Violence against Indian Men-some interesting statistics


                      More than 98% of Indian husbands face Domestic violence at least once from their wife on an average 3 Years of Marriage in terms of economical abuse, mental harassment, relationship cheating. More than 22,000 Indian Men have ended their life in reverse dowry Harassment by their wives against 6800 wives who ended their life due to dowry harassment by their husbands.

                       In all the 6800 cases the Indian husbands had been sent behind bars without any investigation and more than 68% found to be innocent, where as in the 22,000 cases only 6 cases had been registered and not a single woman has been questioned as to why their Husbands ended their life, let alone any punishment.

                       More than two-thirds of married Men in India between the ages of 15 and 49 are victims of forced sex by their girlfriends and in more than 78% cases the men had been booked under Rape cases, as they refused to marry their girlfriends.

                       Crime against men is increasing with a Growth rate of 42% in last 5 years, whereas the media and government have never even bothered to disclose the same in front of Public. Sexual harassment and refusal of sex has happened with more than 82% Indian men as their wives refused for physical union at least once in 6 months and 42% have faced once in 3 months

                      Due to lack of social support and legal protection many male victims of domestic abuse are taking their lives every day. Recently, the increasing threat of false cases is also driving many married men to commit suicide.

                     “False cases are severely hampering the personal and professional lives of the most productive section of the Indian population. Aspirations of young men and women are being crushed, and their most fruitful years are being wasted in litigation. Many men have lost their jobs or have had to quit their professions as a result of the never-ending legalized harassment”, said Vikas.





.Any views friends????



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  1. It’s true, men too face domestic abuse but 98% seems very high…Where did you get the statistics from?

  2. I would love to know the source of the “22000 men harassed in *Reverse Dowry Cases*”.. And the actual number of Women Dowry Deaths 2008 is 8172 (reported) which I believe is a mere 10%…

    The strange thing about this article is, it never mentions, how women never *demand* their partners to be a virgin while getting married…

    And the biggest joke of all is this *as their wives refused for physical union at least once in 6 months and 42% have faced once in 3 months…* YES MISTER WHOM-SO-EVER is this.. A wife has a equal right to refuse sex in a marriage, as a men as the right to demand for it.. That’s no crime.. That’s the AVERAGE INDIAN MENTALITY for you..

      • Vidit
      • January 18th, 2013

      Rushme…May be this will settle you down

      Several anti-male laws have been passed by the governments on the pretext that women are oppressed. The truth is quite different. Men have been oppressed historically much more than women. This is, however, not to discount the difficulties of women. But, this cannot be a justification to pronounce that women alone are the oppressed gender. Based on this background, many people (especially male-feminists) justify crime against men – be it in the form of misuse of laws by women or by way of inflicting some other kind of pain on men. Today’s men have no connection and cannot be held responsible for problems of women in earlier times. Similarly, today’s women have no right to take refuge under the guise of historical wrongs done to women and dominate men. For one, historical wrongs were done much more to men than women. Men were forced to take the more difficult task of protecting and providing women. They were forced to tolerate and withstand pain and difficulty failing which he would cease to be a man. Men’s tears were laughed at. PAIN OF A MAN WAS A JOKE FOR THE SOCIETY AND EVEN IN THE PRE-FEMINIST ERA, THERE WERE PLENTY OF MEN WHO WOULD ENJOY INFLICTING PAIN ON OTHER MEN WITH THE MOTIVE OF GETTING LAID. Now, the form and nature of this instinct has changed. But the basic cult of fighting other men to get at women and appease them to get laid has not changed! With this brief background, I would like to ask each one of you whether crime against men is justified on the pretext that men were perpetrators of crime against women. Truth is otherwise and men were themselves oppressed by unreasonable social norms.

      • First of all, I am very much settled down. Had I not been, I have chopped up these rapists. So, stop ASSuming.

