Of Ramadan and hypocritical muslims…

Oh well,fasting/feasting is coming to an end..Being a muslim,I am not supposed to say this,as one ought to be sad that holy month is comng to an end..But my bad,I hardly find any time out of kitchen during this month and honestly speaking,I am just glad that Ramadan is going to end. .. I wonder why do people fast on first place..Early morning,the discussion starts on ‘what juice,what snack,what food,what fry etc etc etc’ for fast-break… Allah ordered fasting for muslims so that they would know how does it feel to be hungry.. and how life of a poor person is.. Duh,but is that what is happening..Of the majority i have seen in my life,they fast so that they can have a feast in the evening.. I hope I would find more free time once fasting/feasting is over 🙄

If fasting is intended to have the know-how of hunger,do poor people,who live in poverty have to fast? They remain in hunger for a greater propotion of days..they have nothing to discuss and dream of about iftars.. So,why should they fast? I don’t know..Hope somebody would answer me…

Yesterday,I went to a near ‘n’ dear one’s house.. She/he is a creative person and does plenty of beautiful paintngs..But strangely,I saw all photographs being covered up using newspapers.I asked ‘WHY’??? Reply -“Because angels will not enter a house that has paintings or photographs’….. Oh well,I am nobody to evaluate another person’s faith..?But i found it dumb that she/he ,like any other hypocritical muslims,who forms the majority of population,does these acts of worship during a single month of year…What about the remaining 11 months..?? Don’t she/he expect angels to enter her home during then ? If she/he indeed has believed that photography is prohibitted,,instead of covering it up just for a month,she/he would have thrown them away.. But oh well,thatz not going to happen..So at the end of the day,I am wondering who is she/he fooling,God or oneself? ???? : roll:

Another dear ‘n’ near one of mine is a pious muslim (that said in particular because I am branded as a non-pious person ) ..She/he builds a new home,according to Vaastu..DUH,… She/he have no idea what on earth Vaastushastra is ,but she/he checks the building plan with a vaastu-man.. The basic principle of Vasstu Shastra is to build the home,without misplacing elements upon Vaastu-purushan who is sitting down,with legs folded and face down.. To sum it up,Vaastu-shastra is all about pleasing and not making Vaastu-purushan angry… Building a home for the sake of Vaastu-purushan and praying to Allah and giving me lectures on Islam after sitting inside that house..What a load of **** .. Do people really know what they are upto…

Another conversation :

A- Mrs X is going to sit in Masjid during 27th eve of Ramadan..Ha ha ha,what nonsense!!

Me :*** Puzzled ***why did you term it as nonsense

A- Oh well,did early muslim women go to heaven after going to masjid?

Me- Well,sisnce they are dead,how do we ask them if they are in hell or heaven


Me- Faith is a personal business and we better not make comments about others doing..

A- Sunnis don’t do all these innovations

Me- Sunnis are those who follow sunnah,and based on infinite hadiths one can prove and disprove each others doings.So it is wise of oneself not to make much comments on others rituals

A- **looks at me with compempt**

***end of conversation***


Why can’t people agree to disagree… ???? 😕



This is a funny would with stupid people residing in it… 👿



p.s : I am a sutpid person,so please stop giving me lectures…



There are  a few narrations that some scholars quote that appear to support the above edicts that ban various arts, such as (1) Ali Ibn Abi Talib’s authentic narration that the Prophet (peace be upon him) sent him after the conquest of Makkah to ‘break the sculptures in Makkah’, (2) the authentic narration that the Prophet asked Aishah to remove a painting from the wall and make a carpet out of it, (3) the authentic narration in which the Prophet said that ‘God has cursed the image-makers; those who claim to create as He creates’, and (4) verse [31:6], which is popularly interpreted to mean singing and music.

Thus, some scholars say that: (1) sculptures are generally forbidden, (2) painting is generally forbidden, (3) photography is generally forbidden, and (4) singing is generally forbidden. And so on.

