from other communities, other classes, other walks of life than our own. Only then will we feel an affinity with them. Then there will be less chance of us thinking of them as ‘different’ from us and less chance of misunderstandings and clashes. We should try to get to know others with an open mind.

    Sorry for the long post- but this is something I feel strongly about.

    Pls don’t say sorry and all Manju..The longer the comment,the more we share thoughts..

    I agree with what you said about Pakistan..It is a country that has went upside down and it will take 423875628 centuries to set it right..Forget about APksitan,we needn’t care about it..Atleast we could bother and talk about our own nation..Manju,pls forgive me for my conspiracy-friendly mind,but i think that it is too bollywood-ish to imagine 10 men coming from baots,filled with arms,get inside Taj,shoot down everybody…ALL BY THEMSELVES…Till now,we haven’t heard anything other than this..I can’t imagine them doing this without any local support..In this post,i am trying to address that locals( of course,maybe non existent) who betrayed their nation for some cause of theirs.I am not jsutifying their actions,instead,trying to address the reason why they do so to their own homeland.Afterll,above all religious identities,one must be abel to identify onself as Indian primarily and then only comes other baggages of caste,color and creed-maybe i am right,maybe i am wrong..

    Regarding issues within ourselves,yes,as you said communication alone will help..Nothing more,nothing less..But what are we doing now?We are trying to draw more and more lakshmana rekhas within each other..-Nimmy

    • Aam Insaan
    • January 26th, 2009

    “I never said that I am talking about muslim terrorists..”
    Firstly, I didn’t mention a particular terrorism, you jumped to conclusion, but then you self- identify with it-“,but raping and tearing wombs is not less any evill..” – are you hinting at the Gujarat massacre or is it The Mophlah genocide?

    —“ Of course i am sympathizing with their causes and hence talking about them.” “ are we to make a difference? Its our choice”

    —By sympathizing with their causes, you are identifying & strengthening their causes, by looking into justifications of their heinous crimes, you are legitimizing their course of action, what greater diff. can an individual make but by stopping to identify & sympathize with such irreparable human machines…ofcourse each is free to choose his line of thinking…but I sincerely doubt whether accusations & counter-accusations will ever lead to any progressive diff…but towards more alienation, surely…

    Aam Insaan,sure i do identify myself with this bcoz i have stopped playing hide and seek..There is a problem and i believe that identification of the problem is the best step towards the solution.

    By symapthizing at their causes,how did you infer that i sympathize or support their killing and other crimes??This is a double edged sword..This is like Bush yelling ‘Either you are with me,or you are with the terrorists’..Hell,isn’t there a middle stand where one tries to understand one said and work for solution ,but not that being done presently..Even if i sympathize or not,people,hindu or musilm or christian,they will continue to hate and act the way they want..so why not try to see things from their point of view and try to make a difference in the right direction.Afterll,until today,we the majority are still sane ..Maybe we don’t know what to do.I don’t say that i am right..But what if we keep gunning them down..For how long will we keep doing this Aam insaan?Even if we do that,will we get any guarenteed peace?Insated,if we try to reach out to our immediate communtiy atleast,we can be sure that none among them will turn terrorists..

    Blasting bombs alone is not terrorism..What about those illeterate jobless guys back of Thackery.Pls give them some ducation and provide job opportunites,they will not go on streets buring buses or ruining shops and destroy others lives..They do it bcoz they have no life of their own and they decide fate of others..

    I am just saying,maybe i don’t make any sense.But i am feeling bad about the whole stuff,its really really bad..-Nimmy

    • Harshad Joshi
    • January 26th, 2009

    Nimmy disguises herself as a (pseudo) secular philanthropist, but in reality, she is a typical middle east islamic supporter who cleverly hides islamic atrocities and only pokes her nose when others speak the truth…!

