What is the most dumbest thing you can imagine of?

Awaiting your answers 😯 😈

p.s: I still can’t figure out whether the title’s grammar is right 😕

  1. some one reading me blog ? 😀


    ha ha 🙂 Your blog is very useful for an beginner,please keep up the good work.. -Nimmy

  2. Dumbest thing I can imagine?

    Something that has already happened or something hypothetical would do as well? 😉



  3. dumb thing: me to comment here on this dumbest question.


    😉 I agree hee heeee-Nimmy

    • Vimmuuu
    • July 11th, 2009

    Dumbest thing ??? Writing such short ‘twitter’ kinda posts in worpress !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


    🙂 hoooo hoooo..I never used Twitter-Nimmy

    • 🙂 Only Vimmuuu could come up with this answer 😆

      🙂 -Nimmy

  4. Why are so many questions coming btw ???


    ***sigh*** i don’t know….. -Nimmy

  5. everything is good for somebody… so there is no point of Dumbest thing 🙂


    🙂 How diplomatic of you Kanagu -Nimmy

  6. Should I say it here? 😆

    🙂 -Nimmy

  7. IMO it should be either ‘dumbest’ or ‘most dumb’ and not “most dumbest” because ‘dumbest’ is the superlative of ‘dumb’ or else you add most to it (‘most dumb’) to form the superlative. Ideally it should be ‘dumbest’ because according to the rules you add -est to one syllable adjectives.

    Thanks a lot Vikas… 🙂 -Nimmy

  8. Do you mind if I give you more than one ?

    1. The concoction of Religion and Politics
    2. Most of the Indian Movies
    3. Most of the Indian TV shows
    4. Most of the ad’s you see

    This is just the tip of the ice berg . I have a very long list .

    🙂 -Nimmy

  9. Nimmy posting such questions on her blog when her readers come here looking for some meaningful and intellectual reading.

    <em>***sigh**** I lost the whole spirit of blogging Salil..i have no peace of mind,just moving on..No time to read,no time to sit and dig up my thoughts… ah………….. -Nimmy

  10. Trying to explain technology to someone who is not interested in it.

    By the way, regarding the grammar of the title. There is a double comparative in that. Either say: “What is the most dumb thing…” or “What is the dumbest thing….” Never mix “most” or “least” with the “-est” form of the adjective. Similarly, either “the most tall” or “the tallest” never “the most tallest”.


    Yeah,I understand now..Thansk for sharing Pradeep.. _nimmy

  11. Why this question Nimmy?


    The day I posted this,i felt that i was the most dumb person in this world and hence the qstn 🙂 -nimmy

    • But you aren’t right? 🙂
      Curious to know, what made you think you were?

        • Nimmy
        • July 26th, 2009

        🙂 Thanks…Err..I forgot ‘why’..honestly…

    • Dev
    • July 16th, 2009

    What’s there to imagine, I do dumb things all the time anyways.

    P.S. Nimmy dear, guessing from some of your answers here, you seem to be bit tensed up? Take it easy dear, you dont need to explain anybody why you cant blog more. Blog when you feel like or if you dont feel like at all, it’s ok too. Cheers 🙂

      • Nimmy
      • July 26th, 2009

      🙂 You are so right Dev..I am not trying to explain or something..I just feel bad that I can’t be part of blogosphere anymore,as I used to be..Over a short time,I got close with too many people and it just feel bad to forget them all one fine morning….I am just venting out my feelings ..I am glad you got me right 🙂

  12. You also shouldn’t end a sentence with of. It should read “What is the dumbest thing you can imagine?” Which I think is when people refuse to vote or participate in the political process.

      • Nimmy
      • July 26th, 2009

      Thank you Goriwife 🙂

      p.s: You ahve an interesting name 🙂

  13. My two cents:
    One, since most commenters seem to be from other places, my opinion as a native English speaker from the US might be worth something.
    Goriwife #14 is right, but ‘think of’ means ‘imagine’. So we say “…thing I can imagine.” Or we say “…thing I can think of.” There’s no reason for that, it’s just custom–one of those frustrating two-word verbs English likes so much. Regarding “most ___est”, #11 is spot on.

    Two, regarding the reason for the post, Nimmy you are:
    thoughtful, insightful, open-minded, fair, interesting, good-hearted and wise. Dumb? No. Your blog has always been fascinating and educational, and I was really sad when it looked like you might not keep it up–and overjoyed when you came back. I really look forward to whatever thoughts you feel like posting, and if you don’t feel like it, pleas don’t feel like you must on our account.Remember,

      • Nimmy
      • July 26th, 2009

      Thanks a lot Uzza,for your nice words and for the grammar lesson 🙂

  14. answering a dumb question

    • minticetea
    • July 17th, 2009

    Imagining a whole conversation between two or more people (yeah one of them is you) and being happy/angry/upset about it 😛

  15. looking thru the key hole of a glass door!

    pssst- that one is lifted from a series of jokes that were quite a rage wen i was a kid..

      • Nimmy
      • July 26th, 2009

      🙂 thatz nice 🙂

    • Najeeb
    • July 27th, 2009

    Hi Nimmy,

    Did not know that you are back in the cyberspace. How are you?
    The answer to ur question is: Life itself.


    🙂 Hi Najeeb-Nimmy

    • Priyanka
    • July 27th, 2009

    Responding to dumb people 🙂

    I have always regretted it when I have said something to someone over something really dumb when all I could have done is simply ignore.


    🙂 -Nimmy

  16. democracy..
    does that count?

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