        Second, your thoughts is NOT the truth. “Men have been oppressed historically much more than women…” Statistics, please. Can not provide any? Oh, thought so…

        Then, I am not justifying crimes against men. Unlike in a blind rage like yours, I’ve quite a perception for crimes against humanity (including both men and women). My problem is with this article, which supplies with no proof or statistics and glorifies marital crime against men, conveniently discarding a more widespread problem.

        I am all for diluting our existing dowry law which, sadly becomes the only weapon for a harassed women; technically, for which, our patriarchal society is very much responsible. Also, extending adultery law to both the genders would also make women responsible.

        But this would take a couple of 1000 years and till then women would continue to bear the brunt of patriarchal crimes. So, excuse me if my feelings are leaning towards the womenfolk as yours are leaning towards your gender. If you want gender equality in law, first make entire INDIA accept gender-equality. Ready to do that?

        BTW, some links for your enlightenment:

        Rape map of India:

        Divorce deaths:

        Suicides in India:
        (Read how unemployment/divorce/separation is biggest factor, NOT marriage.)

        • Glad to hear from you Rush.Me 🙂

          • Vidit
          • January 22nd, 2013

          Well my dear……if statistics is all that you want…..better go to the Supreme court and check it out for your self…ask any gotdamn lawyer….as you prefer the women….i suggest go visit a Female lawyer…..and u shall have the answers…..The facts that the WHO has on these anti societal laws shall for all sense make u more sage…..will also help kill the irrationality sect in your brain………First make some efforts to get those statistics( like i did)…and then we shall talk………and let numbers do the talking…..lets not speak gibberish…….Peace

          • Vidit
          • January 22nd, 2013

          One More thing……….This is not a blind rage…….not even a rage at all……..This is just an expression ….You do rate and account the facts that show girls / women being the victims……but y get defensive when the nos on violence against men is illustrated ????? You acknowledge the stats against women but when the stats against men are illustrated why do u fail to accept it…..this is a social topic and i request you not be selective on this…if you accept facts against women ( which according to you is the only widespread fact) then why dont you accept the stats against innocent men as well ???? knowing that even the international organizations like WHO agree to it………and for God sake’s section 498 A is not” SADLY” bur “SADISTICALLY” the lone weapon the women have to torment innocent men……more than 98 % of the cases are false…….i dunno what makes you ignorant about this fact mam…….498A has been termed ” LEGAL TERRORISM” by the supreme court…..what else do you need…….i agree that rape is a sadistic crime…..and i do not demand stats for you to prove it because i know it is a problem…….Honesty tell me….can a commoner do anything about it ???? and please do not forget that this is just a BLOG and not a parliament assembly where you are asking me to take an action………what can a commoner do than being harassed… the same time……..what can one do to stop rapes……..???? If you have any suggestion to curb all this….am ready to give you my support for sure…..Cheers….God Bless

  3. //Sexual harassment and refusal of sex has happened with more than 82% Indian men as their wives refused for physical union at least once in 6 months and 42% have faced once in 3 months//

    Wives refused physical union at least once in 6 months? Makes me wonder at these statistics.

  4. Finally, some statistics on violence against men !! Thanks Nimmy !!!

    If the above statistics were regarding violence against women, all the comments and ‘wonder’ing above would be in a totally different direction 😀 😀 😀 😀

    You deserve a bow Nimmy ! 🙂

    • If the above statistics were regarding violence against women, all the comments and ‘wonder’ing above would be in a totally different direction 😀 😀 😀 😀


      Very difficult to argue with these people.

    • I already know what are the facts for crimes against women; Crimes against Men in a patriarchal society like India, where women change their surname after marriage, I doubt can grow to such a humongous stage.. Just imagine 22000 men tortured, raped, sexually molested? Where is our police force? Where is the law? Poor women, we are killed even before we’re born, but boys, the *KULDEEPAK* etc etc, are fed, loved, sent to school blah blah… Cliché? Reality! Still in 21st century..

      I would still keep on *wondering*!!!

      • And they consider refusing to have sex as being violent!