    I tolerate your comments/rants bcoz i want this to remin here as an example-example for people on how not be .Remember,commenting is a privilege,not a right..Inspite of you sending me email by calling names,you are still here talking on my blog,bcoz i choose to.. You are welcome to make healthy discussion and share thoughts..It is your choice as to choose whether to act smart or act dumb..Good day -Nimmy

  6. I think you should not entertain trolls especially if they are troubling you on personal emails too.

    hmm..I agree Reema..Will take care next time..-Nimmy

  7. Nimmy, I agree that all of us need to do our bit and I think having an unprejudiced mind and love and respect for all religions is very important.
    At the same time not evreyone who suffers injustice and pain becomes a terrorist. I think that parenting is very important. Children from loving families do not become terrorists. They try and fight the injustice and try to make a good life for themselves. I believe the first duty of all citizens. Raise your children with the right values and raise them with love. Everything begins at home. Blaming and pointing fingers at others never works.

    You have shared a great point Nita..I missed it..Parenting is a great duty and oh well,it is the basic foundation of a soceity..Yes,everything begins at home..When we have a closely knit family bond,,chances of going out of way is less..thanks for sharing this ..-Nimmy

  8. The tiltle is not at all bad. It is the infallible truth. We are doing all we can but we are not doing anything. The interfaith dialogues between religious and community leaders for transparency and tolerance as you suggested may not be a great idea. Limiting as you say, the media, may do wonders, since these days everyone want to be in T.V 🙂 Terrorism is not due to religion. It may have been in a few cases but behind it all someone wanted to become a leader. And as you know a leader becomes a leader when a few to thousands follow him. In India a political rally can have a million attendies from all the nearby villages if money, liquor and a biriyani is given to all. This happens every month in Kerala from where I come. Now imagine me, a villager, a commoner, a jobless, hapless youth who has nothing better to do. I pass the day in the village market circle with friends gaping at cars and other well to do people. Night I go home and dream about hitting the weekly lottery about money. One day I get an invite from my friend to go to the city. He promises me food, 100 Rs and a booze party. Don’t I go? Imagine the situation in which you have only 10 days off in your office and all other holidays taken will be LOP (loss of pay) Do I go?

    The government of India has spent crores in Kasmir trying to resist terrorism. Last month there was a request from the Kashmir ministry to increase the current battalion of 65, 000 to 200, 000. There was also a request for cyber cells and the like. The biggest problem in the valley is unemployment and poverty. What has the govt done for that? If the govt assured jobs to all the youth in the valley with the money spent so far for buying military equipment to tackle terrorism, the valley would have been a safer place. All suicide bombers, all terrorists (including Ajmal Kasav arrested in the Bombay blast) did it for money and not for “Religion”

    Adam and Eve ate the apple possibly because of hunger, God’s word didn’t matter!!!

    I understand your point.But then again why isn’t every unemployed or hungry man becoming a terrorist?I agree that this is a basic concern,but they do evil when coupled with ideologies of nationalism or religion.Again,is it the government’s job alone to seucre jobs to everybody.?? I agree with you that people do it for money.But we have to talk on the religious aspect too bcoz people are insecure about their identity and interfaith dialouges may help build more trust between communities.Are you not aware of people who ahte each other for caste creed and colour??-Nimmy

    • Aam Insaan
    • January 26th, 2009

    There’s a marked difference between identifying the problem & identifying ourselves with the problem, solutions arise from observations & not thru indulgence. Sympathizing with any cause that infringes on the rights of others is equivalent to being a partner to their deeds, the elements that you speak of, i.e. the executors like the bomb blasters & shivsaniks, ramsena et al, are inconsequential, they are mere ammunitions & unraveling their motives is no rocket science, nor does the poverty justifications or any reasons given, hold water, a sick mind needs psychiatric treatment, or if irreversible, either elimination or isolation. Have you witnessed a riot? during a law & order breakdown, in a free for all situation, You’ll be surprised to find the meek clerk of your bank, the humble milkman, the studious & seemingly honest youngsters of your neighbourhood, involved actively in looting, hurting & arson, rather it’s the educated, well-to-do background but lethargic people, who simply want to live-off on others,the parasite type, indulge in such heinous acts, does our modern day education system impart human values or engages the brain in secondhand knowledge accumulation only? having pity on them is a self-defeating exercise, for as long as there exist human emotional defects, such fodder will never be in short supply, but the masterminds behind these acts are in no terms a brain-washed lot, as wrongly presumed, they need no treatment, they are fully aware of their misdeeds & are the one’s who must be mercilessly annihilated or neutralized for the larger interest of the civilized society,

