Culture and Tradition-all in the hands of homosexuals..

 Ok, gay-rights are again in limelight . The cabinet is on a move to decriminalize gay-sex and has asked for opinions from various sections of people,mainly religious leaders. Now that Deoband has reacted to this call,that homosexuality is prohibited in Islam and has gave their opinion not to revoke the criminal law.Fine,everybody is entitled top ahve their own opinion. But I wish they had reacted a few days later ,after the Church and other religious organizations have made their stand,so that by then people would have bored cursing God and His religious rules. As far as I am informed,no organized religion approves homosexuality. Even Hinduism (which in itself is not a religion but a collection  of rules and traditions) has two opposing views about homosexuality.  That said,I am wondering why people (commentators in forums) talk as if Indian muslims are the only people who are against gay rights in India.. **rolls eyes**..I wonder whether RSS ,the Church,sikhs etc do have a different stand…So please make your stand clear before you spew at Deobands..

I don’t suscribe to the view that homosexuality should be criminalized..If Islam prohibits it,If Bibile prohibits it,if Manusmriti prohibits it,if Sikhism prohibits it,if ..if…if………………… This is India,a secular country..Neither is this a Islamic Republic,nor a Christian Conservative nation,nor a Hindu Rashtra..So,live and let live..I don’t know why are we bothered about what others do in their bedroom.You criminalize it or not,they are going to do it anyway,either for fun or otherwise. So,whatz all this drama all about? I fyou are so bothered about your culture and tradition, raise your voice against other evils in the society that are of greater importance. Are rapists part of your holy-religion and culture? Are pedophiles your representatives? If not,please deal with them first and then talk about gays who form a minority.

  1. Nimmy I also support gay rights.I think two consenting adults do not need a law or religion to permit or ban what they do in their bedroom.
    I had not read or heard of anyone opposing this …

  2. I agree… I also support Gay Rights.

    And I totally follow and believe the “Live and Let Live” principle 🙂

    • Same here…I have no idea why the opinion of religious leaders was solicited…The outcome was known…As you rightly said, India is a secular country so how does religion come into all this?

  3. Standing ovation for you Nimmy . Bravo ! Yes , these GodMen should rant and rave about rapists , paedophiles and other evils Religion has indirectly brought upon Society . As far as homosexuals are concerned , I am no different from any man , when it comes to cracking jokes at their expense . But , I also realize that the logic behind someone’s being gay is the same as mine being straight . Humanity will have to come to terms with the fact that a small number of their species are different wrt their sexual preferences . It is that simple , period .

  4. “I don’t know why are we bothered about what others do…”…well said it.I think ,there is no need to create much buzz about that, unless they embarrass public.

    What i worried about is , will the coming generation take it as a fashion(same sex orientation) or not

  5. Good post I was planning to write a post on sexual minorities for some time now Lack of time prevented me I feel that if sexual minorities are not harassed by the Society the health risks of both the society and LGBT will improve

  6. Harassment of sexual minorities increases their and there by the society’s health risk So the Govt move is good if implemented

  7. As you say, even rules cannot be effective. Freedom is one thing, and misuse of that freedom is another, weather Government interferes or not.

    Destination Infinity

  8. Nimmy,Love your piece. Actually by criminalizing homosexuality, what they really criminalize is “unnatural” sex- and that includes any kind of non-child-resulting sex heterosexuals can engage in also- oral sex is a crime in India. It is the act that is banned. But honestly, on a lighter note, just wondering, how do they know, who would do the reporting to the police , what would they say etc?
    I do not understand how when the issue of gay rights comes up, even very “forward” men and women suddenly start talking about “misusing ” the freedom etc etc or suddenly remember things like pedophilia. No one ever says that because hetereosexual sex is not a criminal activity, it gives rise to more opposite sex rapes. Sorry for the rant.

  9. Nimmy,

    absolute truth you spoke.

    I completetly agree with you…what two consenting adults do to each other for pleasure of both should be their and only their business.

    Let the law come in only when something is forced and that includes marital rape. Let religion talk about how man can get close to God and not worry about whether he gets close to another man or not.

  10. Nimmy, Wonderful post! Religion and law should remain separate.

    I am all for gay rights! It is sad that this minority are being treated as criminals just because we have a really outdated penal code.

  11. arre yaar.. why do gays need to ask for their rights.. i mean, who u marry, what u do in bed, is your problem.. my problem is my spouse and kids.. i dont understand this whole “gay” thing as an issue in the first place. Why is there an issue about someone else’s preferances?

    And if u think abt it, most of us in India dont think of gay rights as an issue at all. Its only an issue in the West that is currently being imported.

    And your post rocks.. really liked it! Esp. the last line..

  12. The point is that even it every X,Y,Z religion prohibits it, they can’t stop people from being gay. This is something you can’t change.

  13. Me too support gay rights… what one has to say on others wishes if its not going to harm them..

  14. I feel Gay rights is an issue in India too. With the current law the Govt find it difficult to implement specific health related projects among Gays. The stigma related to homosexuality results in unsafe sexual behaviour as revealed by several studies and my own experience among patients The repealing of the law may help in reducing the stigma But after reading the recent statement of the Health minister. I am not sure the PM will be bold enough to repeal the Law unless as I said in my post the’Dynasty’ intervenes positively

  15. The Delhi high court on Thursday, legalised homosexual acts among consenting adults holding that the 149-year-old law making it a criminal offence is violative of fundamental rights and not punishable. now that is a really bold step

  16. I liked Amit’s comment. Homosexuality will not stop laws or not. And even in India gay sex in private is not punishable as far as I know. In any case now the high court has said such a law of criminalising homosexuality is not legal, so lets see. I think its a way the congress govt. has chosen to get away from religious extremism. Yeah, there are extremists in every religion but each religion has its favourite topic to scream about!!

    • Nimmy
    • July 4th, 2009

    Thank you all for your responses..I am stuck up with some issues,so please bear with me for not replying..So catch up soon..

    Good day to all my dear friends..

    • Dev
    • July 5th, 2009

    Nimmy, liked your post. I have few Gay friends and from what I understand (talking to them plus reading about it), at least most of the times Gays have no control on their sexuality. It’s in their DNA. Yes, few times people do become bisexual or gay after certain experiences in their growing years, but mostly it’s inherent. So criminalizing Gay behavior is a gross violation of human rights in my opinion. I hope Indian govt supports this landmark decision in the long run and does not buckle under the pressure from certain religious groups.
    I have not read Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of Sikhs, in detail but I do understand that nowhere it talks about homosexuality or condemns it; neither did any Sikh gurus talked about it. It’s the interpretation of certain religious people in power, as with other religious groups, who are criticizing it at their will without having any concrete evidence from Sikh scriptures.

  17. Even “Masturbation” and “Contraception” are unnatural and against the religion, but nobody opposes that. BLOODY HYPOCRITES.

    • rath
    • July 6th, 2009

    As a gay person I feel everything when in love – just the way people feel in love stories and movies (Ok its been a while though but still…). So, I wonder why someone will ever want to take this privelege away from me? Every single straight friend of mine who I have shared my sexual orientation with loves me even more… so actually there is really no problem, but that ‘mob’ out there… who does not know me… Hopefully things will change.

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