Dark-age? No,its’ 17-06-2010

And stupid Nimmy thought that it was dark-agemen who used to carry dead animals like this.. Yes,now I know that Armed forces in India too behave the same way..

Incredible India..Incredible Army…Incredible mass…






Source : http://www.thehindu.com/2010/06/17/stories/2010061764270100.htm

  1. unbelievable !!!!

  2. I don’t support human rights abuses, but this woman is dead according to the article.

    I was about to respond with a “wtf” till I read it…I’ve never carried a dead body, but this might be the cheapest and easiest way to carry one for long distances…


    • I second this… ! I was about to write WTF !!! but maybe, just maybe there was no other easier alternative… !

      the times in Naxal areas these days… sigh… I dont support this… but I am ready to give these guys the benefit of doubt…

      We dont know the whole story behind it and to comment would be a lil bit of jumping the gun… !

      • 🙂 glad to see you after a long time hitchy…

        “We dont know the whole story behind it and to comment would be a lil bit of jumping the gun… !”

        I loved your comment..Just a small doubt..When people so the same acts of violence,not under the banner of Maoism,but under some muslim name,we don’t hesitate a second to jump into compulsion ..What makes Maoists different from jihadists ? They too do such evil stuff stating reasons of backwardness,oppression ,underdevelopment,etc etc… But we don’t give them the benefit of doubt ,nor are we ready to hear their story… I believe that both tribals,who are being used by Maoists and the bomb-blasters,who are being used by enemies of the country ,will have the same story to share…

        • i am not giving the benefit of doubt to the maoists… I meant lets give the soldiers the benefit of the doubt.. !!

    • 🙂 True,in jungles,this seems to be the most easiest way. But the issue with this photo is that government itself was distributing these snaps,through PR office,sending away the message that,”This is what we are going to do with you”… And my qstn is,is that how we are going to deal with civil insurgency? To what extent can we suppress such issues using Army? LTTE’s fall is not an ideal example..Well,if thatz the way (ethnic cleansing) we want to deal with Maoism, I don’t have anything to say..

      Army men have more than enough load to carry as and when they travel,so I don’t expect them to carry stretchers and black ribbons to ‘ show respect’ to the dead…But I believe that THIS is not the way..Maybe i am right,maybe i am wrong 🙂

      • My personal opinion is that there’s nothing disrespectful about carrying a dead body this way.

        Also, if I’m a soldier and a woman was trying to kill me a few minutes ago, I’m not really going to be concerned about showing the dead body a lot of respect. That could have been me instead! So she’s not a woman. She’s my enemy because she was trying to put a bullet through me.

        About squelching issues with the army, I can only say that violence by the naxals is unacceptable. If they use violence, they need to be put down like rabid dogs using the army if necessary. They say they suffer injustices. With the amount of funding they seem to have, they could have mounted a powerful court case or even sent one of their members to parliament. Instead they choose the gun. I have little sympathy with them.

        • //With the amount of funding they seem to have, they could have mounted a powerful court case or even sent one of their members to parliament. Instead they choose the gun.//


        • Ok,but I find it odd..Well,we are not talking about covering dead body with garland,but about giving it the lowest level of dignity that an Indian citizen deserves..

          Please note that there is nothing particular about the dead being a woman,even if it was a man,I would say the same..

          Violence is unacceptable..”If they use violence, they need to be put down like rabid dogs using the army if necessary. ” Agreed.. But you should also tell them a way when the same is done to them,all in the holy name of development..

          “They say they suffer injustices. With the amount of funding they seem to have, they could have mounted a powerful court case or even sent one of their members to parliament. Instead they choose the gun. I”

          🙂 I guess you are joking.. Well,no offense meant,but let me ask you something.Can you,at this moment,get a seat to contest in elections and try to work out how will you manage it to parliament.. Well,given my constraints ,mainly financial,I can’t do that.. Forget the assumption that so many people are supporting me..Please don’t tell me that Indian Elections are done in heaven.. If you and me can’t do it,how can those poor,illiterate tribals contest and win a parliamentary election..