    Aam Insaan,your thoughts have made me think that all my understand about this matter was all wrong..Maybe i don’t get it bcoz i haven’t seen any evil man or woman and hence i lack the insight.Reading alone doesn’t impart the right sense.

    Yes,these guys don’t seem like kidos who aren’t aware of what wrong they are doing.They know the aftereffects,still they do it intentionally..Well,true,they need to be isolated..

    We will discuss your comment as a whole new post..Thanks a lot for sharing..Good day… -Nimmy

    • Aam Insaan
    • January 26th, 2009

    Biju Mattews
    –Kashmirs per capita income is the highest in the country, Bihar has the lowest, so should Bihar resort to terrorism as per your logic?

    • Aam Insaan
    • January 26th, 2009

    “those illeterate jobless guys back of Thackery.Pls give them some ducation and provide job opportunites,they will not go on streets buring buses or ruining shops and destroy others lives..They do it bcoz they have no life of their own and they decide fate of others..”

    —A myth

    Why do you think that most people back of these rallies or protests are mostly illetrate,unemployed and like..I agree with Biju on this.I have seen people being payed money and food for attending rallies and protests.If they has a job or business,i don’t think they will bother to act a dogs wagging tail -Nimmy

  9. “..I am thinking of sponsoring a child’s education or something like that.Isn’t that affordable to you and me?”

    Nimmy, I have been doing that for so many years now. It is a girl from North-East and I am taking care of her education till 21. I am involved in various charities here in my town in US.

    But the question you asked is about terrorism. What can we do to stop it? The first is as I mentioned all of us need to take a vow to never ever give money under the table. Wait…but never do it in the wrong way. Corruption is the main cause of terrorism.

    Nims, don’t entertain trolls. Can’t you id the IP address? Delete it and don’t entertain. They don’t deserve your time or energy or even comment space.

    That was dumb comment from my side Solilo..Now i wonder why i wrote so..Yes,as you said,charity s a different thing.We too pay Zakat correctly (my husband is very particular about it,just saying bcoz most muslims (that includes my father 🙂 ) don’t pay it properly)

    I don’t know..I am so confused..As per Aam Insaan’s comment,nothing except force can prevent or stop all this..I don’t knwo..My mind is toggling between these two ends-two extreme ends..

    Will not entertain trolls anymore..I have got more comemnts from the person,but will not display it anymore -Nimmy

  10. hey, havent read this one….will come back to it later. Just wanted to tell you am well…was out on a vacation so no news.

    Hope things are good with you too…

    Thanks for dropping Pinku..I was worried..Take care -Nimmy

    • Chirag
    • January 27th, 2009

    The title Nimmy says it all and sadly personally I have done nothing I mean nothing to fight extremest. May be I had written something but sadly that it.

    Even i have done only the same Chirag..I feel that we are forgetting it easiyl..Well,we too do have our own life issues,but am afraid that if we keep forgetting each time,the criminals will get more courage to do evils..-Nimmy

    • Aam Insaan
    • January 27th, 2009


    It’s an insult to those who are poor & toil hard to make both ends meet, to club them with ruffians & hooligans, there’s a difference between material poverty & psychological poverty, I have witnessed many a crorepati’s mentally poor…
    there’s also a difference between violence & the right to self-defense…

    Friend,you confuse me..Tell me something,why is it that most of the hooglians are poor,illiterate and unemployed..-Nimmy