      • “Just imagine 22000 men tortured, raped, sexually molested? Where is our police force? Where is the law?” — Oh thats because when has the law or anyone for that matter believed a husbands words on such issues ! 😀 😀

        Its not the matter of which gender is getting abused more here. Nimmy tried to bring out facts; I dont think she has the capability to bring out such statistics from her imagination 😀 😀

          • Uzza
          • July 11th, 2010

          Nimmy could easily bring statistics out of her imagination, but she didn’t have to, she brought them from Punjab News. Eight commenters here are suspecting someone just made them up, so if you have any evidence that they didn’t, please show it.

          • Google ‘domestic violence against men in India’ and you will find answers to all your questions !! 😀 😀 😀 Should we always spoon feed you all 😉

            and oh, btw, all the eight commentators are women. That says it all 😀 😀

            • Wrong, as usual.
              One, not all these commenters are women.

              Two, the statistics came from SIFF, who made an online survey, by polling polled men who called their helpline to complain about being abused, whether they thought they had been abused.
              So much for that.

            • Wrong again.
              One, not all these commenters are women.

              Two, the statistics come from SIFF, who polled men that called their helpline.
              They asked men who called to complain about being victims, if they thought they were victims, hence the 98% figure.
              So much for that.

            • Vimmuuu seems to be very happy since his comments are loaded with smilies 🙂 Hey Vimmuu,are you happy bcoz men around are getting results for what their gender had done since generations? Or is it that you are happy for women ,that they have empowered themselves to fight back ?

              • LOL, Im always smiles !

                See, even you are taking it in a tit for tat way !! Thats not what I meant at all here. Im jus saying that when there are statistics showing that men are abused too, a lot of them find it hard to believe? Why is that mentality ? 😀

        • Vidit
        • January 18th, 2013

        Dont worry Rushme…that will change too……The day is not far when boys will be killed before they are born…..”Kanya Bhrun Hatya” will soon be replaced by ” Purush Bhrun hatya”….may be that will make you all happy…….Now that men have started to commit suicides on the pretext of false cases……the sex ratio must increase too and the day is not far when the no of women shall outnumber the male section of the society…..One can also say that males may also get into the profession of a jigalow……may be that is exactly what you want…….remember that if more than 95 % cases in the Supreme court on Domestic violence and Dowry are false then more than 95% of the males falsely convicted for it are innocent. Let alone the 5 % of which some are children…..some are old citizens and some are gays…..and it is going to be really tough for the remainder of the males to trust the mere 5 % of the women of which some are small girls…some elderly women etc lets not get there as the 95 % who file false cases cant be trusted AT ALLLLLL let alone the remaining 5 %. Of the remaining 5 % males….a child…an innocent child gets arrested every day on pretext of false dowry case……..if you want to know the site which explains all these statistics…….the best site is the” SUPREME COURT” premises and any lawyer can tell you about the false cases on dowry. Men’s suicides in false dowry cases have been much more as compared to women’s suicides in genuine dowry cases which i would definately say is a social evil….but what will you call the crimes and false ones being infliced on men haa?? I bet you would say ” REVENGE”

        As for your question…….imagine a male going to the police station complaining of a domestic violence against him……..what will the police do……??? Primarily laugh at him and question his manlihood……what they say is ” Kya aadmi hai yaar tu ek aurat se maar kha kar aagaya”…….that gives the man a solid ground to approach the police the next time he is assaulted….doesnt it ????? and if one in million complaint is registered then ???? Majority of the Police officials will drown in the pool of the ” FALSE “tears shed by the girl…….not to mention…..the LAW is completely against us….so we do not have any place to go….rather than commit suicide……may be that answers your question on the no of suicides the male counterpart have undergone and the situation with the police as well…….let alone the LAW which unfavourably favours the girls……….Rapes are not just common in India…….it is an international problem……..but if we love the tag of being an NRI or if we appraise the International people….we must appraise their law as well which is gender neutral.

