Why do some people have problems with Full Body Scanner?

Pope Speaks Out Against Full Body Scanners at Airports : At a Vatican meeting, the Pope told aerospace industry figures ”the primary asset to be safeguarded and treasured is the person, in his or her integrity”.”Even in this situation, one must never forget that respecting the primacy of the human person and attention to his or her needs does not make the service less efficient nor penalize economic management,”

Islamic seminaries divided over fatwa against full body scan  : Leading Islamic seminaries in the country today responded differently to the Fatwa issued by a North America-based Muslim body against full-body scanning for security checks with some endorsing the ruling and others opposing it. While the prominent Islamic seminaries Darul Uloom Deoband and the Ulema Council supported the Fatwa saying such security checks were against the Islamic law and human dignity, the Islamic Centre of India saw nothing wrong in full-body scanning if it was necessary for security reasons.

However, Maulana Khalid Rasheed Firangi Mahli, the general secratery of Islamic Centre of India and member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board took a different view of the issue. “If the full body scanning is necessary for security of any place or person, then it is OK, there is nothing wrong in full body scanning,” Maulana Khalid Rasheed said.

AAPA warns against use of full body scanners : The Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) has warned against regulators over reacting in the wake of the recent terrorist attempt on a Delta Air Lines passenger aircraft bound for the USA.”It takes real political maturity to remain calm and not fall into the trap of knee jerk reactions such as imposition of new security measures,” it says.”Additional security measures are only justified when it can be demonstrated that the benefits outweigh the additional burdens they impose on society.” it adds.

Shah Rukh signs off sexy body-scan printouts at Heathrow: ‘I was a little scared. Something happens [inside the scans], and I came out.’Then I saw these girls – they had these printouts. I looked at them. I thought they were some forms you had to fill. I said ‘give them to me’ – and you could see everything inside. So I autographed them for them.’


Honestly speaking,I find them interesting..Check out the following snaps..


Hip Hip Hurray..Full Body Scanners Hip Hip Hurray… May all human diginity and shame rest in peace.. Hip Hip Hurray…

As usual,the so called VIP’s are going to get away from this too..They can simple walk in,while non-VIP’s have to undergo such procedures. If it is fair,it must be fair for ALL,otherwise,it is unfair.

All images downloaded from Google.

p.s :

Trials of full-body scanners at Delhi airport from May : NEW DELHI: India will start using full-body scanners to screen passengers at the international airport here on a trial basis from May and decide by the end of the Commonwealth Games in October who will get the multi-million dollar contract to supply such equipment. “We need around 125-200 full-body scanners for Delhi and Mumbai. These are our busiest. The trials will run through the end of the Commonwealth Games. These scanners cost between Rs.8 million and Rs.10 million apiece ($160,000-$200,000),” the official said.

“Only a handful of countries like the US, Britain, France and Israel manufacture these scanners. Most of the scanners on trial here will be from US companies. The trials will also help us assess performance during power fluctuations or outages.”

  1. I found this site on faves.com social bookmarking site. I liked it and gave you a fave! By the way I also

      • Nimmy
      • February 27th, 2010

      🙂 Nice way of promoting your site..Nevermind,let it be so..

  2. Seeing the scan images i think i will protest it… Why dont they keep it simple.?? 😦 😦

      • Nimmy
      • February 27th, 2010

      Security issues are not simple my dear..They are as complex as the people involved

  3. Honestly, I have nothing against the full body scan.. Better to seen as a b/w body silhouette than be collected in 100 pieces by a rescue personnel!! People are worried about dignity n shame, I would say I feel like I am being scanned every single day on road by passing men, it’s certainly more dignified that that!! For privacy, the analysis of scanned image could be computerized, with a program identifying the suspected items..

      • Nimmy
      • February 27th, 2010

      “I am being scanned every single day on road by passing men, it’s certainly more dignified that that!! ”


      • “I would say I feel like I am being scanned every single day on road by passing men, it’s certainly more dignified that that!!”

        I agree!!