However, there are specific conditions that were mentioned in the above scripts/narrations themselves that entail that they were not meant to imply general rules: (1) the sculptures of Makkah were worshipped as gods, (2) the painting that the Prophet asked to be removed was in the direction of the Qiblah and was distracting him during his prayers, (3) the ‘image-makers’ were ‘claiming to create as God creates’, and (4) singing and music, if this is what the verse means, are forbidden when they ‘deviate people from the path of God’, as the verse itself is stating.

Thus, the above-mentioned arts are generally permissible unless they cause an evil similar to one of the evils mentioned in the narrations/scripts above.

Given all the above, we learn that Islam is not against any kind of arts in principle, as long as it does not violate its fixed and well-known moral stands. [source]


I hope my post would enlighten atleast one single person..Spread the truth…

  1. Nimmy, what is the medicine to fight such mass ignorance or even denial of truth ? All good things and teachings are moulded for convenience by each indiviual and then followed by others as blind followings. The Vedas, bible and Kuran are good books, but they are not the only books to learn wisdom. These conversation with so called “pious” persons are one way dialouge… Still I also speak like you pre-knowing their facial expression of silence and contempt. I remarked to one of my friends after “deeply hurtening” his faith –” You may be vegetarian, but it will not save you from wrath of flesh eater.” The hypocrite pious people had converted me from reformer to hunter. You are still in the camp who believes in the aesthetic power of religion.. Carry the good work.

      • Nimmy
      • September 18th, 2009

      “what is the medicine to fight such mass ignorance or even denial of truth ” —The issue here is they are aware of being unawre 🙂

      I am ready to acknowledge one’s personal space and ‘truth’ is a subjective matter..But why look down at others and impose your version of truth upon me…

  2. I too am glad that Ramazan is coming to end (for similar reasons). I too fast primarily to make known to myself the importance of food. (I eat well in Shawwal). Luckily my Ramazan this year has been a humble one with just me and mummy. I wonder how people would fasts if it were for 6-8 months instead of one.
    If pictures are banned, we shouldn’t be having all those Qaabaa and Medina Masjid photos (invariably with people in it), stuck up around the house.
    Vaastu-Shastra : No Comments. Muslims invariably will point out how a certain Muslim X is doing things Un-Islamic and the n themselves go onto doing things Un-Islamic by Mr-X
    I wonder why people have a problem with women praying in congregation although it is not dis-allowed, nor is it uncommon around the world.
    I wonder why people give so much importance to Sunnah in contrast to Farz/Qur’an
    I hate it when people brig out this Sunni-Shia thing when the origin of the problem is really political and not religious, worsened by the fact that the major Shia followers(Iran) were ethnically and linguistically different from early Sunni(Arabs), reducing the chance for re-conciliation.
    I am sure the person used the word Biddat (actually meant hearsay) for Innovation
    And yes we ,must learn to debate in a civic manner, learning to dis-agree.

    Wassalaam 🙂

      • Nimmy
      • September 18th, 2009

      Thanks a lot for your heartfelt comment Khalid..

      I agree with all what you said.. Women are kept away from masjids only in the subcontinent-India,Pakistan,Bangladesh and Afghan like places..I have lived in many Arab nations and all of them have women-section in masjids…

      As you rightly said,people are adamant about Sunnah,but easily forget obligatory stuff..You know why?Because sunnah,hadiths,an be interpretted according to one’s whims and wishes… If i don’t like music,i can dig up a hadith and prove myself correct..If i love music ,i can again dig up some other hadith and claim myself to be right..So in the end,its all about picking up hadiths that one like… I am not a hadith-denier or Quranist or whatever one call it,but i belive that many hadiths are ambigous and have done so much harm to Islam…

      And oh well,some people (read majority) have no idea about difference between Sunni and Shia..All they know is some mouth-spread propaganda…

      About Biddah,no she/he didn’t use that word..She just said that Mrs X is not Sunni but Mujahid 🙂


    • “If pictures are banned, we shouldn’t be having all those Qaabaa and Medina Masjid photos.”

