Afzal should be punished: Muslim leader

NEW DELHI: Parliament attack case convict Afzal Guru, who is on death row, should be punished as decided by the judicial system of the country, a top leader of a prominent Muslim organisation said.


General Secretary of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind Maulana Mahmood Madani said those apprehending strong protest from the Muslims if the punishment against Guru was carried out actually want to gain “political mileage” out of the issue.


“I do not think the community will oppose it. Some crazy people may oppose it but it will not be the community,” he told a hindi news channel, replying to a question.


“There is a judicial system in the country and people have full faith and confidence in it. After the judicial process, it has been proved that the man is guilty.


” Without naming Guru, Madani said if somebody has committed a crime then he must be punished. “I can say with full confidence that if somebody has committed a crime then he must be punished at any cost what ever be the repercussions. You should do justice,” he said.


 Asked whether some people were trying to defame the community by saying that it will react strongly if Guru is hanged, he replied: “yes”. “In a way they are defaming the community. They want to take political benefit,” he said. However, he added he cannot give “guarantee” that there will be no protest or violence if Guru’s sentence is carried out.


The Supreme Court had in 2005 upheld the Delhi High Court verdict confirming the trial court judgement which had awarded capital punishment to Guru for his role in the conspiracy behind the December 13, 2001, terror attack on Parliament.





And all these years I have been wondering why aren’t they (Congress Govt) punishing this man,all in the holy name of Indian Muslims… **sigh** I wonder how many Indian Muslims do atleast have heard this name ‘Afzal Guru’,forget protesting for him..


But it,it also amuses me ,that why all hindutva terrorists are getting away,while all muslim terrorists are getting undue attention they deserve. Even a thief is portrayed  as a potential terrorist but not many RSS guys are seen on TV,though they too are included in many blast cases…Maybe this is what they call secularism.

  1. Nimmy, this is really very confusing for me!

    One of the main points of some of the people I have talked to in the past few days is that Islamic violence is getting a free pass!

    Now you show that sometimes other violence is getting a free pass. This shows there’s no “conspiracy” here…

    Why don’t we just forget about “Hindu” and “Muslim” violence and just focus on violence? Who the hell cares what a person’s religion is?

  2. The matter is sub-judice I think, or pending execution. I do not think Madani should be given too much importance, he is also a politician by the way and will speak like that 🙂

    Also the criminal in invesitgation/execution system, is as human/gray as rest of humanity, and hence there will people who want to get things done in a just manner and there will be people other-wise too

  3. Thank you Bhagwad, Reema,Bones,Swaran,Vimuu and Khalil..I guess I responded to your valid comments,through my new post.. Again,thanks a ton for your time and thoughts .Unfortunately,I am not able to reply in person,as I did earlier.. Please excuse me for the time being..

    Good day to all..

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