          Just in case anybody is interested…

              Largest number of the poor on the globe, domicile in India, with over 280 million people living below the poverty line. Recent UN statistics estimate that more than 80% of its habitants live on a average of less than $2 per day. There has been recent spate of suicide by more than 3,000 farmers, due to hunger and immense poverty.

              However, these deprived poor are separated by a chasm from their rulers, who get themselves polled to power, through the votes of these very poor. The 543 Members of Parliament, who have been elected to the 15th Lok Sabha (the lower house of Parliament), in the recently concluded general elections, have a combined asset worth of Rs 30,750 million, with an average asset of the individual member, coming out to be over Rs fifty million. Interestingly, these are only the declared part of the assets, that too arbitrarily undervalued.

              The new Indian parliament seems both rich with criminals as well as billionaires, as 300 of its 543 members are billionaires while 180 are millionaires.Further, 150 MPs have criminal charges against them.

              In India, where some 30 per cent of the people live below the poverty line, around 84 per cent of their elected representatives in the Lok Sabha are millionaires and multi-millionaires. This newspaper made an extensive study of the declarations by Lok Sabha MPs to the Election Commission during the 2004 general election and found that in a House of 532 elected MPs (out of a House of 545 members – two of whom are nominated, there are 11 vacancies), at least 145 members have cash, jewellery, bonds, shares in business undertakings, motor vehicles, agricultural/non-agricultural land and residential and commercial properties worth more than Rs 1 crore in their own name or that of their wives and children.

              Ninety eight out of 183 Rajya Sabha MPs (54 per cent) whose assets could be assessed are millionaires. An NGO National Election Watch has released its findings on the MPs claiming that this is the first time that an analysis like this is available on Rajya Sabha members as their affidavits and the asset declarations had to be collected from “multiple sources.”

              It adds that 37 MPs in the Rajya Sabha (out of 219, i.e. 17 per cent) declared criminal cases pending against them according to self-sworn affidavits filed at time of their election to Rajya Sabha.

              Out of these 12 MPs declared serious criminal cases pending against them according to these affidavits.

              State wise, Uttar Pradesh tops the list for having elected 30 candidates with criminal charges to the Lok Sabha followed by Maharashtra (23), Bihar (17) and Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh (11 each). In contrast to the speculation that majority of the MPs in the new House are young, only 79 of them are below 40 while those in the age bracket of 41-55 are 236. Those below 70 are 190 while 37 MPS are more than 70 years in age.

          Is this the parliament you are asking them to go,shout ,sit for sathyagrah and ask for their right..Well,i don’t support violence,but there is definitely an other side of the story,than what we read across monitors and newspapers..



          • “When the economic condition of the country continues to go down, it is of great concern to see the bank balance of these politicians go skywards,” said Anil Bairwal, national co-ordinator of National Election Watch.

            “Politicians must answer to public about this trend.

            Good joke..

            • Nimmy, I’m saying they can stand for parliament because of the amount of money they seem to have at their disposal for buying weapons and fighting.

              They’re not poor. In fact they have an extremely well oiled machine for generating money. In Indian politics (and indeed everywhere else) if you have money, you just hire people to smooth your way.

              So I stand by my assertion that they should have not only sent an MP to parliament, they should have started their own party! For which they seem to have enough funds…

              But instead of doing the democratic thing, they choose to fight a war against the indian state and kill innocent people. I don’t feel sorry for anyone who indulges in violence.

    • angna
    • June 19th, 2010

    Where they doing it because they didn’t care or because they did not have any other means right then? Is this one off occasion when they did not have facilities or is this the way army/police always do so? Who is supposed to give these men the facilities to carry away the bodies of the dead? Have they done their job? Is that why maybe these men have to use crude methods?