        RAPE is a big big problem…in my perspective…the most shameful and a heinous act a man can ever do…….The fact is that if a LAW on Rape is passed as well……..then am not only sure but confident…….the male species will cease to exist as the women will misuse the rape law as well………WOMEN WILL RULE THE WORLD……..Now that must make you happy rushme… wanted to dominate men…….and you end up spoiling the balance of nature……..KUDOS TO THE WOMEN GENERATION.

        • Again, a glorious display of typical Indian mentality. Can’t sustain a healthy debate, don’t care about logic and play with emotional blabber.

          “the sex ratio must increase too and the day is not far when the no of women shall outnumber the male section of the society…” yes, in about 5000 years and sadly, I wouldn’t be alive to witness such a pleasant sight. But IMO, Indian mentality needs more time to cease girl-foetus-killing and I really don’t know what would bring that change.

          Also, for your kind (sic) information, prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, therefore, if women prostitutes are there, gigolos have been around the same time. 🙂

          So if an man goes to the police station, to file a complaint against her wife and police laughs on him, whose fault is it? Wife? Did the wife ask those policemen to laugh at the husband? It’s police’s duty to file a complaint and start an investigation. But if they laugh at him, it’s the traditional Indian mindset speaking, which take women as the weaker sex. You have again demonstrated how women are conveniently blamed for everything.

          Woman is raped, blame the woman. Man goes to file a complaint, and gets laughed at, blame the woman. Why? Who started this patriarchal attitude, not women, for sure.

          Revenge is primal human instinct fit for fools. Sadly, most of us fall for it, which is not the ideal situation… I’m equally worried about the fake dowry cases, as “mere bhi ghar pe baap-bhai hai”… but like in a rape case, I’m equally helpless as about in a fake dowry case.

          We need to promote gender equality education for both women and men, as is the history-long dominance of Indian man on the women is the main root cause of misuse of dowry laws.

