..of Love Jihadist’s baby machines ..

love-jihadIt is indeed a sad need for those champions of Love Jihad , that the HC has ruled out Love Jihad operations,which intends to ” As per the instructions to recruits of this organisation, they have to love a Hindu girl within the time frame of 2 weeks and brainwash them to get converted and marry within 6 months. Special instructions to breed atleast 4 kids have also been given. If the target won’t get trapped within first 2 weeks, they are instructed to leave them and move on to another girl. ”

Remember the SiljaRaj I mentioned in the last post, …of Love and Love jihad ? The Karnataka High Court on Friday permitted a Hindu girl from Chamarajnagar to go wherever she chooses to after the State police filed an interim report saying that there was no ‘Love Jihad’ angle to her relationship with a Muslim boy. It said Silja had of her own will gone away with Ashkar. It was Ashkar’s mother, Shahida, who asked Silja and her son to go to the Ponnai mosque in Kerala and take training from the Madrasa. It said Ashkar had no relationship with any Muslim organisation as per the information collected so far.

Kochi: Director-General of Police Jacob Punnoose on Wednesday reiterated before the Kerala High Court that no concrete or substantial evidence was available to establish that ‘Love Jihad’ was operating in the State.

However, he said he could not come to a definite or a conclusive finding due to divergence in the contents of the reports received from different subordinate units which formed the basis of his statement filed earlier before the court.

The DGP on Monday submitted the reports he had received from the subordinate units in a sealed cover before the court.

Justice K.T. Sankaran had earlier directed the DGP to file a statement and produce the reports in a sealed cover as the court was dissatisfied with the DGP’s earlier statement.

The court had issued a directive to the DGP to inform it of the activities of the ‘Love Jihad’ while considering two anticipatory bail petitions filed by two youths in a case relating to the abduction and forced conversion of a woman.

The DGP said that cogent and coherent material was available in three reports to make unambiguous statement regarding the truth of allegation on compulsive religious conversion. These reports warranted further inquiry, which he had already ordered. He said the three reports were not backed with supporting evidence to come to a positive finding.

The information in the three reports was relevant while considering the question posed by the court. He said some reports were written based on hearsay. They were not supported by any directive evidence.[…..]

I won’t say that this report is a conclusive one.Let there be more investigations in the regard and let the truth be digged out.If there are random incidents as accused,let them be nipped in their budding stage..But what bothers me is,how will those people who had spit poison from their tongues,take it back ? What will SNDP and VHP and KCBC do with their task forces,formed in regard with Love Jihad?

I suggest and request people to think twice or thrice or even more times,before you talk of matters that will drown communal harmony..


I wonder what make human beings talk like this..

Muslims are outsiders to India. Their loyalties are outside the borders of India. Their motto is to destroy the culture of this country. Their icons are Dawood Ibrahim, Osama Bin Laden, Mulla Omar, Ajmal Kasab and the like. Their intentions are clear while some of them try to talk differently. They don’t respect India’s National Song and the National Flag. I don’t know if their brothers in U.S.A. or elsewhere are similar. It is not wise to argue with them. The best way is to keep off. They have to their support some ‘bhrashtachari’ politicians and parties. Attacks on ‘Bharateeya Samskriti’ were there since ages. The rakshasas killed the rishis and attempted disrupt vedic rituals. The Mughals destroyed the religious structures and burnt the scriptures. But none could touch the eternal ‘Bharateeya Samskriti’. Some haywires may go astray. Elsewhere in the world some of the most ancient cultures were destroyed after the advent of some new faiths. The parents are to be faulted if their girls are falling prey to ‘love jihadists’



Picture Courtesy : http://www.keralaflashnews.com/love-jihad/love-jihad-2

  1. A point I would like clarification on is this – suppose there really was a systematic “love jihad” on. Suppose girls really were lured away willingly, without coercion and without false promises. Should there be any objections?

    After all, we’re exposed to advertising everyday. Why not advertising for religion (as a manner of speaking)? I myself am an atheist, but it’s the principle of the thing. If people are won over by advertisers to use their products (religion in this case), where’s the harm?

    • Interesting view…I agree with you…

      Similarly, with the tribal converts in Orissa…If they are ‘encouraged’ to convert to Christianity with the lure of food and shelter, then what’s the harm? If Hindu fundamentalists had provided the essentials of life to these tribals, they wouldn’t have had a reason to convert…

        • JGN
        • November 14th, 2009

        sraboneyghose, who has told you that conversion is a pre-requisite for helping the poor? India is a welfare state. It is the responsibility of the State (Country) to take care of the poor and needy. The same cannot be outsourced to the Missionaries or their counter-parts from other religions.