      Even Christians believe in the same and are not supposed to have pictures of god or any symbols in their homes but in India you can find it in every Christian house. Here you don’t have any picture or sign in the Church or homes..not even Cross.

      In India all religions are heavily influenced by Hinduism. The concept of mangalsutra/taali, gods’ pictures/symbols etc.

        • Nimmy
        • October 1st, 2009

        You are in London right?

  3. Me- Faith is a personal business and we better not make comments about others doing..

    I agree, Nimmy, Live and Let Live.


    🙂 -Nimmy

  4. seriously agree with what you’ve written! 😀

    And yes, faith is persoanl business.
    One has to learn to respect and let live. simple.



    🙂 -Nimmy

  5. Like muslim fasts… in us Jains… should I write I shouldnt say this being a Jain.. lol.. ha ha..

    Utterly ridiculous are fasts here… they dont eat a single thing for 8 days… !! just on boiled water… !!!!!!

    i mean why should you put your body through such stringent punishment is beyond me… its not good for the body either scientifically…


    I m merrily eating all the time…

    havent done a fast ever and shall never try either… !! 😛 😛


    “they dont eat a single thing for 8 days… !! just on boiled water… !!!!!! ” Gosh,thatz really a hetic fast.. I am proud of those people who do that,no matter they are of different faith than mine..You know Hitchy,it takes lot of courage and self-control and lots of passion over one’s faith to do fasts like this… One day should try,just fpr the sake of fun..Let us know how many days could you control yourself 🙂 -Nimmy

    • I did once… me and my wife… then we werent married… she managed to do it… I broke it in the evening… !!!!

      Its ok Nimmy if you do it for a day or so…

      for 8 days !!! only water and water that is boiled… its like uggh…

      and after sunset you cant even drink water… pah…

      I wouldnt ever do it again… !!!

  6. I think every religion has this fasting as a means of purification. At one point several well meaning (?) folks told me to take Thingalazhcha vrutham (fast on Mondays) for my husbands long life. Husband told me, that if I don’t eat anything the whole day, I will be awfully grumpy, and that will stress him out thereby doing the very opposite of what it was aimed at doing! I have never taken any fasts for religious reasons and don’t think I will ever. “Why can’t people agree to disagree… ????”….If Only!!! Then maybe we would have the world peace so many of our beauty queens so desperately want us to have!

      • Nimmy
      • October 1st, 2009

      Welcome here Dreamer 🙂

      You have put in a different perpective.. Fasting is good,it enables one to have more self-control.. But doing it just for the sake of show-off won’t do any good,well,it would rather do the opposite effect as you rightly said 🙂

  7. Nice insight.

    The thing is if we agree, we disagree with some. If we disagree then we agree with some. So did we agree or disagree? Opposites of such kind will always co-exist. If you want to go beyond opposites, you shouldn’t stop at either pole – agree or disagree! Going beyond conclusions is the essense of life.

  8. For me festivals mean FOOD. 😀 I am so missing our dear Hyderabadi friends at Iftar.

  9. happy Eid in advance!

  10. True Sista… we must respect each and everyone’s faith… and as they don’t affect me.. I have no issues…

    you have said it so well, as usual…

    fasting.. I am trying to fast a day… but somehow couldn’t do… 🙂

    Happy Ramzan to you and your Family… 🙂 Celebrate 🙂

  11. Eid Mubarak, Nimmy!

  12. I don’t remember whether I visited your post before, but i saw your comment in one of my post but i forgot to vist here & I am so lucky to finally have come here.