      • Un Maaman
      • June 21st, 2013

      People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both. — Benjamin Franklin

  4. hey this blog is great. I’m glad I came by this blog. Maybe I can contribute in the near future. PM ME on Yahoo AmandaLovesYou702

    • masood
    • February 25th, 2010

    I think its a good thing. Full body scanners are not kept at airports by perverts to have fun. But for security reasons. And as long as the images don’t get public, no one should have an issue with it. Yes, if the images get public, that could be offensive.

    • Exactly Masood! Well said!

        • Nimmy
        • February 27th, 2010

        🙂 I agree…

          • Bruce Lee
          • November 27th, 2010

          What about when the perverts are the people working at the airport 😉

          Men masturbating to full body scans of High school girls: http://www.dailysquib.co.uk/?a=2389&c=124

          and the scans are saved to hard-drives, so expect some public leaks eventually.

  5. I have no problems with full body scanners – better safe than in a 1000 pieces…If people have a problem, they should not travel by air…

      • Nimmy
      • February 27th, 2010

      “If people have a problem, they should not travel by air…” 🙂

  6. I agree with Sraboney, Rush.me and Masood. I prefer being safe.

      • Nimmy
      • February 27th, 2010

      Nobody,even the potential human-bomb doesn’t like to die my dear…

  7. I have no problem with a full body scanner.. As Bones, Masood, IHM, Rush.me says much better safe than in 1000 pieces.

      • Nimmy
      • February 27th, 2010

      “I have no problem with a full body scanner “:) even i don’t have..And afterall,i am just a petty lady,and nobody is going to deal with my pics as in case of SRK

  8. I will support the stand of AAPA

      • Nimmy
      • February 27th, 2010

      🙂 I can’t make out my mind on this issue.. I am for security,but is this what is required. At the same time,i find it dumb to oppose it all in the name of dignity.When we go to a Doc and do a scan,where does this whole stuff of shame and dignity vanish? so,in the end,the definition if all this depends on one’s convenience..

    • aruna
    • February 26th, 2010

    I read about it earlier but i’m amazed once again reading your post and seeing those pics!

      • Nimmy
      • February 27th, 2010

      Spreading the pics was the only intention of this post..I am glad atleast one person perceived it in the way i meant it..Welcome here

  9. Though it is ridiculous , i will say priority should given to safety

      • Nimmy
      • February 27th, 2010

      ha ha..You said both sides my dear.. 🙂

  10. That’s what the images look like now. These arethe very first scanners. Think of the very first computer graphics. They improve rapidly, right? What will these images look like in a few years?
    Do you have objections to minimum wage rent-a-cops ordering you to strip naked?

      • Nimmy
      • March 3rd, 2010

      🙂 Yeah, a computer test is 1975984375894375 times better than a single touch-test.

  11. please see my post on holi….and let me know your views.

  12. Though I agree with the idea of complete and stringent security checks, I am not very comfortable with a full-body scan…
    Somehow, with the kind of justice, people we have in place, the feeling that it will be misused is more…

      • Nimmy
      • March 3rd, 2010

      “Somehow, with the kind of justice, people we have in place, the feeling that it will be misused is more…” Exactly..But then,people may say that nobody is interested in my image,since i am not a celebrity or whatever..But still,i am myself right?And i deserve some degree of diginity..

      Agrrhhhhhhhhhhhh..I don’t know whether i stand for the matter,or am i against it 🙄

  13. I didnt know about this. Thanks for the post on this..we must protest this!

      • Nimmy
      • May 8th, 2010

      🙂 I don’t know..Now i feel that it is a necessary evil..

  14. To Whom it may concern!
    Dear Sir,
    I am sayed from Kabul Afghanistan.
    We need above X-Ray Machinces.
    I hope to start new bussiness with you


    • Nimmy
    • February 27th, 2010

    ?? 🙂

    • Duh
    • November 20th, 2010

    Do you enjoy showing your penis and testicles to people?
    for Females, do you enjoy men or women observing your breasts or below?

    If the machines didnt show your private parts to the TSA employee it wouldnt be such a big deal.

    They need to invest more in the sniffer machines that use air samples to detect explosive materials and metal detectors.

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