        Though I do not believe in the dogmas of any religion nor in any god, I am against conversion as the Missionaries are fooling the illiterate tribals/dalits in the name of non-existent gods and heaven.

        I challenge any one to convert me to any religion (even to the one enabling a person to enjoy four at a time on planet earth itself and a promise of seventy two in an imaginary life hereaftr)!! If any one is able to convert me, I will spend the rest of my life for the propagation of that religion. Any takers??

        • “Though I do not believe in the dogmas of any religion nor in any god, I am against conversion as the Missionaries are fooling the illiterate tribals/dalits in the name of non-existent gods and heaven.”

          The point isn’t whether or not they should try and convert you, but whether or not people must be allowed to convert others. Advertising makes a lot of false claims (like making women swoon if you wear axe), but we allow it.

          My point is, let people get fooled if they want. They’re getting fooled anyway on TV, so what additional harm here. If they get lured by education and better living, no additional harm done.

            • JGN
            • November 16th, 2009

            The avowed policy of the Missionaries anywhere in the world were to create a sort of hatred in the minds of the converts for their ancestral culture and citilization – Dr. Abraham T. Kovoor, world renowned rationalist (writing from memory – there could be slight variation). I can only add that those who converted the natives of our Country into Islam and Christianity have achieved enormous success in their endeavour.

            • I agree with you Bhagwad and Sraboney. When I blogged about this I found a lot of people assume they have the right to decide which ‘advertisements’ the ‘illiterate’ tribals believed. They were also opposed to the idea of reconverting a convert – if at all- only as Brahmans -so the tribals are left with no ‘excuse’ to convert to Christianity – or ‘desert’ their religion, and if they somebody still wants to convert, then it’s their choice.\


              If sane adults chooses to become hindu or muslim or buddhist or whatever,why should we be bothered.. It is his and his God’s business to decide whether he will go to hell or heaven.. -Nimmy

                • JGN
                • November 19th, 2009

                Then why your “most merciful creator” is eager to burn me in hell fire for eternity just for not believing in him?

                Another book tells me that all entry tickets to heaven are in the hands of only one person and if I do not believe in him, I will be parcelled into hell.

    • Ashish
    • November 13th, 2009

    Actually I do have aproblem with conversion to ISlam; but not to any other religion. A John Walker would not have become a terrorist,if he had converted to another religion (Hinduism, Budhism, Sikhism whatever)other than Islam. A Jose Padilla would not have become a terrorist. A Shoe bomber would not have become a terrorist. A Zarakari Mosawi would not have become a terrorist (and the presumed 20th bomber) had he converted to some other religion other than Islam.

    So, until these crazies stop terrorism, I would recommend people hold off or join some other religion!

      • JGN
      • November 14th, 2009

      Ashish, these poor guys have been taught that planet earth belongs to their “most merciful creator” and it is their bounden duty to reclaim the same from the infidels.

      Some time back I had seen a bearded idiot preaching on PeaceTV that some time in the future, the would would be full of muslims only (sara duniya mem mussalman hi mussalman hi honga) and when all of them reaches the age of 40 years, the “last day of judgement” will take place as their “most merciful creator” would not like to punish innocent children!!! Till then nobody could avail of the rewards promised in their BOOK!!

      I am really wondering whether it is their eagerness to avail of those rewards that is the motivating factor.

  2. @Bhagwad.. 🙂 I agree.. People are free to advertise,ranging from faith to undergarments.. But if there is a conspiracy,as accused,to lure girls as to amke them Jihadist’s baby machines,then it is not a right thing. I wonder who girls of these times fall easily for bikes and mobile phones 🙄

    @Bones..exactly what i once said in a post…Conversion is a business deal,one party gives services and the other end returns gratitude in various forms..I don’t think we should ahve a problme with that provided people aren’t forced to do so..

