Understanding the world of Scientology…

To me,the name Tom Cruise had always been associated with the term Scientology.Apart from having a vague idea that Scientology refers to a religion,I never bothered to know more..Today,a google  ad promted me to look into that dark area..I must say that it’s weird, indeed weird…

Scientology is a religion/cult/applied religious philosophy  created by L. Ron Hubbard (a science fiction writer), starting in 1952. The beliefs and practices of scientology are based on Hubbard’s own extensive writings and taped lectures. Scientology claims to focus on psychological techniques that people can use to make their lives better.

As such, it has very little to say about God, the Afterlife or other religious concepts.Scientology does not give any doctrine about God. Hubbard refers to God as the Eighth Dynamic, which is also known as Infinity. According to him, Scientologists who progress to the Eighth Dynamic may come to their own conclusions regarding the Supreme Being; and Hubbard’s emphasis is on man.

Hubbard’s researches led him to the belief that a human is made up of three parts: the body, the mind, and “the thetan”.

  • The body includes the brain, the purpose of which is to carry messages. It is comparable to a switchboard.
  • The mind consists essentially of pictures. It is the accumulation of life’s experiences, perceptions, decisions and conclusions.
  • The “thetan” is the soul, which is the true essence of a human being. Hubbard wished to avoid the term “soul”, as it has too many meanings. So he coined the term thetan to refer to it. A thetan is that which is aware of being aware, the identity which is the individual.

The thetan can exist entirely independent of the body and the mind. Through a process called “exteriorization“, a thetan can leave the body but still control the body. A person who is able to practice exteriorization is called an Operating Thetan or OT.

 Scientology does not teach any belief about an Afterlife, but speaks of the idea of being born again into another body, similar to the Hindu belief of reincarnation.The writings and recorded spoken words of L. Ron Hubbard on the subject of Scientology collectively serve as its scripture. His writings on the subject comprise of more than 500,000 pages, including dozens of books and over 2,000 tape-recorded public lectures.

Ok,now something more interesting…

 th-scientologyDeveloped by  L. Ron Hubbard, and practiced by followers of Scientology,Dianetics is a set of ideas and practices regarding the metaphysical relationship between the spirit, mind and body. “Auditing” in the context of Dianetics and Scientology is an activity where a person trained in “auditing” listens and gives auditing commands to a subject, which Scientologists refer to as a “preclear”. Those who study Scientology materials and receive auditing sessions advance from a status of Preclear to Clear and Operating Thetan.The state of Operating Thetan (OT) is a spiritual state above Clear.There are eight publicly-known OT levels, OT I to VIII. The highest level, OT VIII, is only disclosed at sea, on the Scientology cruise ship Freewinds.At OT III is the story of Xenu.Xenu is a galactic ruler who, 75 million years ago, brought billions of people to Earth, stacked them around volcanoes and blew them up with hydrogen bombs 🙂 The thetans then clustered together, stuck to the bodies of the living, and continue to do this today. These events are known as “Incident II” or “The Wall of Fire,” and the traumatic memories associated with them are known as the “R6 implant.” The Xenu story prompted the use of the volcano as a Scientology symbol. The Xenu story is part of the Church of Scientology’s secret “Advanced Technology”,normally only revealed to members who have already contributed large amounts of money.


Enough of complicated fatcs,I always wondered  why celebrities are interested in scientology..

Scientology has had a written program governing celebrity recruitment since at least 1955, when L. Ron Hubbard created “Project Celebrity”, offering rewards to Scientologists who recruited targeted celebrities.The Church of Scientology operates special Celebrity Centres.Celebrities are secretly being given Scientology auditing courses without charge. These courses regularly cost up to $1,000 per hour

But then I think the reason that celebrities would be interested is because it’s a religion that fits pretty well with a celebrity kind of personality. It’s very individualistic. It celebrates your individual identity as ultimately divine. It claims to give you ultimate power over your own mind, self, destiny, so I think it fits well with an actor personality. And then the wealth question: These aren’t people who need more wealth, but what they do need, or often want at least, is some kind of spiritual validation for their wealth and lifestyle, and Scientology is a religion that says it’s OK to be wealthy, it’s OK to be famous, in fact, that’s a sign of your spiritual development. So it kind of is a spiritual validation for that kind of lifestyle

Recognised in a few countries,banned in a few,scientology continues to be a religion of the rich…

It took me more than four hours to compile this and it’s enough and more for the day..Overdose of scientology will plunge me into depths of Xenu’s world… grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr



In the late 1940s, pulp writer L. Ron Hubbard declared:

“Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion”

Hubbard later created the Church of Scientology…


🙂 🙂 🙂

  1. Its really really interesting Nimmy… never heard about that till now…
    never thought it as a religion… great info… that Xenu part is interesting 🙂 able to understand only half a thing… will be back to understand it more.., and the quote of Hubbard makes me to think 😉


    🙂 Now pls don’t think of starting a new religion..Therez enough and more around…. 🙂 -Nimmy

  2. And, prey, how does a human who created the concept in the 1950s know about what the Alien king did 75 million years ago?


