Goodbye and Best wishes ..

Hi all…


With this post,my blogging life is coming to an end-atleast for a while. We are relocating to India.Earlier too we had made this decision,and I had a bye-bye post,but then things changed and we came back.But now,the final decision ahs been made and we will (InshaAllah) travel by 29th of this month and oh well,the internet will be offline since day after tomorrow 😦


The about me page has always been ‘Under Construction’.. There isn’t anything special ‘about me’. As many of you know,I come from India,Kerala .One of my reader asked me if I am 50 yrs,please don’t make me an old lady,I am just half of that.I am a software engineer by qualification,but currently a housewife or homemaker or stay at home mom or whatever the hell you call it. Once back in India,I hope to have a career or complete my MBA course which I had to drop half way. I am not a very religious person,but Islam-bashers helped to evoke interest in me to learn what Islam is all about,so I owe my current knowledge to them..Thanks 🙂


This is my 141-th post with Total views: 46,118 and Busiest day: 622 — Tuesday, February 24, 2009 .I always wanted to write about many issues as like Joint families , abortions, adoption,Sharia etc etc,but couldn’t. Maybe I would have made it if my blog had been under a psuedoname and at times,I couldn’t frame my own solid view. But well,I have enjoyed writing/ranting under my real name and I thank all of you for your participation and contribution and I am sure some of you will remmeber ‘Nimmy’ once in a while 🙂 I  write for comments and I have no shame admitting that. I shared my random and confused thoughts ,seeking your further input so that I could frame my opinion. And I must say that all of you have contributed in your own way and helped my in various aspects..I will remember everyone of you.I don’t want to list out a name as I fear that ,just in case I forget anybody’s name,it may hurt them. So, this is my virtual hug to all you out there (((hugs))) 🙂


I have many pending tags,by Cris,Vishesh and IHM ..I am sorry for not completing them,but I will remember the tags so that they will give me  a kick start- on that day on which I could resume blogging. I have tried to answer as many comments as possible,and I am sorry for the left out ones. Hardly have I choose to leave out the reply intentionally.Many a times,comments on older posts are the ones that I miss.I am really sorry and I appreciate and thank you again for all your nice words and inputs.


I hope atleast some of you might have learned or got a new insight,atleast a micron ,from my posts. This is a all-purpose blog that was a stupid one,later turned into a food blog and then evolved into a current affairs and religious stuff blog.I hope you enjoyed the journey **sob sob** lol,my rant is becoming crap and sentimental.I better stop before my keyboard gets drowned in my tears 😉


IHM has a new post on personality test.I took the test and this is my result. You can take the test here.


Click to view my Personality Profile page




ESFP Strengths


  • Enthusiastic and fun-loving, they make everything enjoyable
  • Clever, witty, direct, and popular, people are drawn towards them
  • Earthy and sensual
  • Down to earth and practical, able to take care of daily needs
  • Artistic and creative, they’re likely to have attractive homes
  • Flexible and diverse, they “go with the flow” extremely well
  • They can leave bad relationships, although it’s not easy
  • Try to make the most of every moment
  • Generous and warm-hearted



ESFP Weaknesses



  • May be frivolous and risky with money
  • Tend to be materialistic
  • Extreme dislike of criticism, likely to take things extremely personally
  • Likely to ignore or escape conflict situations rather than face them
  • Lifelong commitments may be a struggle for them – they take things one day at a time
  • Don’t pay enough attention to their own needs
  • Tendency to neglect their health, or even abuse their bodies


I think it is almost correct.But I can feel that I am changing.. **sigh** I hope I evolve into a better state and not the other way round..


I would like to know what do you think of me as a person 🙂


Good Day and Best Wishes to all you out there ..




    • ruSh.Me
    • March 19th, 2009

    OH!! Good to know that you are moving to India.. I hope you enjoy all that..
    Wishing you all the best for the journey and moving!!

  1. Nimmy! I am going to miss you soooo much!! Do start blogging again – once you have settled down, of course! May be you could start another blog with a psuedonym when you come back 🙂 – but do keep this going so that we can be in touch with you 🙂 Your posts certainly had a lot of information – I always admired the amount of research you did for each of your posts! Do try and come back to blogging.

