Why did he choose not to run away with his lover,but to kill his wife and four kids…

**sigh**..I feel odd today… Aamayoor murder case culprit has been sentenced to death.. I was not aware of the case,until now,though it happened an year ago…

rrPalakkad, Monday, September 14, 2009: Observing the case as gruesome and rarest the Palakkad Principal Sessions Judge R Natarajan awarded the lone accused Rejikumar death sentence for killing his wife and four children.

 Reji kumar has been charged for murder, rape and destruction of evidence under session 302, 376 and 201 respectively. There were total eighty-nine witnesses in the case, and the trial was completed in two months.

The case pertains to the mass murder, which was committed by the lone accused Reji kumar in the year 2008. Rejkumar cold bloodedly killed his wife Lissy and four children Amalu, Amal, Amalya and Amanya in the month of July on various days.

According to police, Reji Kumar had a tiff with his wife on the fateful night and killed her. The younger children were killed the next day. And then went to Ramapuram Vellillapalli St. Joseph School and bought two elder children home where he physically abused the elder child Amalu and later killed both the children


I wonder why couldn’t he run away somewhere with his lover or whatever the other lady is,but instead choose to kill his wife,push her into their septic tank,kill two kids the next day and dumb them in a nearby forest,go and bring the two kids,who were staying in an orphanage and having their studies…rape his minor daughter, and finally put them all in a nearby pit… Why are some human beings so cruel and cold blooded..I wish he had run away with his bride..Why did he kill five people for no mistake of theirs…Why….

  1. I dont even want to comment on such a monster !

  2. Unstable mind. I don’t think any sane person would do this. He is dangerous. Since there are so many witnesses, can’t even hope that it was not the father who did this.

  3. Ugh!
    I agree with Vimmuuu and IHM here.

    Disgusting really. and sad.

  4. He should definetly lost his mind…one can understand if it is instant..gap of days between killings….so much of anger he has developed in his head…

  5. Like others have said, this is not a person, but a sick monster.There are many monsters in this world, serial killers, psychos and the like. Human beings have more than their fair share of monsters.

  6. I always believe that its the society and its environments which makes a man Nimmy…

    If a man becomes a serial killer or a psycho I am sure he/she will have a dreadful childhood… as the things we see as a child makes a lasting impression..

    but this guy has given birth to 4 children… and played with them but still he killed them…

    I couldn’t see what would have made him to such cold-blooded murders… 😦 its sickening 😡

  7. Of course he is a psychopath. Thats why he did it!

  8. So much planning to kill his own children? 😡

    The guy is a psycho for sure and needs treatement. I have never understood how anyone kill their own children. What could be their state of mind? 😐

  9. I remember watching this news when I was in Kerala …

    He deserves death .. no doubt about ..

  10. guess he is mentally unstable… what else can be the reason for this?

  11. Exactly Nimmy these are times when there is absolutely no use in even wondering about the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of things. Of course if anyone for that matter has an extramarital affair, he/she just needs to come clean, separate from the family they no longer feel any attachments for and go to their new life. But whats the use of saying what he should have done when he not only went to killing his wife but his 4 children as well!! Unbelievable – how could they have lived together long enough to have 4 children if such were his feelings for them!


    So true…The funny/sad part is that this man and his wife were rubber tapping workers and they were in love and got married..What a sad end of a love marriage… -Nimmy

    • Nimmy
    • October 1st, 2009

    Thanks everybody for sharing your thoughts…Let us hope that such evil-minded people will be procecuted in the deserved manner…

  12. Some say unstable mind, while others say that he thought he could get away with it.
    People who think rationally or logically won’t tend to do such things.
    The same goes for the people who commit suicide.

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