    🙂 I forgot the reason,but yes,there is some explanation for Hubbard knowing about tsomething that happened years before existence of earth..-Nimmy

  3. I am also thinking to start a new religion… ;-);-);-)
    Hail Mogambo will be the slogan of mine religion and jai ho as religious hymn.
    Few idle blogger or twitter account holders will defintely become my preachers of new great order. I will guarantee that XENU incarnation as human….(will declare richest follower avatar)
    Just could not control laughing… In the western world, Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins as symbol of christian atheist was not enough that this bullshit of scintology :):):):)
    uhh one more religion in making !!!

      • Nimmy
      • July 30th, 2009

      lol…who is Mogambo???

      Even i could not stop laughing and I was cursing myself for having spen so much time on this dumb stuff..Oh well,I hope no scientologist reads me and sents Xenu with a hydrogen bomb…

      • fYI

        “Mr. India is a 1987 Bollywood science fiction superhero film directed by Shekhar Kapur. It stars Anil Kapoor in the title role, Sridevi as his romantic interest and Amrish Puri in one of his best-known roles as villain Mogambo.

        The film was the biggest hit of 1987 in India and remains a cult classic. The film was known for several of its lines and songs, including Sridevi’s Miss Hawa Hawai performance, and Amrish Puri’s quote “Mogambo Khush hua” (Mogambo is pleased), which is one of the most famous quotes of Bollywood and has become synonymous with Puri. Laxmikant Pyarelal’s music performed well too. The film has often been featured in different lists of top Bollywood films. Indiatimes Movies ranks the movie amongst the Top 25 Must See Bollywood Films”


        🙂 Never noticed the word earlier ..-Nimmy

  4. This is the most dumbest thing I can imagine on your blog.


    🙂 ha ha ha…But hey,isn’t it nice to know something new….-Nimmy

  5. Very interesting!! I have been wondering what on earth is this scientology.


    🙂 -Nimmy

  6. Nimmy,

    From what I’ve read about Scientology I’ve come to the conclusion that it is not a religion but a cult which uses mind control techniques to control and fleece vulnerable people…The cult’s basic aim is to use crackpot psychotherapy to turn rational human being into irrational ones…You may be right about why celebrities are attracted to this cult…
    Like Yayaver, I too am thinking of starting my own religion…

      • Nimmy
      • July 30th, 2009

      Exactly Bones..It includes mind techniques and people become addicts sortof followers…Majority calls this a cult,but in certain countries,its recognized as organized religion…

  7. I agree with Bones abt this cult. The name of the post below this seems to be apt for this cult.


    🙂 hee heee-Nimmy

  8. I heard of this cult only because of Tom Cruise. I think he had some problem in his childhood and this thing cured him of it or something.

    • Apparently, is dyslexia was cured by Scientology ??!!! To each his/her own…


      🙂 True..And thatz why i took care not to mock at this stuff…To each his own… -Nimmy

      • Nimmy
      • July 30th, 2009

      hmm,maybe..I haven’t read that Nita..But maybe its true as its all about hypnotic therapies…

  9. I have heard of Scientiology, but never got to know more about it. Quite interesting. Any religion has always been associated closely with economic activities. So, we cannot isolate this Scientiology on that topic. Your analysis of Scientiologists wanting spiritual approval of their fame, wealth, arrogance and everything else associated with such things seems to be valid. In my opinion, even Science is like religion. It makes you believe, but in a more organized and apparently transparent manner 🙂

    Destination Infinity


    🙂 True..the catroon link by Yayaver tells the same… -Nimmy

    • masood
    • July 31st, 2009

    Convenience!!! That’s what it is all about.

  10. Even I first heard of Scientology when Tom Cruice started professing about it.I remember how it was reported that he was even forbidding a very pregnent Katie Holmes from crying loudly or shrieking while she went on labour because the r eligion didnt allow so…can you beat that??? Correct me if my info is wrong,Nimmy!

    LOL @ your last line..”It took me more than four hours to compile this and it’s enough and more for the day..Overdose of scientology will plunge me into depths of Xenu’s world” 😆

  11. Always wondered what it was, thanks for the compilation. You blog seems very interesting!

    • Nimmy
    • October 1st, 2009

    @Deeps,welcome here 🙂 Your information about TomCruise made me feel dizzy.. What a crazy world..

    @Dinesh Babu…Thanks a lot for your words 🙂

  12. By far the most concise and up to date information I found on this topic. Sure glad that I navigated to your page by accident. I’ll be subscribing to your feed so that I can get the latest updates. Appreciate all the information here

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