Would your life have been any different if you had no obligations in life,as of now..?

Just wondering how different would have our life been if we had just options instead of them being clubbed together with obligations…

  1. How can there be options without obligations? I don’t think we would need any option if there were not any obligation in life.

    A quote I liked from the book I just finished reading,

    You were given life; it is your duty (and also your entitlement as a human being) to find something beautiful within life, no matter how slight.

  2. But there are certain unavoidable obligations . We cannot choose not to earn , we need food clothing and shelter , even the bare minimum . We can choose not to marry , but we will have to fight the urge to procreate . Or may be , I didn’t get your question right . 🙂

  3. The title of the post is directly proportional to the length of the post 😉

  4. I am standing at such a path right now and yes, my life would be entirely different depending on what I choose.

  5. Don’t know really…
    Have to give this some thought and come back and post my views

  6. Of course you can have options without considering the obligations…. But that would be a very self-centered view of life, wouldn’t it be?

  7. Everybody has obligations even children and everybody has options…The 2 are not mutually exclusive…

    • Nimmy
    • July 10th, 2009

    Even I am confused with my question…We all make choices,but it depends on factors in and around us,mainly obligations,maybe towards oneself alone,or maybe towards others..My question was ‘would your life,personally,would have been any different,if you made choices in life,without having been pressurized by the obligations upon you’…

    If i still sound confused,sorry,I am confused 🙂

    • ruSh.Me
    • July 10th, 2009

    I think my life would have been the same, without obligations, but then I would not be the same… Not being the same person who you are, your choice change, options change, obligations differ…

    I have a choice to marry but in Indian Societies, its an obligation.. I can choose whom to marry, but my parents liking him is an unwritten obligation… Why my parents would like him (earning well, settled, good behavior), I am not obliged to love him for the same reasons…

    Had I chosen my options, I would still be waiting for an insensitive guy, 2-years younger to me with no hope for the future… But then again, I chose an option, without any obligation and now I am with a wonderful, sensitive, mature human being… I think its choices what make your life or break it.. But obligations make the right or the wrong choice!!

    Umm.. Is it??? (If you get what I mean, kindly explain it back to me) 🙂

      • Nimmy
      • July 10th, 2009

      Yeah,you are right..Obligations make the right or the wrong choice…As Kislay said,there is no way that we can run away from our basic necessities as like food and clothing.. I was refering to that phases of life where we are obliged to let go our choices…grr i sound confused..Let me tell you,my answer to the qstn is ,’yes’..Bcoz if i would not have been obliged to obey my parents,I’ld not have married until i finished my course and secured a job.. If i had no obligation towards my kid,i’ld have tried for a job by now ..etc etc etc..Its not that i am happy or unhappy now,but my life would have been different,thatz all…

      I am wondering why did i ask such a stupid qstn :-/

      • no Nimmy its not a stupid question..perfectly logical one..

        god bless


  8. this is a question that probably is inherent in every persons escapist phases…

  9. To me, it is a full package.. Life comes with options and obligations.. I guess, all we can really do is do our best and live it up – the best we can.. The obligations, the choices we make, the choices we chose to ignore.. all make us the person we are.. Perhaps if I were a different person – I would have chosen a differnt path – while having the same set of obligations.. Do I make sense? Basically, I think that life comes with obligations and responsibilties.. we can just do the best we can, in the given framework.. not wish away the framework itself..

      • Nimmy
      • July 11th, 2009

      “Perhaps if I were a different person’..That exactly is the crux of the matter..If we had made different choices,we would not have remained the person we are as of now…

  10. Good question but not easy to answer. Both the options and obligations depend on the environment in which you grew up and also on your inherent traits. In a liberal environment which gives most importance to individual liberty [like in the West]obligations are not that important.Similarly some one with a rebellious trait will always ignore obligations. In a conservative environment obligations are always considered sacred and personal choices not given that importance especially in case of Women.
    Would my life be any different……
    Yes. If I had obliged fully to the wishes of others.


  11. hmmmm…. good question but I am not a best person to answer it….
    as I will get confused in the process of thinking.. 😐

    🙂 Even i am confused with my own defenitions about responsibility and obligation..Are they the same or do they amke any difference… :-/ -Nimmy

  12. what is a life without obligation. pretty boring one, I thinks so. Its like passing days without goal or challenges and do’nt even enjoying the aesthetic beauty of struggle.Existence of society is much more depended on obligation than volunteer cooperation.

      • Nimmy
      • July 11th, 2009

      So true…As of today,each day,we all strive to something better in life,for ourselves and for others.. But maybe we should not mix up with ‘responsibilities’ and ‘obligations’…

      • ya nimmy. good point raised that we should not mix up with ‘responsibilities’ and ‘obligations’…


        🙂 -Nimmy

  13. I think it doesn’t make a difference. On the long run, I mean…

    Destination Infinity

    • Pradeep
    • August 2nd, 2009

    I am great fan of options. That’s what a well developed society has. Pitting them against obligations is a good thought I never had. Life will definitely better if there were options instead of obligations. Very good thought, Nimmy. Very profoud. I like this.

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