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Its been a while sicne I have been engaging myself as a part of Blog Samaj…I started blogging as an experiment,to know more of what this thing called ‘blogging’ is all about and yes,my dearo Cris is my inspiration..My first post was published on 2008/06/24..For some reasons,I didn’t have my ‘anniversary post,so today I thought of having one

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When I started it on June 24th,2008,I never thought that I would evolve into the type of blogger ,the type of person,I am today.Many people have influenced me and I am thankful to them for making me the person I am today..Lot of reading,lot of views,lot of opinions,it was all a new world for me..I do not want to name them,for i am afraid if I would miss out any of my dear one.. So,no listing out names..Dear all,I am thankful to you all for reading my blog and haring your thoughts,for all of you have helped me refine my knowledge,my opinions,my views and above all,you made me read more and opend up my heart and mind to have opinions,no matter how silly they are.I can’t belive that I explored lot of reliigous stuff,for i am not at all a religious person..Yes,I love my God,but I am not that stedfast in following daily rituals. you ahve opened up the world of spirituality for me. I am thankful to you all,and one person in particular,for digging out the feminist in me. I am all for femininity,but yes,feminism -speaking up for women-is no longer a bad word for me.You made me realize that ‘She didn’t ask for it’.. OOps,i am ranting 🙂

A bigggggg hug to all of you 🙂 You guys make my life beautiful…


Ok,now your turn,tell me how was I,as a person,as an individual,throughout the blogging journey..Afterall,its you who made me the person I am…Of course I am expecting nice words from you 🙂 ,but ,I would like to know how can I improve myself as an individual and as a blogger..So my negative points are more welcome…



p.s: I am afraid if I sound like a ‘big’ Lady,I am just a petty women,but still, I am proud of what I am.

  1. Congratulations!!!

    Why don’t you post much these days?

  2. Congratulations 🙂

    opend up my heart and mind to have opinions,no matter how silly they are – Come on girl, they make so much sense and make us think too 😀

    WTG! Cheers 🙂

  3. Congrats !!!!

    geez… me posted over 200 posts in one year…

    lol you make me seem hyper and total navra… lol..

  4. ‘Petty woman’? Are you joking, Nimmy?

    You are one of the most balanced bloggers I know. Always sees both sides of any question. Any opinion of yours has a lot of research to back it up- I’m proud that you are my ‘blogging friend’!

  5. Hi Nimmy,

    I have started following your blog very recently, so I can’t tell how as a person you have evolved over a year through blogging.

    But I must tell you I am lucky to have found your blog. I agree that none of us know the absolute truth except Him, still the way you try to explain myths/beliefs in the lights of science and modernism, I just respect you. I am following your blogs regularly now and will try to enlighten myself as much as I can and also contribute if it is within the scope of my limited knowledge.

  6. Vijay Tendulkar has said a gem about writing – “It’s never about the writing. Anyone can write. It is about the observations.” And You had that sense of astute observation in your writing. Congrats for your quality writing but they are highly neutral in Point of view. Tilting in favour of pure rationality or faith is not there, thats a sign of very mature mindset. Congrats Nimmy for your views at blog land.

    Nimmy, as now you are more sincere and better writer than me, I have no words to offer for advice. But there is a good and long article for reading will be gracious enough from my side.

    • Pixie
    • October 1st, 2009


    Petty? you mean Pretty don’t you?!1 huh?!! 😀 😀


    You are a wonderful blogger balanced blogger!
    A very good writer…:)

    I love your posts… they always make me think… my knowledge increases 🙂

    keep blogging!


  7. congrats dear! Blog on!

  8. Nimmy I guess you were the first person(or among the first set of people) who commented on my blog(guess about my manglore pub attack post).and also since then i were regularly following U.And actually it was you who inspired me to write about social issues 🙂 and all :)(though i’m not writing much about the same as earlier coz the lack of time to research about many) and also i’m blog hopping often due to the busy work shedule.
    congrats and keep going 🙂

    PS : though it is belated,please accept my birthday wishes too :).

  9. Petty woman??? no way you are a very pretty woman….not by the way you look, but by your thoughts, your words and the goodness of your heart.

    The way you have been trying to explain Islam is really appreciable in the midst of all the wrong information thats floating around.

    I hope you keep blogging and that you have a long and beautiful life!!!

  10. congratulations! you truly deserve the recognition you’ve got! ((hugs))

  11. Congratulations Nimmy!

    You have blogged on so many interesting subjects that I knew little about. Every post of yours has been a revelation and very very informative! Your posts are thought provoking and amazingly balanced and so painstakingly researched. You are just too modest:) Keep blogging! Waiting for your next post.

  12. It’s nice to dip into your blog from time to time.

    It’s also good to note that you do your homework before tackling tricky topics and then put across your point of view. Sometimes, you don’t present a point of view and leave it up to the readers to pitch in with their opinions; now and then, that’s interesting too.

    I will have to start reading you more regularly before I offer my criticism!

    Take care and happy blogging.

  13. Congratulations on the blogoversary! Keep writing the way you do.

  14. Hey, you completed one year? Congrats !!! and you are so regular here these days that you put an anniversary post after 4 months !! 😀 😀 😀

  15. Congratulations nimmy,i am a slient reader of ur blog since i started blogging in dec last year.
    Loved all ur post and came to know about new things

    Thanks for the wishes.Keep blogging 🙂

  16. Nimmy you know I totally admire your balanced, rational, intelligent, well researched and courageous posts. I have given you so many awards!! 🙂

    I have learnt a lot from your blog. I have also found the confidence to ask for information, knowing you would answer objectively. The only change I can think of is that you blog more frequently, come back full time to the blogosphere, you are missed here 🙂

    I agree with everybody else, petty you are not, pretty is what you are 😆 Look forward to reading many more informative and interestingly written posts!