    Regarding the music, i always had a doubt as why it is so, because for every rituals Islam suggests, i try to find an scientific reason behind it. So i did not find any reason behind banning music except if it is not diverting you from your duty, it is not causing other’s problem and so on and these rules apply for any other practice as well. I saw a Pakistani movie (Khuda ke Liye, you must see it if not already) where they showed that listenning to music is not wrong and i was so sure that they MUST have done some srs research before doing it. I am glad that I see similar reasonning here from proper source.

    Regarding the images, as far as i know, painting/images of any life less objects are fine. But we are forbidden from keeping the images of human beings, because we can’t give life to those painting like Allah can. I think i need to verify this as well..

    BTW, belated Eid mubarak to you 🙂

  13. Good post. Most of my patients come back after a month of fasting with increased blood sugar and cholesterol. Actually they are eating more or exercising less so that many increase weight also. But the emotional well being of patients who successfully complete fasting are very much improved. This is true especially of old ppl who think more abt death. Also for the poor any celebration is something to look forward to in their otherwise drab life. So many eat their best food of the whole year on Eid day. Religious beliefs are not based on science. Some may have some reasoning based on the science of that particular time . But science changes with more and more research and evidence while religious belief remain the same. So it is better not to mix personal belief based religion and evidence based science

  14. good blog you got there, just stumbled upon it. once you start modifying the religious rituals based on your own liking, and may be choosing different aspects from different religions too, can be very interesting. this time around, i just fasted two days, I am not religious at all, but fasting has some calming, spiritual nature to it, but i hear you when you say, it is more feasting than fasting these days during ramadan. but i guess one can define it whichever way you want it. and of course i love Eid, the celebration, food, etc.. anyways, keep up the good posts coming.

  15. Dont think it would do a lot of good Nimmy – people just blindly adopt some theories and beliefs observing their families or some other influential people. They just take it without ever questioning why something should or should not be done. These beliefs are so deep rooted that anyone who feels different is, like you say “looked at with contempt”
    Some people simply cannot accept anything different from their own concepts or perceptions: they believe they are always right and others are always wrong.
    Sigh its a sad thing really.

      • Nimmy
      • September 30th, 2009

      Glad to see you after a long time Cris…

      :These beliefs are so deep rooted ” eah,and they are not ready to open their hearts for anything else except for what they believe is true…

    • Nimmy
    • October 1st, 2009

    @Dinesh Babu..wow,that great thought..Yes,there is no absolute right or wrong,so in the end,we never know if we agree or disagree..Indeed great thought,honestly..But i don’t get it when you say ‘Go beyond conclusions… ”

    @Solilo,thanks for the wishes dear 🙂 And yes,hydrebadi food is yummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    @Reema..Thanks friend 🙂

    @Kanagau..Thanks bro.. And yes,do try to fast one day.. It makes a lot of difference 🙂

    @Mustaf..Thanks for coming 🙂 Yup,I ‘ve seen Khuda ke liye..

    Regarding Music,this is my stand..maybe it is wrong,maybe it is right..

    Among the entertainments which may comfort the soul, please the heart, and refresh the ear is singing. Islam permits singing under the condition that it not be in any way obscene or harmful to Islamic morals. There is no harm in its being accompanied by music which is not exciting.

    In order to create an atmosphere of joy and happiness, singing is recommended on festive occasions such as the days of ‘Eid, weddings and wedding feasts, births, ‘aqiqat (the celebration of the birth of a baby by the slaughter of sheep), and on the return of a traveler.

    ‘Aishah narrated that when a woman was married to an Ansari man, the Prophet(peace be on him) said, ” ‘Aishah, did they have any entertainment? The Ansarare fond of entertainment.” (Reported by al-Bukhari.)

    Ibn ‘Abbas said, ” ‘Aishah gave a girl relative of hers in marriage to a man of theAnsar. The Prophet (peace be on him) came and asked, ‘Did you send a singeralong with her?’ ‘No,’ said ‘Aishah. The Messenger of Allah (peace be on him) then said, The Ansar are a people who love poetry. You should have sent along someone who would sing, ‘Here we come, to you we come, greet us as we greet you.’ ” (Reported by Ibn Majah.)