    @Ashish,welcome here 🙂 Pls go through the list of designated terrorists and tell me how many of them are muslims,and how many of them aren’t ? .. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrorist_groups ( i know wiki isn’t exhaustive,but still it is a long list)

    🙂 JGN,welocme to my blog.. Your views are soild and assertive.. I am not here to convert anybody,nor to propogate my faith,rather I am critical about it,and most of my posts are in that regard. . Conversion isn’t a prerequisite to help the poor,agreed.But the poor or needy cannot be blamed if they keep changing their religion for any reason,when they are provided what they want. For them religion is just a way,a solution to their daily life,nothing more nothing less.. There was a post on this.. And it is better said about the government ,which is expected to take care of the needy. When they don’t/won’t do their job,others,who ae more smarteer will take the opportunity..This world is all about survival of the fittest,isn’t it?

      • JGN
      • November 16th, 2009

      Thank you Nimmy. It really irritates me when some people claim superiority of one religion or other. We all belongs to the same specie called Homo Sapien Sapien. All other divisions are man-made. No religion is better than the other. No religion has ever stopped people from committing crimes. Then why are we fighting in the name of religions?


      I agree,but what you and me wish about,is not going to happen,atleast till the end of this world.. -Nimmy

  3. Why isn’t this ‘terrorism’, but just ‘communal-issues’?

      • JGN
      • November 16th, 2009

      Nimmy, you know the answer very well. Exceot for Muslims, all other religions have reformed over the years. Have you ever heard any Christian, Hindu or Buddhist telling that “one day Christians will rule the world” or “one day Hindus will rule the world” or “one day Buddhists” will rule the world? Do they have any such ambition? And what is the ambition of Muslims?????????? Why your mad mullahs are telling that “ek din sara duniya mem mussalman hi mussalman hi honga”??? How are they going achieve that objective? By killing all infidels?


      🙂 I understand and i very well know that there are lot of people around who say as you said. But maybe they intend that people will eventually convert to Islam,not by killing them..Whatever,all these are not of any concern to majority laymen,like me. If Mullahs say so,understand that it is their business and work to rant so. Don’t people do business to kill others,don’t some people engage in trafficking,don’t people engage in smuggling? Likewise,just think of them,people like Raj Thackery and so as people who ahve no other job,except to rant so and create division.Take them is the seriousness they desevre..Osama rants and sents ‘signals’ to Bush and Obama to end war in Afghan,but do they listen? Some VHP guys say that they are going to re-convert people to hinduism?Do we mind them and discuss it? People should be given only due credit they deserve….Nimmy

        • JGN
        • November 16th, 2009

        Nimmy, the difference is that while the activities of others are considered as “crimninl” in civilized societies, the Muslims claim the “AUTHORITY” of their book for all their activities. Have you ever visited the web of your great aalim Dr. Zakir Naik (IRF)? He has even laid out strategies for misleading people (like answers for those who have some knowledge of Islam, those who do not have any knowledge, etc)!! He says that only Islam teaches two plus two is four and all others are teaching either it is three or five!!!

        The Jews and Arabs are brothers under the skin. The are fighting only because they worship different (non-existent) gods.


        All I can talk about is in relation to Quran,not what some random people say..I am a laymen,who has only little understanding of religion and its complicated issues. But no matter how loud you shout,i won’t agree that muslims are the most fanatic religious people on earth..-Nimmy

          • JGN
          • November 18th, 2009

          Nimmy, some time back four muslims (one a recent convert from Christianity) from Kerala were shot dead by our Armed Forces in Kashmir. According to the statements given by the Home Minister of Kerala, Mr. Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, about 300 muslims from Kerala are undergoing training in PoK.

          What has muslims from Kerala got to do with the so-called Kashmiriyat, the protection of which the Kashmiri Muslims are fighting for??

          What was the motivating factor for one Engg student from Bangalore to participate in the failed Glasgow bombing in which he perished? What harm was done by the peopel of UK to him? On the other hand, the British authorities had given him a chance to get educated in UK. There are thousands of similar case, where the only motivating factor is “religion” only. How do you justify that?

          And if you are talking about The Quran only, pl search for “The Skpetics Annotated Bible for category-wise verses like absurdities, contradictions, hatred, sex, women, good-stuff, etc from The Bible (both Old Testament and New Testament), The Quran and The Book of Mormon. As a believer, you might not have observed the same.

          • JGN, You talk about 300 Kerala born Islamist terrorists. But there are about 9000000 Muslims who practise Islam but are not extremists living in Kerala.Most of them actively campaign against Islamist terrorism like our Nimmy. The tactic of selectively highlighting the extremist fringe groups and equating them with majority of that religion is usually done by communalists. I am surprised you are speaking like that.

