Nirvana for Indians once and for ever – Get Anderson extradited

What will happen if 90 yr old Anderson is brought to India and is punished for a maximum of 10 years,which is not going to happen,as he can go for appeal in a higher court,which will take 25+ more years for the judgement to come and by then,he would have already merged with soil..

As the country seethes with anger over denial of justice to victims of Bhopal gas tragedy, the CBI officer who probed the world’s worst-ever industrial disaster has made the stunning charge that the investigating agency was forced in 1994 by the Narasimha Rao government not to press for extradition of Warren Anderson, the fugitive CEO of Union Carbide.The Narasimha Rao-led Congress government was in power from 1991 to 1996.[..]

Congress party,like others, should indeed be appreciated for accommodating so many great actors.Though they hardly know anything about better governance,they can earn bread and jam by making use of their acting skills..

“GoM should submit the report in 10 days”..of something that happened 26yrs ago… πŸ™„

“We are trying to get Anderson”..and thatz why they arranged an airplane for him then.. πŸ™„

“US is not giving away Anderson”…as if we are done wih our part while still having laws that help MNCs get away easily for their social responsibility and liability.. πŸ™„

Go ahead UPA,sign the nuclear-bill as of today,and let the remaining Indians too attain nirvana ,by means of a nuclear-accident..Afterall,such plants are certainly going to be established in non-metros where high-end people like you won’t live and so any possible accident is of least concern to you,..Its just petty aam-aadmi like me who is going to suffer..Go ahead..










.A report on Anderson,published 7 rs ago,on Greenpeace site..[…………..]

Warren Anderson, Union Carbide CEO at the time of the world’s worst industrial disaster in Bhopal, India, lives a life of luxury in New York State. Anderson has been hiding in the US since an explosion at his company’s plant in Bhopal caused the immediate deaths of thousands of people and led to life long suffering for almost 120,000 survivors. He is wanted in India to face charges of culpable homicide over the deaths of 20,000 people since the disaster.

On the night of the disaster, December 3, 1984, an explosion at Union Carbide’s pesticide plant caused 40 tonnes of lethal gas to seep into Bhopal. Six safety measures designed to prevent a gas leak had either malfunctioned, were turned off or were otherwise inadequate. In addition, the safety siren, intended to alert the community should an incident occur at the plant, was turned off.

As the Union Carbide boss, Anderson knew about a 1982 safety audit of the Bhopal plant, which identified 30 major hazards. Rather than fix them in Bhopal, only the company’s identical plant in the US was fixed. Neglecting these hazards in Bhopal caused the deadly explosion. Anderson flew to India after the disaster but to the company’s surprise, police investigating the disaster immediately arrested him. He subsequently jumped bail and was flow by private jet back to the US, never to return to India.

While fleeing the law in India his company abandoned the polluted factory site allowing it to poison Bhopal residents for 18 years. He did not disclose the composition of the poisonous gas (the company still claims this is a trade secret), thus preventing doctors from properly treating the 120,000 people who are still sick. Company lawyers ensured survivors only got between US$300-500 compensation each, if they were ‘lucky’, for their ruined lives. Dow Chemical took over Union Carbide in 2001 but it claims Union Carbide has ‘settled’ the issue of Bhopal.

Despite being wanted in India and by Interpol, Indian and US authorities have been inactive for the last 18 years. US authorities claimed they could not find Anderson and India has not pursued his extradition from the US for fear of damaging US investment and trade. However last year with the help of a UK newspaper we tracked him down to a luxury home in Long Island, New York. Life as a corporate criminal in the states is hardly difficult – Anderson’s yearly golf club membership alone is 3-4 times the average compensation for a Bhopal survivor.

Possibly spurred by Anderson’s discovery and growing protests at home, the Indian Government has formally filed an extradition request with the US. Better 18 years late than never. The order is likely to be ignored by the US and, no doubt, India hopes it can relieve pressure at home while relying on the US inaction.

Just maybe Warren Anderson will be back in Bhopal in time to answer charges in court about the disaster in time for its 20th anniversary. Unlikely, but at least more likely now than any other time in the last 19 years.

  1. I am hearing about this since so many years and every time it leaves me baffled.. as to how can this be allowed..
    The youth and media got together for Jessica Lal case n others but somehow I feel that the media and the youth are ignoring it (I might be feeling such way coz I am not in India right now).

      • Nimmy
      • June 18th, 2010

      Yes,it is media alone who deserves t be appreciated for bringing up lot of hidden truth.. Even if we don’t win here,it have paved a new path,that aam-admi is no more dumb,as these politicians perceive us to be..

