My Valentine’s day -celebrated gulping Zebra Cake..

After all those die-hard posts and discussion on Freedom,I have started hating i feel like writing,something is stopping me,and even when the blogospehere is filled with posts on love in pink,though I wnated to add my 2 cents,I am not able to…I haven’t replied to many comemnts..Please give me some time.Maybe I need a break.But if I don’t put up a post atleast after 4 days,on this day,I would be perceived as anothet talibanized version..

I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s day.I hope that atleast a 50% those who celebrate this day are aware of the story behind..Love each other,not just this day,but everyday,every week,every month,every year and all your life.Never be late to appreciate the other person,for you never know if we would see each other,the next morning..

Our day moved on as just another fine morning.He gifted me a pink bedsheet,which I have yearned for years..I love pink bedsheets,and this one is really sweet and return,I baked him a Zebra cake..Don’t ask me what is the relation between Valentine’s day and Zebra Cake-just experimented a different cake..Initially,I wanted to make a pink cake,but had no idea how to impart the colour to the cake.I thought of baking a cake and frosting with with pink icing..After a few jumps to few confusions,I baked this.


Batter ready to be baked




Straight from the oven



Howz that!!!

Please take a piece of my cake and have a great day.

Good day!!




No evil eyes please,I can’t take any more stomach pain 😉

  1. Thank you, NImmy, that looks gorgeous, and you are a magician to have created that 🙂

    And hope the Val. Day has brought so much more love and laughter too 🙂

    Wishes, that it stays with you and grows too 🙂

    🙂 Thanks Usha ..That was too kind of you to say like that..

    V’ day was spent crying ***sob sob*** bcoz both daughter and father bullied me and i fell down from bed atleast 6-7 times ,poor me …hmm,gotta take revenge 😉 -Nimmy

  2. Nimmy..will be back in a bit to comment:)…m online but some work 😦
    wanted to let you know that hop over to Poonam’s blog..she has written about the protest really well:)

    we WILL meet some day…

  3. and oH!Happy Valentine’s Day to a strong woman who knows her mind!:)


    Hey hey,that comment made my day :)..You are indeed a brave girl,one among the few who stand with own’s words..I am proud that you held a protest in Delhi.As i said,i am sure,someday,sooner,your efforts willl bec ome fruitful .Keep up the spirit. -Nimmy

  4. Oh my mouth is watering
    May result a river!


    🙂 lol..Thanks Vikas..I will ship you the cake thru the resulting river -Nimmy

  5. Wow!!!! yummy! Happy Valentine’s Day


    🙂 thanks Reema..I hope you too had a great day,read your post ,yet to comment .. -Nimmy

  6. the cake looks delicious! 🙂

    Happy Valentines Day to you and your loved ones too! 🙂


    🙂 thanks Pixie..I hope you too had a great day .. -Nimmy

  7. lol!I am so thankful too:)Didnt want to write after freedom posts it almost became a full length post here in your comments section as well as two posts on mine..
    I was going to die I am telling you! 😀

    but thankfully protests came along not to mention PCC and Valentine day with mush and hearts:D

    I love this cake..:)and how did you make it?:O
    *ahem*at pink bedsheets…though I know you can give me a look that says ”you impertinent girl!”
    :D..but still it was cute..:D
    and the cake more so..:)
    I know you must have had a lovely Valentine:)

    PS:-you will have a tummy ache coz u are eating it alone:(…..(not us na?)

    God bless you and your loved ones:)


    lol,even I got exhausted just reading all your comments,so i can guess how you Charakan and all felt.I am yet to reply to c omments on last post on freedom-bcoz i am drained out fo thoughts..Thanks God that Valentine’s day came,else there wouldn’t have been a break to it.

    Will post recipe one day..gosh,Pinku has asked me to psot another recipe,will post all of them together..

    lol..”you impertinent girl!”..chup chup chup… lol..

    Yeah,I thought of you all while eating the cake 😉

    ((hugs))) Have a great day -Nimmy

  8. Nimsum, Do you promise me to make one when I visit you? Only then I will accept this e-send one.

    Yum..yum..drool drool….

    You MUST have a food blog too. What a creation lady!

    Happy V-Day to you and F 🙂


    will cook you biriyani,cakes soups anything and everything you like,but promise to meet me some day ..Hope you both too had a great day ..-Nimmy

  9. Kothi….vayya…njanum bake chayyan ponu..


    🙂 Good luck( not only to your baking ,but to my stomach for escaping your kothi) -Nimmy

  10. Okay I missed this one..Pink bedsheets 😉 What happened after that? Can you blog about that?

    :D:D:D Let me run before you brand me a spammer.

    ha ha..Badmash…chal hut….lol…-Nimmy

    • Dev
    • February 15th, 2009

    “Please take a piece of my cake and have a great day”
    Nimmy jee, how can we have this piece of cake?
    Photo se kaam nahi chalega…courier it to me 🙂
    Happy V day to you and everybody else !


    🙂 Yeah,sure..Sent me your address 🙂 -Nimmy

  11. lol 😛 at being branded as another talibanised version 😛 but that won’t happen 🙂

    belated v-day wishes and ya love all 🙂

  12. u r sure to have stomach pains and all problms related to stomach !!!U have been posting images of your cakes without any consideration for the fellow bloggers. How can you ???? enganey manassu varunnu idinokke ??? 😀

    • Dev
    • February 15th, 2009

    You have a big heart. :). Ok, I will eat it this time from my own pocket, but this cake is due on you whenever we meet in real. 🙂

  13. I was not aware of a Zebra Cake! I am struggling at this time of the night to do a simple Potato curry!! Anyways, you have been tagged on the topic “Slow Melodious and Soulful Songs”.

    Destination Infinity

  14. herez a thot- u cud have made the zebra cake into a pink and white cake… keeping the method of preparation the same, instead of adding cocoa to half the batter you could have added a few drops of edible pink colour.. or may be added puree/small pieces of strawberry to it… those are random thots..the zebra cake looks good the way it is!!send some over!:D

    • Solilo
    • February 16th, 2009

    You changed bg? Me too. Same pinch.

  15. Why dont you start a blog on cookery Nimmy… belated valentine day wishes 🙂


    🙂 This was initially a food blog…lol..Thanks for your words Kanagu,hope you too has a great day -Nimmy

  16. U have to tell me how you manage those rings how come I never can….not fair!!!!

    Happy Valentine’s day….now and always!!


    😦 Sorry Pinku,next post i will surely post the recipe I promised -Nimmy

  17. The cake looks delightful Nimmy.

    And the pink bed sheet because you always wanted it is really very Valentine!!
    I also generally want no the regular gifts but just something that strikes, so I can imagine the joy a much wanted sheet might be! (But I prefer red or black!)

    🙂 You are so nice IHM… Red or Black!! Thatz my fav combination.but not as bedsheeet -Nimmy

  18. Email me some of that cake, it looks heavenly


    lol,will ship it to you 🙂 -Nimmy

  19. this is so super scrummptious that i want to jump into the monitor for it!


    When you are fine,I will bake you a grand cake,no worries 🙂 -Nimmy

  20. I would love to have it, even on a normal day, like today or tomorrow.

    • Milind Kher
    • February 21st, 2009


    Pink bedsheets is a dream come true, isn’t it? All girls love bedsheets, and so many love the color pink.

    And judging by the look of the cake, it seems quite sinful, so I am sure you must have ENJOYED.

    Wish you luck with your monitor.

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