              • JGN
              • November 20th, 2009

              Go and tell that to Mr. V.S. Achnuthanandan, Pinarayi Vijayan and Mr. A.K. Anthony who have questioned the blackmailing tactics of the “minorities”!!

              Are you threatening others by quoting the fugures of muslims in Kerala? What makes you think that there would not be any reaction if they also turn into “terrorists”??? Do you wsant to turn Kerala into another Somalia??

              I make it very clear that though I do not have any hatred for any muslim, I am against their religious ideology which is to dominate the kafirs (if not convert them by hook or crook or eliminate them).

        • JGN, Your fault I feel is you equate Islamist extremist ideology with all Muslims and Islam.

          Your opposition to conversion is interesting. Do you want to ban all religious conversions? Are you against a person changing on his free will his/her religion?

            • JGN
            • November 19th, 2009

            Charakan, it is not my fault. Ask any “believing” muslim what he thinks of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and then preach to me.

            I am not against conversion out of freewill. Pl see my message below.

            I invite you to join “Rastafarianism”. There is added advantage of everlasting life instead of waiting endlessly for the “last day of judgement” or unpredictability of “re-birth”!!

            • JGN, I know almost all Muslims and for that matter most Indians have high reverence and respect to Dr APJ. I feel your thoughts are muddled by anti-Muslim propaganda from some sources.

              Good to hear you are not against conversion out of free will. Now a question to you.Who decides a conversion is of free will? You or the person who converts? From your comments I can infer that you believe most conversions from Hinduism are not out of free will.That is your belief but most of the converts believe they are converting out of their free will for spiritual and material well being.We should respect their right to convert.

                • JGN
                • November 20th, 2009

                Then why don’t you accept my challenge to convert me? What makes these conversion freaks target only the illiterage dalits/tribals? Let them get me also an assured “Entry Ticket” to the Paradise!!!

                I respect the right of a person to convert but I do not agree that the missionaries (or their equivalents from other religions) have a right to convert anyone.

  4. There are certainly some forces trying to divide India on cultural basis. The innocent people of India are unfortunately falling into these horrible tactis…. Poor us!

    ah,so true..But the funny thing is that no matter how many time we are fooled,we never learn from it. -Nimmy

  5. I dont know who has told those last bit of lines… Maybe an Indian who in nowhere connected and Dont Have knowledge about India.. Period.
    Still i cant understand much about this love jihad…

    Kanagu,lot of such comments appear on internet boards..Let me say that there are people who say as JGN said,India is goona be a muslim country”..I just quoted this on,as i felt bad..-Nimmy

  6. don’t know what 2 say(coz right now my head is full off java,swing ,bugs,code flow etc and nothing else 🙂 )
    yeahh i can understand your feeling…Coz of stupidity\craziness of one set of crazy people, one entire community is burning for decades……can’t understand why people can’t love each other irrespective of religion…as far as i know all religions teach us to love each other ,Then y these fellows wanna inject hatred and violence into these innocent peoples????.After all we all are created by blood and flesh.I don’t know everything will be aright in near future or at least in future, but i wish it will be

    between last para was funny …..may god save that author



    I won’t say that indian muslims are the most discrinaed people on earth,rather,India is the best place for a normal muslim to live,in peace and harmony..Forget philosophies,no muslim or hindu or christian or no matter what religion he belongs to,will not agree in a community as a whole that it is wise to agree to disagree.. Err,wrong english semantics..sorry.. -Nimmy

  7. Who said those words? You know Nimmy, we saw much less of this pre 1991. All this communal antagonism is a political creation. These election results have been an indication that people have had enough of all this. I am glad to see so many more of us supporting peace, ‘Live and let live’ and Tolerance.


    So true IHM..In fact,even I have a feeling that people are bored and fed up of all this jihad,Ram-bhoomi, etc etc dramas and are more bothered about day-to-day lives and how to meet ends… Lets hope that more and more people,of all sectors are made aware,in the right way.. -Nimmy

      • JGN
      • November 19th, 2009

      It seems that not all are bored. Some people are more interested in ensuring an entry into the fun-filled paradise at any cost. Otherwise there would not have been blasts almost every day in Pakistan (The land of Pure!!!!!!!!) even after achieving a 98% muslim population.

    • JGN
    • November 16th, 2009

    To all conversion freaks,

    The problem with conversion is the arrogance of those who think they have a right to convert others and particularly so when they refer to UN declarations (and the constitution of India – added by me) as a support. Claiming the right to seek out the other for conversion is nothing else but turning the other into an object for my design. It is meeting the other as an object, not interested in the encounter and where it might take us – Hans Ucko, a Swedish theologian who heads the WCC’s program for inter-religious dialogue.