            • Vidit
            • January 22nd, 2013

            Thats exactly what you portray rushme dear…….trying to westernize your self ????? I pity you becuase you have niether westernized your self and neither have you left the core Indian mentality as well…..tell me?? Are u not an indian ??? Let me say this across to you very softly that using heavy english words does not make you rational or for that matter” logical”……you may have good analytical skills but my dear you are way past rationality and logic…… you are talking of indian mentality as if it means a joke to you……Now let me tell you something about an indian mentality specific to the females………Today’s men have no connection and cannot be held responsible for problems of women in earlier times. Similarly, today’s women have no right to take refuge under the guise of historical wrongs done to them and dominate men. For one, historical wrongs were done much more to men than women….that existed 5000 years ago and it was not a pleasant site at that point at well……….a pleasant site will be women dominating the men haan ???? Well for once lets please be rational and lets not just blabber about pleasant sites….coz you never know what could enrage a public debate…so disturbing the balance of nature will be a pleasant site for you…… sorry dear there is no shopping mall to buy brains ….had it been there…i would have personally sent you one……. as far as Purush Bhrun Hatya is concerned…..the kuldepaks will soon be under the hammer as well…..dont worry…….its gonna happen and even i wont be there to witness it……..again i will be more than happy” NOT TO WITNESS IT” …….Police does not lodge complaints on the pretext of women being the weaker section. ????? hahahahahahhaha you are more dillusional than i thought….get real girl…….even they know that the LAW does not favour the girl…….lets say you have a young brother and he gets married…..blame your fortunes or whatever…the girl ( your Bhabi) on small issues creates the atmosphere of your home negative………wont you despise her ???? of course you will……and imagine” the sight” the day she files a false case and ropes you in as well and you have to undergo a high harassment trauma……..what will you think ???? will u still think that women is the oppressed gender ???? Ask your brother to go to a police station….you will get to know that it was not the wife who asked the fellas to laugh at him and send you back without lodging the complaint……you tlk about this as if it was a tennis game to you ???? and madame they do not laugh because the wife asked them to….but they laugh at the manlihood of the man who according to them had the courage to walk upto them and lodge a complaint against a female….knowing that the LAW would never favour him……I know that Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession….the good thing is that now even sex workers get down to get married and extort money from those innocent families who have made the blunder of marrying her…….dont you for one second know the system ?????? at least justify your debate on the basis of some facts……and am sure you would not agree to the facts even if they are softly communicated to you……..and madame…..for your” knowledgeable” information….even corrupt politicians who when blame the girl for being raped are being taken to task now…let alone the commoner………Dont you also know that more than 79% cases on rapes as well are all but “FALSE”……..?????? how come an “INTELLIGENT”…RATIONAL girl skip that out ?????? Dont you also know that INDIA does not even feature in the top 20 countries where rapes are a commonality…..with most of the cases being reported from USA ??? But when we talk about USA as a country……we talk all good things…….you know ….about the systems…the equality and yada yada yada…..why cant we appreciate their LAW which is Gender Neutral……….Rushme…this aint a war of the sexes….this aint a war between me and you…… comments have not been personally inflicted upon you….if they are….my honest apologies………..but unfortunately am a victim of fake dowry case as well……and i ve lost a lot……..agar aap ke ghar par baap bhai hain… sure you would understand…..may be sooner or later…..i say later because many girls like you who opposed the male section have now come to terms with the ” GROUND REALITY”…….you would wanna learn only when they are in a situation like that themselves……….People who blame the women for not dressing appropriately are mere forgers and flukes….for a criminal mind…..the fact that the person is a FEMALE is enough to commit that horrifying crime……then if she is in a Burkha….a chudidaar salwaar kameez or mini skirts does not matter……..The fact is LAW S on Domestic violence is gender neutral in other countries but in India……..the no of men comitting suicide is by far 54,000 which does not include suicides commited by the boy’s father or his mother…..Kuch toh galat ho raha hai na…..and you know what……its not a war of egos dear…..its a war of equality and both the sexes are entitled to that………you spoke about the whereabouts of the LAW and the POLICE….thats LAW and the POLICE for you….It is the Police duty to file a complaint….rightly right…but do they do it…..????..a commoner would never say ” blame the girl for rape” only the politicians and police says those things…if the commoner would say something like that….then the support that the brave girl nirbhaya got would have ceased to even existed…….the out rage for that henious rape was sooooooo intense…and the commoner came to streets to protest……..which included sooooo many men as well…….have you ever seen a woman protesting against suicides committed by men for fake dowry cases ????????? think about it…….and you would know who is the more oppressed……….Women are now being entitled to education which is a big step towards national Development……..but then why does the same women take refuge under the false dowry LAWS………you must know that even WHO supports men on these grounds……dont they have women in the organisation??? of course they do……….and they equally support us…… for RAPE….it is an international problem……….honestly……there have been no steps to curb it…….but i am of the opinion to take this problem seriously as well………..Our debates will only satisfy our egos and will not serve the nation which according to me……should be our priority…….

            Cheers Rushme……..God Bless……..

            • Vidit
            • January 22nd, 2013

            Correction :

            Law does not favour the girl = law does not favour the boy………

            • deepak
            • February 4th, 2013

            as far as relation between husband and wife are concerned bond are of love. unfortunate are those in whose relation such thing occur. but what we can do world are changed love are person are fighting with gender rather than evil. evil can be in both gender. problem is that in today world it’s very difficult to be good.
            extra marital relation is on surge. sometime women may be cheated and sometime men. now it seem there is no bond on any one. so don’t be panic or complain. free yourself from any bond giving you pain. if some wanna having sex best way is to call a call girl and enjoy, don’t marry.for sex. days are gone when marriage happened to be only medium of satisfying your bodily desire. now boy find have all the fun which husband used to have. so wooing a girlfriend is better idea enjoy without any restriction . marriage is now outdated cause it will only give you pain no happiness at all. so be wise. don’t expect your spouse to be faithful, otherwise it can eventually give you a lot of pain.