    ‘Aishah narrated that during the days of Mina, on the day of ‘Eid al-Adha, twogirls were with her, singing and playing on a hand drum. The Prophet (peacebe on him) was present, listening to them with his head under a shawl. Abu Bakr then entered and scolded the girls. The Prophet (peace be on him), uncovering his face, told him, “Let them be, Abu Bakr. These are the days of ‘Eid.” (Reported by al-Bukhari and Muslim.)

    Islam allows the act of listening to music or singing provided the following conditions are met:
    * It does not involve a theme that promotes immorality, indecency, or evil.
    * It is not accompanied with haram practices.
    * It does not incite evil desires within oneself.
    * It does not waste one’s time.
    * It does not lead to neglecting one’s duties.

    It was narrated that `A’ishah (may Allah be pleased with her) attended a wedding of one of her female relatives from the Ansar (Muslims of Madinah), and then the Prophet (peace and blessings be on him) asked her, “Have you sent a girl with her [the bride] who can sing and beat the duff [tambourine]?” `A’ishah then said, “What would she say?” The Prophet said, “She can say, ‘Here we come; to you we come; greet us as we greet you” (Al-Shawkani, Nayl Al-Awtar).

    The religious texts that stand as a basis for those who maintain that singing is haram are either ambiguous or inauthentic. None of the hadiths attributed to Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is valid as evidence on the judgment of prohibition. Moreover, all these hadiths are declared ‘weak’ by the followers of Ibn Hazm, Malik, Ibn Hanbal, and Ash-Shafi`i.

    In his book, Al-Ahkam, Al-Qadi Abu Bakr Ibn Al-`Arabi says, “None of the hadiths maintaining that singing is prohibited are considered authentic (by the scholars of the Science of Hadith Methodology).” The same view is maintained by Al-Ghazali and Ibn An-Nahwi in Al-`Umdah. Ibn Tahir says, “Not even a single letter from all these Hadiths was proved to be authentic.”

    Ibn Hazm says, “All the hadiths narrated in this respect were invented and falsified.”

    Regarding images….I am sure that Photos didin’t exist 1400 years ago.. And also,the hadith “I heard Allah’s Apostle saying; “Angels (of Mercy) do not enter a house wherein there is a dog or a picture of a living creature (a human being or an animal).” doesn’t tell you that it is SIN to have images.. So i believe that one would just miss the extra blessings if he holds images..Its not a blessing to have images,does that mean that it is SIN or haram?

    Also,I have read in Quran regarding Jinns building Statues for King Slomon..Will talk about it another day..I am not that knowledgable,but will try to clear myself soon.. 🙂

    @Charakan,thanks Doc… Yes,it is better not to mix science and religion.. One is based on facts,other on faith.

    @Najeeb..Thanks for your words 🙂 Keep coming..

    Good day to all

      • Nimmy
      • October 1st, 2009

      @Mustaf.regarding images..

      It is not considered haram (forbidden) to hang family pictures on the wall; however, I should urge you against hanging them on the wall directly facing you in Prayer. For by hanging them in the direction of Prayer, your thoughts will likely be distracted; furthermore, it may inadvertently give the impression that we worship pictures. It is important for us Muslims to make ourselves distinct in our religious practices from those who associate partners with Allah in their worship. So never hang such pictures in the direction of your Prayer.

      Still another point to consider: Never hang pictures of leaders and heroes, past or present, on your walls, for it may inadvertently lead to feelings of extreme reverence and hero worship, and this in turn may become an avenue leading to shirk. Such things are considered as avenues leading to that which is haram, and hence considered as forbidden. It is worth remembering that this was the main rationale for prohibiting carving images and statues in the first place.

      Since, however, such motives are entirely lacking in hanging family pictures, there is no reason to consider it as haram.”


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