Ever heard of “Tunguska phenomenon”?

Came across this term while web-hopping.Tunguska…a term with a rhyme..

Do you know the Russian region of Evenki Autonomous District in the Krasnoyarsk Territory is famous with? You know, even if you don’t know, that it is situated there. Tunguska phenomenon took place directly in this region in 1908, June, 30 at 7. 17 o’clock (local time). This phenomenon, also known as Tunguska meteorite, is still a thing exciting the imagination of scientists and ordinary people as well. Was it a meteorite, or an accident, happened with some spaceship or something else? It happened more than one hundred years ago but it is still discussed together with little green men and gossips about stars’ private life. Now the place of mysterious catastrophe is a natural reserve and you can visit (even in three ways!) it and see with your own eyes the place above which the explosion, which made the sky above all the Europe to glow with strange colored light for a few days, took place.

A little history

The catastrophe of the century happened at 7 o’clock in the morning in the watershed of Tunguska River on the June, 30 in 1908.

An appearance was to be observed all over the huge territory of Eastern Siberia: a flight of fire body finished with an explosion outstanding power, which could be estimated at 40 megaton hydrogen nuclear bombs if there were nuclear hydrogen bombs in 1908. The flight of the flame Something was followed by acoustic phenomena, heard in the 1000-km radius. A few seconds after that the recording apparats in the Irkutsk observatory fixed fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field. They terminated in 5 hours. The blast wave caused unbelievable destructions in Tunguska taiga, the traces of which are still to be observed on the territory of Tunguska Reserve. Age-old forest was fallen in the 500 kilometres area. The earthquakes were fixed in IrkutskIrkutsk, Tashkent, Tbilisi and Jena. The sky above all the Europe, Southern Siberia and Central Asia was shining strange and bright colors during a few following nights. The people, who were in 200 km from the explosion epicenter, on the River of Angara, described the even like this: the people were falling. The horses were falling. The water of Angara River was moving like a hash. We supposed it was the Crack of Doom. The people who were next to the place where Something exploded, in 25-30 km of that, shared more exiting histories: we were all sleeping, when our tent was blown sky-high.[…………..]

On one day in June 1908 the inhabitants of a small town in central Siberia saw a bluish-white streak of fire cut vertically across the sky to the northwest . What began as a bright point of light lengthened over a period of ten minutes until it seemed to split the sky in two . When it reached the ground it  shattered  to form a monstrous cloud of black smoke . Seconds later there was a terrific roaring detonation that made the buildings tremble . Assuming that the Day of Judgement had arrived , many of the villagers fell on their knees . The reaction was not entirely absurd ; in fact they had witnessed the greatest natural disaster in the Earth’s recorded history .

If the object that caused what is known as “the Great Siberian Explosion” had arrived a few hours earlier or later it might have landed in more heavily populated regions , and caused millions of deaths . It could have obliterated St Petersburg , London or New York or , even if it had landed in the sea , tidal waves might have destroyed whole coastal regions . That day the human race had escaped the greatest disaster in its history and had not even been aware of it

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Explore more if you are inerested… Wanna travel to Tunguska?? Visit this site.. In India,the term Tunguska is associated with an aircraft.


Tunguska may refer to:

  • Any of the Tunguska Rivers
  • Tunguska event, an air burst of a meteor or comet that occurred in 1908
  • Tunguska (album), an album by Suns of the Tundra
  • Tunguska-M1, a Russian anti-aircraft system
  • 9M311 Tunguska, a surface-to-air missile used in the Tunguska-M1 system
  • Secret Files: Tunguska, a videogame
  • “Tunguska”, a song by Darkest Hour on their album, Deliver Us.
  • “Tunguska”, a song by Cymbals Eat Guitars
  • Tunguska, a fictional parody of Siberia in the video game Destroy All Humans! 2[citation needed]
  • Tunguska (The X-Files), a 1996 episode of ‘The X-Files’
  1. very interesting!

  2. Found your information on the Tunguska event quite useful. I am writing an internet novel “Extinction Rising” and am publishing it chapter by chapter. One of the points I make is that the environmental movement, in its haste to stabilize a dynamical unstable world, it using the wrong paradigm for long term decision making. While it is all well and good to focus on threats to the polar bear, it would be generally more useful to focus on preparing for large planetary changes coming from within the Earth or outside of it. Essentially, how does mankind survive.

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