    • Hi angna,welcome here 🙂

      As you rightly said,issue is not with lower level soldiers we see in the photo,but with authorities above them..I very much know that lower level soldiers are deprived of almost all necessities and they have tough time fighting against enemies.. Yes,the issue is not with personnel,but with the system…

  3. Nimmy, May be no strecher is available to them for carrying dead Naxals in the forest. Even if they were available, Naxals are not human in the eyes of police and armed forces. Remember : Every act done in those areas is in the name of developement of that region and the people. 😦

    • Yes,you are right..We an sit in a/c rooms and shout that stretchers should be used..Army men are known to carry 25 +kg bags containing arms,food etc etc,forget rest of luxuries… And i am not saying that naxals should be honored by using high-end facilities.. But Yayaver,they are also human beings,Indian citizens right?..If Indian Army sends way this message of treating its own people,do you expect all naxals to surrender and thus insurgency to end? I completely agree with Charakan,such ‘heroic’ acts will only increase hatred towards state among tribals..

  4. I’m dumbstruck!!!

    Even if there weren’t any stretchers available, they could have strung together two bamboo sticks and made a stretcher…

    • Even I feel so Bones.. Agreed that poor soldiers are working in tough conditions,but show this snap to a tribal,they will tell us how they feel about the state..

  5. 😦 😦

  6. Yes this shocked me too. I just don’t know what to think… these days one doesn’t even know if the encounter was real (if she died in one)… how did she die? She looks very young too.

    • three such women died IHM…No,I am not supporting their evil acts,but is this right even to a small extent..

      ” these days one doesn’t even know if the encounter was real (if she died in one)… ”

      So true..Such acts by top officials have made public lose faith in the system…

      Read this IHM..

      Cops parade deranged man as Maoist

      SALBONI (WEST MIDNAPORE): The “dreaded” Maoist captured by joint forces on Wednesday the only one apparently caught alive at the encounter site where eight rebels lay dead is a 20-year-old mute and mentally challenged youth from Duli village. No wonder, police haven’t been able to make him speak.

      In what may cast a shadow on the way the police are rounding up suspects, Rameshwar Murmu has been branded a hardcore Maoist and slapped with the most stringent of charges, including sedition under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA).

      The Midnapore court on Thursday remanded him in 15 days judicial custody. While on Wednesday, the cops claimed the “captured Maoist” was too stunned at the loss of so many comrades to speak and admitted that he hadn’t said a word, Rameshwar’s father, Bankim Murmu, cried, “My son can’t speak. He may scream if you hit him, but he can’t speak a word.” The Murmus live right behind Wednesday’s encounter site.

      Rameshwar had contracted high fever when he was eight. After that he lost his faculty of speech and became an epilepsy patient, Bankim said.

      • This is so horrible Nimmy… imagine torturing a 20 year old who can’t even understand what’s happening. I wish we had some human rights awareness … may be they are under pressure to show some results 😦

    • Charakan
    • June 20th, 2010

    As Bones said they cld have made an improvised stretcher.Even they could have prevented taking of pic of the inhuman way of carrying the dead if they have wanted.My feeling is both the way of carrying the body and the publicity given was deliberate to show Maoists that the Security forces will not concede humane treatment for them.This may raise up the moral of Police force but will create more fear of the Gov among villagers. This may also make the half hearted Maoists who want to surrender reluctant. This may also result in increased retaliatory violence from the Maoists.

    • So glad to see you after a long time Doc..Where have you been all this time????

      Yes,immense publicity,from part of Govt was given to this snap..I completely agree with you,this will only have a negative result…

      Keep coming..

  7. I am speechless and blank 😦 😦

    • sunder
    • June 20th, 2010

    You could have suggested an alternative way? ..may be these people would have felt that this is the easy way…

    • Maybe that was what they felt right then..

      I don’t have a solution,but if i was one among them,i would ahve done what Bones said,”Even if there weren’t any stretchers available, they could have strung together two bamboo sticks and made a stretcher…”

    • Sri
    • June 20th, 2010

    Took it from The Hindu, wuh?, the most anti national news paper!

    Before one comment on this, one should have at least decent knowledge about how things go in this f****d up country. There is another way to put it but I feel it is not pertinent right now.