    And my very best wishes on your birthday Libran 🙂

  17. Congratulations Sister 🙂 🙂

    I always loved you writings… which are very true… and learned a lot from you… how to write on social issues… One post I like to read and didn’t read till now is Israel – Palestinian history.. I will read soon… 🙂 🙂

    there are lot of references you have made while writing on any issues… you have great understanding on things… 🙂 🙂 love to see you write more….

  18. As IHM said we need your posts more frequently.I understand your current limitations to blogging but you should overcome it.
    Yes you are very balanced in your views,may be sometimes I think too balanced so that you sometimes hesitate to take sides eventhough you want to. Happy blogging and happy birthday

    • Nimmy
    • October 4th, 2009

    @Bones..Thanks dear 🙂 As for me blogging less..I really don’t know..If I tell you that ‘I don’t have time’,it may not be true as I lived the same 24 hr system back there,where I was..Here,I am not able to concentrate,read on what I want to write..Without doing enough reading,I am not finding it comfortable to rant..I know that I should come over it,but I am not able t..So less reading,hence less writing 🙂

    @Swaram.. Thanks buddy..I am glad that you are my new friend and I am more glad that a newbie here has said something good about me..hee hee :-p…Your blogging enthusiasm never cease to amaze me  Remember those days when you have more than one post a day,oh well,sitting in office 

    @Manju ..:) Thanks dear… But I must say that you are more versatile than most of the bloggers around as your posts are indeed unpredictable topics and interesting too..

    @Mustaf..I am glad and thankful that you are my reader because as a muslim,you can add lot of input to my posts and the discussion will be fruitful;..Please do keep visiting..

    @Yayaver..:) I am in cloud 9 after reading your words…and thanks a lot for that article..I read a small portion,but will complete reading ,for sure…

    @Pixie..hee hee I am little pretty too 😉 ((hugs))

    @Reema..hey hey Reema teacher..I am glad that I have found you ..I have always looked forward for your short yet concise comments 🙂

    @Pinku..Glad to see you after a long time dear..Please do come as often as you can… and thanks for your words,but remember that I am an outcast in the eyes of many believers 🙂

    @Rohini.. Thanks for your words dear.. I am sorry I am not visiting your blog that often these days..Please understand that I don’t do it purposely …

    @Smitha..  I have always felt of you as someone very near and dear to me..I am not even sure if you are a malayali,but to me it seems that you live next door…

    @Mummyjaan..hey dear,glad to see you after a long time..Are you back from break?? And yes,thanks for your words 🙂

    @Solilo..” blogoversary”..ha ha,thatz a sweet word..Did you invent that??

    @Vimmu **tap tap*****Smash Vimmu on his head ** You alone noticed that.. and yes,I am honoured that a celebrity is my friend 🙂

    @saritha..Welcome here dear..I am glad that you spoke.. Thanks for coming and please speak out ,no matter how silly they are..Your comment counts…

    @IHM..oh dear.. You have been my support and inspiration all along my journey..You have become not just a blogging friend,but someone whom I look upon,someone I can lean upon,someone who comes to my thoughts and makes me keep moving when I am frustrated….and much more..You have changed my life..I am sad that I am able to read you properly these days 🙂 And yes,your award was the first one I got and you can’t imagine how I felt then … Your views have changed my life,a lot…and I am thankful to you for being my friend…Please be there for me…

    @Kanagu ..Bro,you are so nice that your words enter my heart directly before it reaches my brain 🙂 and yes,I am sure you are not going to read that psot,its not of your-type 🙂 I will write about cricket for you to read…but alaas,its not my-type…

    @Charakan🙂 You know something,I tell people that my bog is read by great great people,including a doctor..then they say ‘Oh,in that case,your blog must be something better than trash’  I am honoured that you are my friend..And yes,I will try to write more often..

    Regarding everybody’s comment that I am balalnced,I have always felt that it is my weakness,rather than a strength,because this approach of balancing makes me an indecisive person 😦 People complain than I am making fun of situations by talking or supporting both sides..I was proud of my this particular character,but not anymore,ever since somebody made a hurtful comment last day…Life is not that beautiful na 🙂

    Good day and love to all…

    • Sister… I am very much interested in history and always liked to know what happened and what is the cause for problems…

      I will read that post soon.. 🙂 🙂

    • Hey Nimmy enne ponthichu ponthichu uttarathil muttikaruthe

  19. Congrats on the anniversary 😀 Blogrolling you 🙂

  20. Congratulations on your anniversary,Nimmy 🙂

    • masood
    • October 7th, 2009

    Congrats on your blogannv. And belated bday wishes, Nims.

    Blog on! 🙂

  21. Happy Anniversary Nimmo.
    finding Nimmo was delectable!
    you are a cute girl.(as evidenced by this particular post)
    nice to know you are Julia Roberts too 😉
    your negative point is your positive too! you just can’t hurt some1 beyond a limit you hopeless Libra. you must balance!
    keep on reading. keep an open mind. KEEP BLOGGING !
    so you are a Cris protege?
    she is an absolute dahling. isn’t she?

  22. Almost a lakh hits in an year! wow, pretty woman, you rock!
    I think your blog may be just the kind of write up I like, will come back to see a few of your popular posts soon.

    Keep goin!:)

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