My Favorite Posts ..

Hi all,I just wanted to list out my favorite posts, just in case anybody would find them interesting and useful.Do go through them when you get time and keep sharing your thoughts .

Eazy Cooking!!

  1. Its a Pizza-a stove-top Pizza!!
  2. Tapiki ‘n’ Fish curry-the official food of kerala???
  3. Roll it all the way into your mouth!!
  4. Moringa/Drumstick Fry
  5. Fish Thoran
  6. Quick Vegetable Biryani
  7. “Pizza Dosa” or “Dosa Pizza”??
  8. Date ‘n’ Choco Fudge in 10 minutes
  9. Sprouted Green Gram/Cherupayar Thoran


  1. “Why do muslim women have to beg for their rights?”
  2. Do feminists ruin families?
  3. Why/why not should women dress modestly/provocatively?
  4. How easy is it to undergo a divorce?
  5. Feminism Tag..but Am I a feminist?
  6. How do we program the baby machine to output baby boys alone?
  7. How important is it for you,to remain faithful in your marriage?
  8. Winning the war-through women..
  9. How do I make his beard catch fire?
  10. Why are women enemies to each other?

Islamic Thoughts

  1. “No time to complain, time to be wise”
  2. “Slay all infidels”..Wow,is Quran so violent???
  3. “How do you, as Muslim, see me and others like me in the light of the teachings of the Qur’an?”
  4. War ethics ‘n’ rules in Islam..
  5. Am I,as a muslim,responsible for the acts of others muslims who interpret Quran wrongly & move around with bombs?
  6. The drama of divorce over phone,email and SMS..
  7. One Quran,but infinite interpretations..WHY?
  8. Living Ramdan,the Islamic way..
  9. “Muhammad was a pedophile..”
  10. Quran asks men to beat their wife!!
  11. Is this what Islamic polygamy is all about?
  12. Muslims hate Jews??????????
  13. Remembering Prophet Muhammad (and his multiple wives) on his birthday
  14. Stoning to death-How and Why is it a part of Islam?
  15. Fatwa Drama-Behind the curtain..
  16. Worship in space!

World Around

  1. Pragmatics between moral police and one’s freedom of expression
  2. Why does Government push Hajj subsidy down the throats of Indian muslims?
  3. Migrant issues – Qatar and Maharashtra,a comparison.
  4. History of Israel-Palestein conflict -as and how lightly my small brain process it.
  5. What went wrong with Pakistan as a nation?
  6. Why isn’t this ‘terrorism’, but just ‘communal-issues’?
  7. The unholy secrets and not-so-divine divinity of the church..
  8. Who decides the fine line between absolute and relative freedom of expression?
  9. What have you done so far,as to wipe out the menace of terrorism?

Random Rants

  1. Disclaimer..
  2. My lovely garden 😉
  3. Holding hands..for a lifetime.
  4. How do I control my anger before it controls me..
  5. Smile Pinki.. bringing smile to thousands of kids with cleft lips..
  6. Tagged – Soft,Melodious and Soulful songs..
  7. Tag-on various bits of my life…


  1. The Weight Of The Human Soul
  2. Will your body decay if you RIP while in outer space?
  3. How much water would it take to extinguish the sun?
  4. “Diamond is forever”…Oh no…Its NOT…
  5. Biting nails;Biting fungus and dirt!
  6. Rate your fear of intimacy
  7. How do blind people dream?

Good day to all..

  1. Hey Nimmy I can see you are really thinking of saying goodbye to your blog.

  2. Nimmy I loved the links you have given, some of which I have not read and will read
    but like IHM says are you thinking of saying goodbye to blogging for good?

    • She’ll be back ;it’s only for a while (she is relocating to India as she said in the previous post which all of us have read).

      Nimmi, you may make this a new page on your blog when you join blogging so that it appears on the top. 🙂

  3. Hey Nimmy, what does all this mean? Why the sudden thought of leaving us all? Keep blogging! I’m sure that blogging is the best thing which has happened in your life, right? Everyone need their feelings gathered and recognized. There is nothing superficial in that!!

    I hope that this is not what I imagine. Please!!

    Keep Blogging!!

  4. A good idea to compile them on a page. Shall go thru them.

    • Priyanka
    • March 23rd, 2009

    Cool idea, will be going thru them soon. Thanks os much! 🙂

    • Priyanka
    • March 23rd, 2009


  5. ROFC !!! oh, thats Roll on the Floor Crying !!! Do come back, Sob ! Sob !

    • Nimmy
    • March 25th, 2009

    Thank you all for your love and support..

    Good day..

  6. hey!!

    thats a big list will go through it all….

    i think u should round of the list with blog posts from others that are ur favs too…

  7. Hey, I somehow bumped into your blog…Nice links, had a good time reading few of them. I loved your blogs too..welcome to India!

  8. Hey Nims, By now you must be all moved and settled in Kerala. If possible, please let us know. Awaiting your return to blogosphere. {{{Hugs}}} to you and Kisses to your little one.

  9. its been really something…

  10. Nimmy? I hope this is not a farewell, but just a break?

    Have done your tag here:) :

  11. Nimmy come back soon to the blogworld 🙂


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  13. A scene later, their soft, cooing voices and warm shoulder rubs or knee squeezes represent that glowing honeymoon phase right after making up. ,

  1. March 21st, 2009

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