    One should have seen the hostile terrain in which the forces operate, even stretcher is going to make it difficult for these trained people. Either way they are always sitting ducks for rebels of any kind. Ambush is explicitly is easy in this kind of terrain. Considering the quality of bullet proofs they were provided, I feel that they should have cremated that body at the site it self. But then the so called f****d up and haughty Journalists from The Hindu and NDTV will ask for evidence and all other details. Either way these brave and helpless foot soldiers are always under stress. They have to deal with the consequences of our polity.

    Our political (feudal) and bureaucratic nexus has its tenacious grip on every thing in this country. They think that to lose or give up this kind of unaccounted power is tantamount to disintegration of democratic and secular Govt. machinery. So,

    1. They ask the soldiers to fight with shoes having holes on the ice caps (For example Kargil war).

    2. They sat silently for years on the file explaining Army requirement of snow cars so that Soldiers can carry the basic rations to mountain tops easily during winter. (Siachen Glacier). This used to be the scenario until that stupid George Fernades sent these IAS officers to Siachen glaciers as a punishment. (1998-99).

    3. In the Army, in some bases the dwelling places for soldiers is meek metal sheds. Just Imagine their suffering in Indian summers.

    4. In the name of self reliance and for the purpose of political mile age, Soldiers are given real shit equipment (means designed and produced under the aegis of DRDO). The example is the no. of special soldiers who died during Mumbai hostage drama in 2008. They were given indigenously manufactured Bullet vest proofs and they died.

    5. The equipment designed and manufactured by DRDO can not go to field trials and objections by Generals are overlooked.

    I can cite many things in this regard. But my point is if the media and journalists can not point to this kind of issues on a regular basis then they have no right to point out this kind either.

    Then I, probably every body, knew how disgusting this English media is and How stupid senior journos are.

    They ran their flashes despite being warned not to do because it will give the position to enemy combatants (read Pak. soldiers). This happened during the Kargil war.

    All that our media is concerned is about their ratings. Nothing else. Similarly every one has seen how stupid that Barkha Dutt was during the Mumbai hostage crisis. Yet she is made a celebrity almost.

    Recently a friend of mine was banned in a forum because he ridiculed her and her journalistic ethics.

    To get famous in this country all you need is English language, not critical thinking. The example is Arundathi Roy and her recent comments on Naxalism.

    Now, one (at least I am ) should be really grateful to those army soldiers for the service they are providing given the way they are treated by our English establishment. No need to mock them with out first mocking establishment.

    If some thing is to be blamed for this kind then it is our polity and media. No one else.

    • Oh,I just knew that Hindu is a anti-national paper..

      You are very much right.. Now I am feeling guilty if i have tried to demoralize soldiers.No,that was not my intention..As you said,this is a deep-rooted issue.. I have seen reports of soldiers,sent to fight naxals,but they neither have any place to sleep,nor clean water to drink even.. Well,nothing much can be expected of human beings working under such conditions..They did what they could. But then again,this is not the right way. So,my point is,if this incident could create some stir among our authorities,they would try to give more facilities to soldiers,whereby they can deal with situations,in a better way-as in the case of poor quality bulletproof vests..

      Army,anywhere and everywhere is also known to have done sick things too,can you deny that?I don’t expect Indian Army to be any different,well at least…they can try to make Indians not feel ashamed by shortcuts like Fake-encounters and rapes ..

      Got to go now..will be back..Thanks a lot for your insightful comment

  8. One thing is.. our army and police were not that concerned about the people in mountain areas… lot of times they raped women in the name of searching Veerappan in Sathyamangalam forest area…

    I suspect they may have killed that women even for having fun… but are the military forces are the ones who are to be blamed solely??

    There comes our government… there is no facilities given to those men who are fighting against Maoists and without that they can’t fight against them energetically,.. they are away from their homes and they will feel terrible about them which comes out as violence…

    Do you remember the Maoist attack on 76 CRPF men??? For those CRPF men our govt didn’t provided any kind of basic amenities.. even for water they have to get the water from pump.. no taps were provided… food is pathetic… there is no proper path reach the camp…

    and how will they commit themselves to the cause…???

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