            • vishnu raghavan
            • September 11th, 2013

            the sex ratio even in nature is a bit skewed – 105 males to 100 females. its strange but true
            that said the alarming fall in number of women is drastic in india and this needs to be corrected
            there is also a propensity on both sides to go ballistic
            feminist writers who claim all men are potential rapists or sexual offenders
            ditto when all women are decried as loose or as inviting trouble

            both are extremes- best avoided and one need not paint any gender a particular

  5. I have a big doubt on the credibility of these statistics.

    ‘More than two-thirds of married Men in India between the ages of 15 and 49 are victims of forced sex by their girlfriends ‘ – This is a little difficult to believe, especially in a country like India.. And even physically – is it actually possible? Where did you get these stats from?

      • dhaval
      • June 19th, 2012

      Country India is not like 50 years old any more. even in ancient time there are examples of Surpankha women. My brother was beaten by wife and I saw injuries on his face. the reason was that he loved her but she was extremely cruel towards him.

  6. Hello everybody..

    The whole news is copy-pasted from the link I have provided..They refer to “Save Indian Family Foundation”..

    Also,google-ing tells that these statistics are mentioned in few other news bits too..

      • Vidit
      • January 22nd, 2013

      Hello Nimmy….At least you found the source…….which is exemplary in it self that some sites…..though less in no do mention about it…tell me…why should you not believe in that…….just because it highlights crimes against males or because it is hard to believe such statistics as the source is not a popular one ???? If we can believe some major cooked up stories about flings and other “masala” stories then why not the reality ???? agreed it belongs to a site save indian family……do u have any slightest of ideas about the chapters the SIFF has started. It has went on to be the most secular and off late the most popular site ….. Just because some advertisements like Myntra or yada yada yada does not feature on it….you will think it is fake right ??? How Convenient……..the SIFF has brought down the Prime Minister to attend to the live proceedings and he too has given is acknowledgment to the facts stated by them because they are not secondary stats but primary……..they are also about to release a feature film called on this….and when it becomes a popular then you will accept the truth…..Cheers

        • vishnu raghavan
        • September 11th, 2013

        knowledge hurts most people
        bertrand russell once said- if an opinion contrary to your own makes you angry its a sign your own opinions are not concrete. this may well be the cause

  7. Hello Nimmy…….you are THE WOMAN!!!!!

    In almost every western country all these are KNOWN AND ACCEPTED FACTS…… only in India people have “big doubts” and some even call it “biggest joke”……hahahaha….very curious.

    A foreign stat:

    In the National Violence Against Women Survey, approximately 25% of women and 8% of men said they were raped and/or physically assaulted by a current or former spouse, cohabiting partner, or date in their lifetimes. The survey estimates that more than 300,000 intimate partner rapes occur each year against women 18 and older. (Full Report of the Prevalence, Incidence, and Consequences of Violence Against Women, Findings from the National Violence Against Women Survey, November, 2000)

    • Here speakth the Indian Male.. The equality Western countries have (gender based). it can’t even be imagined here, in India.. We are biggest racist, sexist, and hypocrites ever existed.. I have no doubt, Crimes against men by women exist, here also in India, but the ratio 22000/6800 is a total fallacy..

      Can you provide some link to the above given fact ( 25% women-8% men). Would love to read more on that.. And as you can read here also, the ratio of 25/8 is much milder than the 22000/6800 above…

      And if you are *a man enough*, address to the woman instead of * these people.*.. It’s just a blog! I’m sure in real life you would have some respect for the *weaker sex*..

      • No where did i say women face less crime in India.
        Women face a lot of violence from men in India.
        Only a moron will deny that.

        But violence against men also exist. Infact a lot of it. (yeah , less than what women face)…..but it does.

        Calling it a “joke” is infact a “biggest joke”

        “The equality Western countries have (gender based). it can’t even be imagined here, in India.*..”

        Yeah they are ahead of us . But NOT TO THE EXTENT that Indian pseudo-liberals think they are.

        Case in point : Violence against women in Western countries:-

        i am quoting just two facts from the above link:

        Fact #4: The FBI estimates that only 37% of all rapes are reported to the police. U.S. Justice Department statistics are even lower, with only 26% of all rapes or attempted rapes being reported to law enforcement officials.