    Take care and have a smooth move and lots of hugs – will miss you a lot! Come back soon.


    wow… thats great !!!! India is the place to be !!

    we will miss you sigh !!

    and hey you extravert in your real life ??? i thought you were an intovert !!! perhaps i know lil of you to be commenting !

    but have fun and come back soon ! 🙂

  3. Oye!! come back soon samjhi.

  4. This is really really very disheartening for me. I am not going to be polite and say anything nice, just try your best and continue blogging from India. I am sure you will, and I look forward to seeing you again. Love this blog and absolutely admire the courageous, unbiased, bold, intelligent, very ‘forward'(;D), honest, a practical reformer who hates injustice (who doesn’t?) … and wants to fight against it.
    Also open and frank …

    This blog is amazing and if you do not continue to update it will not show up in searches, so you better update, maybe once every fifteen days if you can’t update it more often …

    Came here to get the url link of your UCC post and found this disappointment waiting here.

  5. You are taking an off? 😦
    but moving to India? 😀
    I dont know why I am going ayya! except that chances of meeting here are higher 😀

    please come back soon to the blogworld bilkul jaldi se! 😀

    I agree with each word of IHM’s 🙂
    You write about issues that are relevant and quite boldly too!

    You are just like this from what I know of you :)”Artistic and creative, they’re likely to have attractive homes ”
    I remember all your pics:)

    and this is what it says about ESFPs

    ”FP like action and excitement, and are able to link together people and resources. Because they accept and deal with people as they are, they are able to understand what is necessary in order to motivate them to get jobs done. They prefer a work setting that is lively, action oriented, and harmonious.”:)
    hai na? 🙂

    Will miss you 😦
    (((Hugs)) 🙂
    love 🙂 come back ASAP 🙂

    • Milind Kher
    • March 19th, 2009


    I find you a remarkably friendly and tolerant person. I find that you have a lot of patience too. It has always been a pleasure visiting your blog. Hope you come back to it soon.

    Maybe, in the interim I will email you.

    As for coming to India, Khushamdeed!

  6. All the best for your future endeavors. I thought that this blog dealt more often with controversial topics but still you managed to win the respect of the readers. That’s tough, but you were able to do it. So congrats.

    Destination Infinity

  7. Shocking news. You will be really MISSED. I second everything IHM said. I admire ur courage the most in selecting difficult and controversial topics for discussion. u watched in the side lines as some of us slugged it out:-) I am sure you wont be able to stay away from blogging for a long time. Atmosphere here in Kerala should surely stimulate u to blog. Hope the situation in ur home will be congenial for blogging. If in anyway my comments hurt you my apologies. It was never intentional. Bye

  8. Oh.. you will be missed for sure. so do make sure you get back to blogging from India. We’ll love to see ur posts.. All the best! 🙂

  9. 🙂 622? that is good,my highest is just about half of that 🙂 that shows you wrote things which people wanted to read 🙂 come back soon 🙂

  10. Good luck with the move and with your higher education/career.

  11. Nims, I didn’t read the content first but just the title and kept thinking what prompted you to say goodbye. After 10 mins or so I read and realized that the reason is your move to India.

    I must say that I was relieved reading that this is just a temporary adieu and you will be back with zest. Kerala has changed a lot and it will give you more reasons to rant and for us to ponder on and sometimes just amuse ourselves.

    Will miss you for sure but I know that this change is for your good. I mean for you to settle down in your home town. I am waiting for the day when you come back and resume blogging. It is always good to read your well researched posts. Also, your cooking posts. I have told you before that I read all your cooking posts and oh! Not to mention gardening. You are multi-talented.

    From little bit what I have known about you, there is a smart, intelligent woman behind this blog who is raring to go out in the world and achieve a million dreams. Best wishes for your MBA. May all your dreams come true.

    Now come back soon. Miss you already. You know that there is a friend just an e-mail away. {{{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}}}

  12. *forgot to mention :)typo

  13. Nimmy- Best wishes for the move to India! Start blogging again soon.

  14. All the best Nimmy for your transition time. I shall miss you very much and hope to see you back on your blog soon. One advantage of you in India is that maybe one day we shall meet! 🙂

  15. Nimmy! India main internet connection hota hai!!! 😛
    Start blogging once you have settled down.

  16. “I am sure some of you will remmeber ‘Nimmy’ once in a while” – Are you kidding ?? We are going to miss you !!!!

