Mallika Sarabhai Writes To Amitabh Bachchan

Mallika Sarabhai Writes To Amitabh Bachchan

My dear Bachchanji,

Greetings from a Gujarati.

You are indeed a fine actor. You are an intelligent man and a shrewd businessman. But should I believe in your endorsements?

 Let’s take a brief look at what you proclaim you believe in (albeit for huge sums of money). BPL, ICICI, Parker and Luxor pens,Maruti Versa, Cadbury chocolates. Nerolac paints. Dabur, Emami, Eveready, Sahara City Homes, D’damas, Binani Cement and Reliance.

And now Gujarat.

I wonder how you decide what to endorse. Is your house built with Binani Cement? Do you really like Cadbury’s chocolates or do you have to resort to Dabar’s hajmola (whose efficacy you have earlier checked) after eating them? And having endorsed two pens, one very upmarket and one rather down, which one do you use? Have you, except perhaps for the shooting of the ad, ever driven or been driven in a Versa? Do you know whether the Nerolac paint in your home ( you do use it don’t you?) has lead in it that can poison you slowly as it does so many people? Or are the decisions entirely monetary?

 It has been reported that no direct fee will be paid to you for being my Brand Ambassador. So, with no monetary decision to guide you, how did you decide to say yes? Did you check on the state of the State? I doubt it, for the decision and the announcement came from one single meeting. And I somehow doubt that you have been following the news on Gujarat closely.

So, as a Gujarati, permit me to introduce my State to you.Everyone knows of our vibrancy, of the billions and trillions pouring into our State through the two yearly jamborees called Vibrant Gujarat. But did you know that by the government’s own admission no more than 23% of these have actually moved beyond the MOU stage? That while huge subsidies are being granted to our richest business houses, over 75000 small and medium businesses have shut down rendering one million more people jobless?

You know of Gujarat’s fast paced growth and the FDI pouring in, you have no doubt seen pictures of the Czars of the business world lining up to pour money to develop us. To develop whom? Did you know that our poor are getting poorer? That while the all India reduction in poverty between ’93 and 2005 is 8.5%, in Gujarat it is a mere 2.8%? That we have entire farmer families committing suicide, not just the male head of the household?

You have heard of how some mealy mouthed NGO types have been blocking the progress of the Narmada project, how the government has prevailed, and water is pouring down every thirsty mouth and every bit of thirsty land. But did you know that in the 49 years since it was started, and in spite of the Rs.29,000 crores spent on it, only 29% of the work is complete?

That the construction is so poor (lots of sand added to the you- know- which cement perhaps) that over the last 9 years there have been 308 breaches, ruining lakhs of farmers whose fields were flooded, ruining the poorest salt farmers whose salt was washed away? That whereas in 1999, 4743 of Gujarat’s villages were without drinking water, within two years that figure had gone up to 11,390 villages ? (I can not even begin to project those figures for today – but do know that the figure has gone up dramatically rather than down.) With our CM, hailed as the CEO of Gujarat, we have once again achieved number one status – in indebtedness. In 2001 the State debt was Rs.14000 crores. This was before the State became a multinational company. Today it stands at Rs.1,05,000 crores. And to service this debt we pay a whopping Rs7000 crores a year, 25% of our annual budget.

Meanwhile our spending on education is down, no new public hospitals for the poor are being built, fishermen are going a begging as the seas turn turgid with effluents, more mothers die at birth per thousand than in the rest of India, and our general performance on the Human Development Index is nearly the first – from the bottom. One rape a day, 17 cases of violence against women, and , over the last ten years, 8802 suicides and 18152 “accidental “ deaths of women are officially reported. You can imagine the real figures.

You have said that you are our Ambassador because we have Somnath and Gandhi. Somnath was built for people. Gandhiji was a man of the people. Do the people of this State matter to you? If they do, perhaps your decision will be different. I hope you will read this letter and decide.

In warmth and friendship,



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  1. thanks for sharing Nimmy…

    Mr. Bachchan is known to be a fine actor and i think thats all he does none of his endorsements are motivated by the heart or thought through by the brain. He just does what he is told to…in this case by some sort of monetary consideration I am pretty sure.

    hows life treating you?

    • Swaram
    • February 24th, 2010

    Brilliant Nimmy! Thanks for sharing. Such valid points raised there. I am sure all these ppl do is for their own monetary benefits. Am tired of seeing him in every possible ad actually 😛

    • LOL! I agree with Swaram! 😉

      Very valid points… food for thought actually.

  2. I was not aware of all these facts! I was under the impression that Gujarat was developing despite everything 😯 I am definitely disappointed with Amitabh Bachchan, but I doubt if anybody cares what he endorses, I personally feel he does not have that charisma any more.

  3. Gujarat’s success story is mainly the creation of media managers of Sangh Parivar as Modi is their next PM candidate. Even if the claims of economic success were true it cannot wash off the blood stains on the robe of Modi.

    • ThreeIdiots
    • February 27th, 2010

    Mallika Sarabhai is the daughter of Dr. Vikram Sarabhai and Mrinalini Sarabhai.

    Dr. Vikram Sarabhai was a Gujarati Jain genious who is the father of India’s space program and the Guru of Dr. Abdul Kalam. Unfortunately he made a BIG MISTAKE by marrying a Keralite woman.

    Mallika is a cross bred half-breed who does not belong anywhere. She is NOT A GUJARATI. She is a standard model Malyali Leftist/Communist. There is nothing Gujarati about her – she is lying in the very first sentence.

    From her own Wikipedia page –
    “I have always done things without hiding them,” says Mallika, remembering her college days, which saw her wearing mini-skirts, dating men, even going in for a live-in relationship.[9]. She recalls her mother’s horror when she first started living with somebody”

    Since she was born in 1953 it was around 1973 when she was openly having extra martial sex with others publicly (obviously its her personal life – but still in India of 1973 – please think about it)

    She was caught in a human trafficking case smuggling Indians into western countries as part of her dance troupe. Such a paragon of virtue! –

    Her problem with Gujarat is Sheer Malyali Jealousy.

    The Sarabhai family that her mother married into is SUPER DUPER RICH. Could somebody list if she has done any charity like Bill Gates to solve the problems she has listed (at least in Kerala if not in gujarat)

    When presenting statistics about Gujarat
    1. Provide comparative statistics about other states and then talk
    2. Please provide the source of these statistics.
    This is how statistics works.

    Of course there is no blood on Sonia Gandhis hands when she collaborated with the Sinhalese to butcher thousands of innocent Tamils to take revenge for her husbands assassination. And no blood on Rajiv Gandhi’s hands for killing thousands of Sikhs (“When big tree falls Earth shakes”) in 1982.

    • ThreeIdiots
    • February 28th, 2010

    Thank you for posting my previous comment

    Following up on my previous comment

    Here is the website of the Government of India – Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation –

    Here is a PDF file with a comparison of different states economic performance in one economic indicator (State Development Product) –

    And here is todays newspaper headline
    Gujarat economy grows twice as fast as India’s

  4. I gave up on AB the day I saw him endorsing some cream for cracked heels and chapped lips!

    • hindu militant
    • June 24th, 2011

    what gives mallika sarabhai the right to give her opinion, and poor unknown me , my opinion doesnt have any value? Just because she has ideological considerations about the gujarat carnage, she is now pathetically doling out statistics .
    I can come up with equally good statistics, but I am ordinary person, not as famous as her, will anybody listen to me?

  1. February 22nd, 2010
  2. February 23rd, 2010
  3. March 9th, 2010

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