        Fact #10: Factoring in unreported rapes, about 5% – one out of twenty – of rapists will ever spend a day in jail. 19 out of 20 will walk free. (Probability statistics based on US Department of Justice Statistics)

        is “equality Western countries” any different??????

        “”It’s just a blog! I’m sure in real life you would have some respect for the *weaker sex*..””

        Learn something from truly great women like Arundhuti Roy and Naomi Klein who never use their gender to score points.

        • @ IP : yeah, who is denying the fact that women get abused. We get abused and they all go ”no, no, this isnt true. we get abused more than men” ; as if its some kinda sick competition they want to win !!! 😀 😀 😀

          • picturesspeak
          • August 27th, 2010

          I agree with you very much. Being a man I know it doesn’t happen this way in any case in India or else where in the world. So the stats should be given with proper links, proves, references, otherwise it will be considered as false.

          But Nimmy, its a great attempt in regards to the article and the intention behind it. Please take care of what I just said and others have also said earlier.

      • Your link is here, ruSH.Me,

        but it doesn’t say what he claims, it gives 18% and 3%. (on page 13). More made-up statistics, typical of the SIFF crowd, here in the states at least.

    • In every Western country these “facts” are known and accepted to be completely made up.

      The made-up study says 98%, and you try to support it with a real study that says 8%? Thank you for proving that no intelligent person can take this seriously.

      • So, facts of violence against women are also ‘known and accepted’ to be completely made up ??? Then, being an intelligent person, I shouldnt take any of the statistics seriously 😛 😛 😛

  8. We need to think straight for a moment. Many of the replies above give the impression that the whole “violence against men” movement somehow diminishes the “violence against women movement.”

    One isn’t competing against the other. So it’s not a question of who “trumps” who when it comes to domestic violence.

    Taking into account the fact the statistics might be off – even way off – there’s no denying that false dowry cases do occur and that it’s a significant percentage of false positives. This needs to be addressed – not swept under the carpet using the argument of “But look at how women are abused.”

    No one is denying that women are abused. In fact, Nimmy has written about it several times on her blog so we’re all aware of her stand on this.

    But this is a separate issue altogether and one needn’t bring in facts of women being oppressed to somehow “counter” it. The honest thing to do is to first accept we have a problem here and that we are aware of it without sidetracking the discussion.

      • Uzza
      • July 11th, 2010

      This is an excellent, sensible comment.

      Can you explain what these ‘false dowry cases’ are, for the benefit of one in the US?

      • It’s where a woman falsely accuses her husband of demanding dowry from her. The latest anti dowry laws are framed in such a way that the police are legally compelled to take the husband and other family members immediately into custody without questions.

  9. The sole intention of this post is to tell all of you that “There is a problem” ..

    • I can understand Nimmy. But it looks like people keep arguing on the authenticity of the statistics, but if the statistics were in the opposite direction, they would go all men bashing without even crying out loud on the same authenticity 😀 😀 😀

  10. male and female both harass each other.
    no one is pure.

      • dhaval
      • June 19th, 2012

      But law has given all provisions to women only to harass husbands more even after separation.
      there is nothing harassed husbands can do.

  11. “More than two-thirds of married Men in India between the ages of 15 and 49 are victims of forced sex by their girlfriends”
    Seriously??????? I dont believe it!

  12. hmmm… Interesting and scary… If the above statistics are true…

  13. Can someone please explain what is a ‘false dowry case’?

    In this Western country we have organizations like SIFF, too. Mostly they are guys trying to get out of supporting their children, while complaining that they can’t beat their wives. Is that what this is all about?

    • sunder
    • July 11th, 2010

    More than 98% – well i think the author felt this is better than to say 100%….

    it states ..ONCE……

    refusal of sex, once in six months comes under the defintion of violence….

    the problem here is not with the statistics, but with the definition of violence…

  14. Thank you Bones,Rush Me,IHM,Vimmuu,IP,Uzza,Smitha,Bhagwad,Reema,sm, Kanagu and Sunder for your comments and thoughts…

    No matter how much people shout or get frustrated, I must say that the Domestic violence act 2005 have given women the confidence that “I too can do something about it” and that ” I needn’t remain dumb for the whole life ahead”.. Yes,maybe a few women,those in upper class are misusing it. But it gives power to women down the level and if they,the majority,can benefit from it,I am in all support for the law.