  11. Hello Aam Insaan: The per capaita income figures in Kashmir is a big lie. I gather that the only explanation there is for the high capita projection is the huge expansion of the armed forces. India has a presence of over 600,000 military and paramilitary personnel in Kashmir. Now consider their purchasing power in this deserted state of only 10 million. I know that the tourism in the valley has come down but the Army and other officials present the ultimate tourists crowd. Kashmire is known for its silk carpets and shawls and their is a steady buy of agricultural produce like nuts etc. All this is limited to a few farmers and since the population of Kasmir is only 10 million it adds up the per capita income. Bihar is different in so many ways. First of all it has a population of over 80 million. It is uniformaly poor!! But it is self suficient. It is only second to UP and Punjab in agricultural produce. Together with that every household has a cow or two. So self sufficiency and equal wealth does not create problems in the state . But do you know that every household in Bihar also has a country made gun?

  12. Dear Nimmy,

    Caste and creed was made by the society (Read: One Man, One Leader who wanted power) He polished the mind of thousands following him. Take the example of all religions, beliefs, political parties. They have one thing in common. It utilized the naive mind and resource and made him do things to its advantage. Later they became the way of life, the way to live in the society. It taught them its own stupid ideology; how to live life; what to do and what not to do….Right?

    True,i agree..But how does that relate to what we are talking now **scratches head** My point is that there is something beyond poverty or caste or unemployment that promts these people to kill and get killed..I am sharing what i read on pshycology of terrorists..

    terrorist develops gradually from a young age, Fields says. The boys (typically aged 10 to 16) who are easist to recruit for suicide terrorism are “at the stage of development of moral judgment called retributive justice or vendetta.” This “an eye for an eye” stage of emotional development was described by the Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget, she adds.

    In “societies where there’s been intergenerational, intercommunal war,” Fields says, many adults never outgrow the vendetta, and are trapped in righteous indignation, which Fields found among “all the members of all paramilitary organizations I examined. They believe there’s a difference between right and wrong, but when they do something in the name of the cause, it’s justified.”

    First-generation terrorists,” Pearlstein says, “joined for a variety of reasons: social, psychological, and political.” There is evidence that these people suffered “narcissistic injuries” — massive and lasting damage to self-image and self-esteem which may be severe enough to force the discredited self to seek a new, positive identity. “They represented the kind of human raw material that a recruiter for some terrorist organization would find it easy to prey upon,” Pearlstein says. “All had a lack of other satisfying career options. All had no compunctions against the use of violence

    • Aam Insaan
    • January 27th, 2009


    The pop. of the whole state of J&K is not more than 6.5 million & the valley pop. is only 4million, but anyways the poll result has very much discounted all such allegations & analysis, the common man pooh-poohed such claims by positively voting for progress,
    Biju it’s very convenient for us to lead a sufficient & prosperous living & comment on the poor, as being sub-humans & anti-social, taking pleasure in unravelling the ‘mystery of all -ills’ & lay the blame on their shoulders, whereas gleefully take pride in pitying them, so let me tell you- the greatest criminals & all anti-social elements, for that matter even terrorists perpretators come from our, this very, prosperous & well-to-do section of society… you got to travel to laces like Bihar, Vidharba, Jharkhand to experience the plight of the poor of India, ironically their forefathers were very much content in their way of living,depending on natural resources, this poverty is thrust on them by we, the technical advancing section….

  13. Interesting discussion. Problems in Pakistan needs to be addressed.The civil society should be helped in its fight against Islamists.Terrorists attacked and killed in mumbai because they believed they are doing it for Islam and they will be hailed as martyrs.Money for the family may be also a minor factor..
    Kashmir problem is a Nationalist or a sub Nationalist problem mainly. Religion was added to it later by communalists on either side. Increase in job opportunities may distract the youth.But addressing the sub nationalist aspirations with in the broad frame work of Indian Union is also needed.
    Charity may or may not help.But electing good leaders who will really use the Government machinary to uplift the poor may reduce terrorism. Reducing or eliminating injustice is another important step.Functioning democracy and Judiaciary is very important for this.