    Hope you will make your return soon! but theres one thing that Im glad about. Now I can send you the long pending gift voucher 😀 (Please dont say no, puhleeez !)

    Theres a tag pending from my end, will do it soon and send you links. you can read it after you are back !

    Seriously, you will be missed by the whole of blogosphere and please dont come up with shocking titles !!!

    Have a safe journey, and all the best !

    and you better come back soon !!! 🙂

    • Priyanka
    • March 20th, 2009

    Hey Nimmy, I hope you get a good connection as soon as you reach India and you are back to the Blogging world. Will miss you till then. And yes, your blog has really taught me a lot about Islam. Take care!


  17. Welcome to India, Nimmy. May you ahve a great life ahead 🙂

    You are one blogger in my circle who wrotes about the issues and thoughts I had only vaguely toyed with only when I was studying, like Sharia and women. There were some great muslim friends I had. I found your posts on Gaza strip and feminism v insightful. In short, your posts were different than most people in my blogging circle. It has been great to be on your blog.

    I am rooting for you to come back to blogsphere. 😀

  18. Nimmy,
    It was a pleasure reading your blogs. And your readers, including me, will surely miss you.
    Have a good time in India.

  19. I’ll miss you 😦

    Jaldi wapis aana!

    • vasudev
    • March 20th, 2009

    Hi Nimmy!

    Oh! What the hell!

    Bye Nimmy!

    This is too bad!

    I come and you go?

    Did you take coconut plucking in Kerala so very seriously that you are planning to go tree climbing?


    Eppozhum, Ellaipozhum Nanmakal Mathram Undavatte

    • vasudev
    • March 20th, 2009

    If you have no clues to the above rant then let me refresh your memory. We had a brief meeting at Nita’s and it all started with the lucrative job of Kerala ‘thengu kayatam’ (coconut plucking). 🙂
    Hope you would remember me now?

  20. Nimmy.. will miss you for sure…

    Take care and travel safely and hope to read you soon after your relocation is complete.

  21. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  22. OK, now this is weird. For a long time, I silently followed your blog. Never commented. But always admired your courage. And just when I decided to start commenting on stuff I could relate with, you are shutting down your blog! 😦

    Good luck with your relocation. And looking forward to seeing you back in action sooner than later. Cheers.

  23. Nimmy: Don’t do this!! Does a life change mean end of life? I think that I know you. Sorry to say this but you will not leave us all. You are an airy element of this small world and you cannot leave us all. Trust me. God Bless!!

  24. Relocating to India? So you were not in India all this while? O pardon me dear, I am relatively new to your blog. I just assumed you were in India.
    Well, please do come back at the earliest. We too are planning to relocate to India and have been planning since God knows when. Would love to know your experience.
    Good luck, Nimmy.

  25. Coming back to India… yay… that’s great Nimmy 🙂 will miss you so much… so once you settle down be back to blogging.. 🙂 I am wishing you a smooth transition

    • Nimmy
    • March 25th, 2009

    Thank you my dear friends ,for your kind words and immense love and appreciation.. Moving to India is not end of life,I know..But as of now,I am skeptical about how blogging in a joint family can move on smoothly.Maybe I am just being doubtful unnecessarily and maybe you will see me back in a matter of 2-3 weeks,but I don’t know,and hence the drama-post 🙂

    I am sorry for not replying in individual as I am really really busy.. Sorry for that.. Do sent a mail when you remember me 🙂

    Good day to all..

    • sameer
    • March 25th, 2009

    you are a nice and kind person.. nimmy

    we all will surely miss you

    and specially me

    please continue your namaj ….

    its a request.

  26. U are going to be in India!!!!!!!!!!!wow…that cant be a goodbye….its a “WELCOME HOME”

    drop me a line as soon as you settle down and lets try and catch up somewhere sometime…cant be that difficult….I live in delhi guess u already know that….

    Would love to meet u!!!

  27. u sacred me with the tittle hope to have u back soon and probably meet on my next kerala trip 🙂 :)_

  28. Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

    • Dev
    • April 6th, 2009

    Just read this post. I hope you will be back here you can see yourself from the comments here, too many people love you and want you to blog. Good luck with the moving!

  29. nice site this rated to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

    • anishthomas
    • April 15th, 2009

    The blog community gonna miss U so much…..Hope U will be back here soon….U have 2 be :)…nyways all the best

  30. nice site this terrific to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

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