    Violence against women have been happening for centuries,not many were interested.. But now when a few men are getting abused,people are irritated and are shouting..What makes men intolerable women tolerable when it comes to violence? If it can happen to women,it can happen to men too and if it can’t happen to men, it shouldn’t happen to women too..

    Just my 2 cents.

  15. I am shocked reading this “98% of Indian husbands face Domestic violence at least once from their wife”

    • anushka
    • December 11th, 2011…….plzzzzz!!!! women are so not the weaker sex…. how could u say that being a women…

    and for the one who continuosly types smileys….. shut the hell up….!!

    • kamlesh patel
    • December 19th, 2011

    remove anti men lows

    • Ankita
    • August 29th, 2012

    i being a women feel so bad about this that there are men who does suffer badly because of this law which has been created by some silly people on top level of the government and females have started using this as a tool against their married life without putting their mature thinking …. can we all not do something against it and get the law makers realize that this is a wrong law and is creating alot of distrust amongst the men .. this gender based racism is not helping them to stop the crime rather creating another crime of committing suicide. I know alot of men who suffer this and i being a girl cannot help them bcoz of the MAJOR silly charge 486 dowry thing… rediculous law makers and the govt … blindly created this law without even giving it a second thought what the fuck they are doing against the other Gender….

      • Vidit
      • January 23rd, 2013

      Hi Ankita……The Law makers cannot ammend this LAW in the present circumstances……i ve demonstrated it with an explanation down below. Dowry law comes under section 498A of the IPC. If you intend to know more about it…please purchase a book called CRPC act and you can gain knowledge about it in its entirety. This LAW accounts for Bread and Butte of more than 80 % Lawyers, let alone the stake of the Police in it. The amendments for both the LAWS (on the misuse of the Dowry and Domestic Violence) have been proposed but the same is pending at the Supreme Court as a lot of Lawyers and some women NGO’s are demanding a withdrawal of it……it will take some time for things to get moving but it will happen for sure…….The Amendment is very rational and once the ordinance is passed……women who take guise under the LAW will think a 1000 times before filing/registering a false dowry or a Domestic Violence case against their husbands or her in laws coz if the case is deemed fraudulent…..then the penalty that the convicted woman will have to pay will cost her dearly….not to mention her parents who shall be liable to a legal action too……..its just a matter of time……..God Bless

    • Prakash Thakre
    • February 11th, 2013

    Thats true, everyone is turning selfish, greedy & wants shortcuts in life. Also culture changed drastically.. Thatsy womens mostly misuse the law.. Its the trouble with Indian law , law making, judiciary , gender biased mentality and thr accountability.. Most law are fabricated to misuse , thr are no provisions against misuse.

  16. I am a girl and I hate all these anti men laws and biased law. What exactly is the meaning of biased law – law should be fair. I have seen my friends suffer because of false implications in 498 A law, his wife slapped his father (who was a lawyer himself) in police station, in front of everyone and still police took her side .. His father died an untimely death during the proceedings and his mother has become paranoid about phone rings and door bells because they have been living in fear of getting arrested for a long long time. …. This is not where it ends , I have a relative whose son was going around with a girl -they never had any sexual relationship and when the boy wanted to break-up, girl put a false attempt to rape on the boy and blackmaled him to marry him. He was sent to Tihar jail with a non bailable warrant and was harassed for more than a month in all possible ways …Then finally boys parent agreed for marriage and she took back her complaint and they just had the first ceremony of wedding ‘ROKA’ I am sure this nice girl will make him and his family the happiest ..These girls are evil and these laws are godless ..I hope someday, if there is a god , it will punish all the unfair people.

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