    I agree with what you said about PAkistan..They have anti-india attitude and fighting against india brings them fame.And yes,they also think that killing people will get them holy 72 sexbombs in heaven 🙄 The extremism should be fought from within.I wish the current government ends up a stable one and do something good for that country.

    I don’t know what to say about KAshmir..Nita has a post on it today.Either you choose A or B,you are trapped..

    By charity,i didn’t mean just money..WE can organize youth communities where every member of the locality is associated with it and with full details of living and work..This si help others and themsleves in case of necessity..If everybody as a strong community relationship,it guess it iwll make dealing with these things more easier..-Nimmy

  14. Hello Aam Insaan,

    There is perpetual truth in your words. We as a nation are at a development phase and ignoring the poor. When and how we can change the scenario are questions. Thank you! TC

  15. Some of the points mentioned above were running in my head too.

    Remember, we started a group and we had a protest in dec ??? Last week, I had a discussion for a new activity with one of the members in the group who apparently replied saying there isnt anything happening in our country to start an activity ! I stared at his ignorance !

    Yes,i remember..Even this post of mine,i am sure atl;east a few would have felt odd ‘Why such a post now,there isn’t any problem now’…I don’t know what to do,i feel that we should do something,but i am now sure of what it is..-Nimmy

  16. Hey I did not mean whole Pak is like that. You should remember the islamists got less than 10 % votes this time. If Obama stopped bombing and helped in nation building of Pak and Afghanistan and stop giving money to pak military situation may change. Bangladesh shows positive signs too. Tell us what action u decided on?

    • Aam Insaan
    • January 28th, 2009

    “Why do you think that most people back of these rallies or protests are mostly illetrate,unemployed and like..” —this is what you’ve seen –well, by the way, on that day they are an employed lot…

    —the hooligans that you talk of are not necessarily incapable of any progressive work, but only that many want to make a fast buck but no work or they enjoy violence, are the Bal Thackeray’s illeterate or poor? who is more poor- the Taxi Driver been beaten up or that MNS goon who’s beating him? Are these terror strikes a cheap proposition? A Mumbai Attack must not have costed not less than Rs. 50 lakhs, do poor folks design such strikes? Kalam had once commented – “How come all the people hanged for their crimes are from the poorest of the poor, do the rich not commit such crimes? & how come none has been ever given a death sentence? He didn’t clear any death sentence until he was President…now that’s what i call ‘clear perception’ & not a generalization of those who are voiceless & unrepresentated…

  17. I think one needs to address the root cause of the problem, not the after effects. Terrorism starts from an oppressed section of society. Nobody chooses terrorism as a hobby.

    🙂 Welcome to my blog..You have a great website.Is that maintanied by a single person??

    I agree,nobody chooses terrorism as a hobby..Even a 199 yrs old man will wish to live more.that said,Aam Insaan has apoint that rich people are behind these things ,but sadly poor poeple are in the lowest level and hence get caught..The original conspirators never get caught and ehnce despite killing so many terrorists,we still have this stuff coming ..Do come again -Nimmy

  18. I really don’t know how we can improve things. Can it be resolved by educating people? Population control? Equality to all?
    But, there are other factors too. Its a booming business. It is used to control people, to instill a fear in them. Its gone way beyond from being a vent for an oppressed community.

    Its gone way beyond from being a vent for an oppressed community.

    So true,it is a booming business with lot of people,lot of money and lot of effort involved..even i don’t know how can it be stopped or atleast reduced.Maybe education will help.. -Nimmy

  19. what i have done until now? nothing 😦 very sad to say that. but i cant do about that much except ranting about them in my blog. I am sure when there is equality, everybody have their own work to do then they cant be misused by those terror organizations. Well said Nimmy. kudos to you 🙂

  1. March 21st, 2009

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