Woman assaulted, paraded naked by 6

ALIGARH: A woman has charged six persons, including district BSP president, of assaulting and later parading her naked in a market following which a case has been registered against them by the police.

A case of assault against six persons, including the BSP leader Moolchand Bhagel, has been filed, Superintendent of Police Maan Singh Chouhan said.

He, however, said the woman was not paraded naked. The incident took place on June 2 when 45-year-old Brima Devi had a minor tiff with some persons while she was on her way back from a temple. She was then beaten up.

She alleged in her complaint to police that she was also paraded naked through the village Chandaukha, 20 kms from here.

Bir Singh, husband of Brima Devi, alleged that the police was trying to dilute the charges against the BSP leader because of political pressure.

The woman was detained by the police for a few hours in connection with some case. She was, however, let off later.

“Instead of arresting the persons named in the report, the police has arrested Devi on a case filed against her by a group ten days back,” Singh alleged.


Is this the country we are talking about 33% reservation and like? **sigh**

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But what can you and me do to stop crimes like this? I have no idea.. Are we damn sure that this is not going to happen to you and me,since we pretend ourselves to be equipped with sophisticated living conditions? Is it really so?

  1. this is just sick.

  2. This is not just about violence against women. It is about the absence of the rule of law. Which in turn ensures that people with connections or power can get away with any injustice with impunity. This is also about the state of our corrupt system where even the thin line dividing the criminals and the state apparatus is slowly being wiped out.

      • Nimmy
      • June 14th, 2010

      Glad to see you here Sir.. :)Yes,”law and order” has become a poor joke,that people with money are free to do whatever they want..I don’t think even the Judiciary thinks and acts for common mn..

  3. Its disgusting. Victims are given punishment instead of criminals in our society. Social justice needs to be fought against and an absolute value needs to be accorded to human dignity — with the realisation that my own dignity cannot exist without the dignity of others. Its rule of wild rather than rule of law. Shame on us…

      • Nimmy
      • June 14th, 2010

      “Its disgusting”…Yes,it is..

      “Its rule of wild rather than rule of law” Well,we could better put it as,Law of India,layman’s India..In our country,we have a rule for corporates, another for politicians,another for upper class,another for dalits and like.. Am I wrong? I am talking about implemented laws,not those written ones in books…

  4. Shocking, sad and disgusting… I wish the media picks up all such cases and makes sure the perpetrators are punished. Glad you blogged about this. Can’t imagine what the victim must be going through…

      • Nimmy
      • June 14th, 2010

      And still we have people who say “she should have avoided the confrontation,and instead left home without complaints..

      “45-year-old Brima Devi had a minor tiff with some persons while she was on her way back from a temple.”

  5. Thatz just too much! This is the reason I still see so many ppl scared of reporting things to the police!

  6. This is sickening…these types of incidents are happening frequently nowadays and if the police is involved, then it is a dead case, it boomerangs on the person who was assaulted. She and her family has to be careful, hereafter.

      • Nimmy
      • June 14th, 2010

      “these types of incidents are happening frequently nowadays ”

      Exactly..Things like this are only increasing,day by day… Where are we heading…

    • sunder
    • June 8th, 2010

    yetserday saw the movie- rajneeti….the politicians go on killing….but no police involvement? except for some scenes where politicians take the help of police…

    any foreigner who sees this film will be puzzled and think politicians can do any crime and get away….well the above news, reiterates…

    well it is better we talk less about police force in India…

      • Nimmy
      • June 14th, 2010

      “any foreigner who sees this film will be puzzled and think politicians can do any crime and get away…” Isn’t that a truth?

      People with power can do anything and everything,the police too is only doing the same…Even a peon in village office will exercise his power and make things difficult for people,as much as possible..

      Before complaining about the system,we the mass should change our attitude,on how we behave and also on how we expect others to behave…

  7. Really really shocking… What we can do about this is the question comes up.. but.. SIGH 😦 😦

      • Nimmy
      • June 14th, 2010

      Nobody has an answer,and this makes things easier for people at other end…

    • Sri
    • June 10th, 2010

    To All,

    If you have time to spare please read from below link and then sign the petition if you feel like.


    with regards

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