    I am also of the same opinion.

    • You can say the same thing “objectification” about every form of advertising on the planet which sees “consumers” as a means to the end of profit.

      It may not be pretty but you can’t ban it. Most people objectify others for some reason or the other very often. Why target only conversions?

        • JGN
        • November 17th, 2009

        So you are admitting that what the missionaries are doing is just business and nothing more than that???


        Else what? The want to take people from one side to other side,so that they earn brownies from both their superiors and from God,they believe in .. -Nimmy

        • Of course!

            • JGN
            • November 18th, 2009

            Then the competitos will adopt all strategies like “acquisition”, “planting moles” etc (or re-conversion in the case of religions). Then don’t cry foul.

            • As long as they don’t use coercion and force and don’t invade people’s privacy (all of which are illegal), I couldn’t care less about what strategies they choose.

              Let a person go like a yo yo from one religion to another hundreds of times. If they want to do it, they should be left alone.

    • JGN
    • November 16th, 2009

    Nimmy, no use pretending to create darkness by closing the eyes. Internet in the latest “prophet”. Info on any subject is available at the click of a mouse.

    Pl read “The Roots of Jihad. DrHamid’s courageous clarion call to Western leaders is that they must address the hate, violence, and domination teachings of Salafi Islam if they are to win the War on Terror.
    To Muslims, his own people, he insists that acknowledging the reality of the violent teachings that now predominate in mosques is the first step toward changing them.

    To Israel Dr. Hamid says, you are not the problem. You are merely in the line of fire of your neighbors chronic ire, an anger taught to Muslims from childhood and throughout adulthood -(The Roots of Jihad ~ Tawfik Hamid)

  8. Why cant people exist as normal humans ?? The last para on the icons is pure crap, what about people like Abdul Kalaam ? Crazy humans !!


    **sigh* Nimmy

  9. {{{hugs!}}}
    Present and reading ma’am. 🙂
    It’s just that I missed commenting…
    Will put up a proper post relevant comment 🙂

    Still visiting sweetie! Will always do that! 🙂


    hee heee,just told so dear… Take care.. -Nimmy

  10. This is something I don’t understand… the whole concept of “love jihad” is an oxymoron on so many levels!

    Religious sentiments are personal. We as a nation, a diverse one at that need to understand and respect the boundaries.
    Again, conversion is something I don’t understand…
    The lure to convert to Islam, Christianity amongst the so-called “lower castes” is high mainly because, with the change in religion also comes along a tag of respectability. Un-touchability and discrimination though not too rampant in metros still exists in our country. Food, shelter and better education are then easily accessible.
    These are again, just my views.
    I neither endorse nor encourage conversion, disrespect or putting down of any religion.

    Well put Pixie.. I cannot say it any better -Nimmy

      • JGN
      • November 18th, 2009

      >>>with the change in religion also comes along a tag of respectability …. so now you have dalit christians and dalit muslims also!! Equality in Christianity and Islam is a myth. Had it been the case, there would not have been a single “dalit” in UP and surrounding areas where the Islamic invaders were ruling for nearly 600 years and in Kerala where the Missionaries were very active. Last Sunday I saw the matrimonial ads in Malayala Manorama with different kinds of classifications of all prominent religions and the one thing that attracted me was the ads of “Yacobites”!!!!

  11. If a person changes his religion by choice, its his wish and nobody can comment on it. But thatz nt what conversion does … y do u hv to convert ppl to give them food and shelter? Anybody whose motto is to do service would not have strings attached .. it wil be unconditional!

    The last para, whoever hs written it .. really bad 😦 But over the net, on rediff and other columns, most of the writing does not make sense @ all. They just write for the sake of writing, debating and for some time-pass. None of us who have the ability to think and understand feel so 🙂 Humans are what we are .. we choose the paths we want, but all of them def. lead to One 🙂

    • Nimmy
    • November 19th, 2009

    Soor JGN,I don’t knwo why your comments went into moderation,only new ip entries go to moderation..

    I am not online often,so pls excuse that i am not promptly replying to all comments
    …and i just knew that ‘believing ‘ muslims don’t favour APJ Kalam…odd…

    Good day to all

    • Indian
    • December 29th, 2009

    Enthado nannavathe….

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