  2. Nimmy, i have no hope left of his extradition. All this fuss will die when next tragedy will take place. No accused is going to be held responsible for Bhopal gas tragedy. Its pathetic and heart wrenching to see this. Our leaders and bureacrats have failed us miserably. Lives and deaths of third world country is nothing in the eye of first world citizens. They can only give charity. Justice and equality is dream for us..

      • Nimmy
      • June 18th, 2010

      “They can only give charity.”..Very much right .. ‘They are only worth it” is the attitude.. Well,is that the Incredible,gonna-be world power India,we are talking about?

      • Nimmy
      • June 18th, 2010

      The alacrity shown by the government in setting up a Group of Ministers (GoM) to look into all issues of the Bhopal gas tragedy – including adequacy of compensation – was clearly missing just three years ago when the UPA government opposed tooth and nail any enhancement of payment to the sufferers.

      Two applications by NGOs – Bhopal Gas Peedith Mahila Udyog Sanghathan (BGPMUS) and Bhopal Gas Peedith Sangharsh Sahayog Samiti (BGPSSS) – were filed before SC seeking “re-examination of the inadequacy of Bhopal Gas Settlement and to direct Union of India to compensate the settlement fund five times the initial fund” among other relief.

      The NGOs argued that neither had all eligible victims been identified nor had adequate compensation been paid to them. They alleged that the estimate used to create the settlement fund was based on a conservative figure, and compensation paid to the kin was woefully inadequate.

      These groups had asserted that the magnitude of the disaster in terms of death as well as injuries was at least five times larger than what was assumed in 1989. It was then estimated that at least 3,000 people died and 30,000 were injured. The toll now stands at five times the 1989 estimate.

      The UPA government had opposed the plea saying it was based on “assumptions, surmises and conjecture and on misreading of the judgments of the Supreme Court”.

      The Centre had said, “NGOs were trying to reopen the issue of compensation which had been settled with the Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) and the Union of India and that the SC had approved the said settlement.” It had argued that adequacy of compensation can’t be reopened either.

      The SC recorded the admissible compensation scheme under the Rajiv Gandhi government enacted Bhopal Gas Leak Disaster (Processing of Claims) Act, 1985, which provided Rs 1-3 lakh for death, Rs 50,000 to Rs 2 lakh for permanent disability, upto Rs 4 lakh for severe injury, upto Rs 20,000 for minor injuries, upto Rs 15,000 for loss of belongings and upto Rs 10,000 for loss of livestock.

      • Nimmy
      • June 18th, 2010

      Around 4.5 lakh claim cases relating to those injured by the gas leak and kin of nearly 7,000 dead have been given very little from the settlement fund worked out between the Centre and UCC in 1989.

      Bhopal gas victims used as guinea pigs: NGO

  3. Though they hardly know anything about better governance,they can earn bread and jam by making use of their acting skills.. – Well said Nimmy! At the cost of ppl who can’t afford even stale bread @ that 😦 😦

    We are trying to get Anderson”..and thatz why they arranged an airplane for him then – I hope someone answers all these qs and more importantly, learns lessons from them 😦

  4. You are absolutely spot on.
    The real CULPRIT is crony capitalism and its side effects.
    Take care

    • sunder
    • June 19th, 2010

    Anderson extradition case to me is like beating a dead bush…

    but what it has done is, has rasied lot of debate and we all have woken up now….

    to me this will result in clean up of the site….more than that nothing is going to happen..

    you have touched nuclear bill? i think already we have lot of plants running on the same lines….refineries, petrochemicals plant which are more dangerous than these chemical plants..

    i read in one of the columns..we debate a lot on bhopal which has killed 5000 people…but 10 people on an average die on rail tracks in mumbai ..what steps have we taken…

    the moral is, we in India dont take others life seriously….

  5. Good post. Corporate-politician-media nexus is a continuing story of Indian polity.Day by day the nexus is getting stronger with more and more Corporates entering legislature and more and more politicians becoming business tycoons. You cannot become an MP or a minister if you are not corporate friendly.Mainstream Media is part and parcel of the Corporate World.The superficial way of covering Bhopal by making it just an individual’s (Anderson/Arjun Singh/Rajiv)culpability rather than covering the deeper malaise is just to sideline ppl’s anger. Looting of lives & property of peasants and tribals are continuing in India’s mining belt by the Corporate-Gov nexus without any attention from the main stream media as they shed crocodile tears for Bhopal victims

  6. I dont think any politician gives a damn about the common man!

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